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Comparison: Mahindra Alfa Load Vs Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX

Modified On Dec 08, 2020 03:44 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The last-mile sub-500 kg cargo three-wheeler segment in India is large and growing. We compare two strong products in the category- The Ape Xtra LDX & Alfa load that offer value to money preposition to the transport business. 

In India, cargo and passenger three-wheelers are a common site across cities, towns and villages. Three-wheeler- the modest & most affordable vehicle plays an essential role in India’s mobility needs. They help move people and deliver cargo to the customer door-steps, offering an employment opportunity to many. Three-wheeler is compact yet versatile to take on all kinds of customer needs. 

Cargo Carrier Segment 

Despite the customer shift towards mini-trucks, the cargo carrier three-wheeler segment still is a popular cargo truck with a considerable demand for the omnipresent autos. A large section of the customer still can’t afford a four-wheel truck, and hence prefer this smaller vehicle for their logistics and transport business. Also, the three wheeler are highly fuel efficient; this helps in running a vehicle at a lower cost, allowing the owner to earn a reasonable profit at lower operating cost. 

The demand for cargo three-wheelers remains marginally elevated; last year, India sold over 110,000 units. Naturally, three-wheeler OEMs are eyeing a slice of this volume; this means each of them wooing the customers with a superior product. The key players in the cargo three-wheeler include key players such as Bajaj AutoPiaggioMahindraAtul Auto and Lohia Auto

To help you choose the right product in the category, we compare two major products in this segment- the market leader Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX and equally competent the Mahindra Alfa Load. Both the products have proved to be highly productive and value for money vehicle. So which one should you go for? What are the key features, aggregates and performance factors that define the vehicles? Well, we are about to find that out. 


Let's look at the variants of both the cargo 3W that are on offer. To appeal to wider customer segments in terms of affordability and the need to carry different sizes of payloads, both the OEMs offer multiple variants. 

The Ape Xtra is available in two variants the Xtra LDX and Xtra LDX+ in 5ft and 5.5ft cargo bodies. While the Alfa Load is available in two variants, the Alfa Load Carrier and Carrier Plus. Both the variants offer two distinct payloads and overall higher gross weights. The Ape Xtra LDX is available in diesel and CNG fuel options, while Alfa Load Carrier is only in diesel right now.  

Top Features

The three-wheeler makers are attracting buyers with key performance features. Piaggio says the new BS6 updated Ape Xtra LDX cargo gets a powerful engine, smoother and effortless gearbox, higher power and superior torque to pull your heavy cargo quite comfortably no matter which terrain the vehicle is cruising. To reduce the maintenance cost as well as break downs, the aggregates are highly optimized, an aluminium clutch for longer life and also a higher ground clearance to drive through challenging rural roads. 

Mahindra promises extra power, torque and more powerful engine with Alfa Load Carrier. The Alfa is built with stronger metal sheets that ensure durability and ruggedness. Not only the overall built quality, but Mahindra says the performance of Alfa Load Carrier has been gone up considerably with a refined engine, the maintenance cost is lower with the new electronic throttle cable. Your performance is guaranteed with electronic fuel injection that ensures no fuel is wasted and makes driving as easy as it can get. The Alfa Load Carrier is built on a strong chassis with a high quality metal body to carry heavy load easily and making it an overall safer vehicle. The Ape Xtra LDX gets 4.50-10, 8PR tyre, on the Alfa Load Carrier gets similar size tyre.   


As both the cargo autos cater to the same payloads, the powertrain is almost identical with similar power and torque. 

The Ape Xtra LDX gets a powerful single cylinder 599 CC, water cooled diesel engine that produces 9.3hp of power at 23.5Nm of torque. The CNG engine is single cylinder forced AC with 230 CC displacement, and it produces 9.59hp of power at 16.54Nm of torque. 

Mahindra Alfa Load Carrier gets the Single cylinder, 598 CC engine that produces 9.3hp of power at 23.5Nm of torque. It is tuned to a multi-plate clutch for smoother driving and higher mileage. Besides the engines, the overall vehicle performance on both the auto-rickshaws is ensured by robust aggregates such as suspension, breaks, clutch, axles.  

Payloads & Cargo Bodies

Ape Xtra LDX offers nearly 500 kg of payload with two cargo load bodies in 5 and 5.5ft sizes. The wheelbase is similar on each variant 2100 mm. It is a 975 kg gross weight auto.

Alfa Load Carrier is a slightly higher gross weight auto of 1045 kg, and the Load Carrier payload is 472 kg while the Load Carrier plus variant offers 452 kg of payload. The smaller variant comes with one standard cargo body whereas the bigger Cargo Carrier plus variant is offered in two cargo bodies.


It is evident that both the vehicles appear quite similar on paper with the key elements such as power, aggregates and cargo body sizes. Piaggio Ape is certainly a market leader with the most trusted and reliable brand; however, Mahindra, with its all-new Alfa Load Carrier is second to none with vital performance characteristics. Both the cargo auto comes from the equally strong brand and the guarantee after-sales support across India, so you use the truck without any operational worries. 

The all-new engine with the new stringent emission, both OEMs have completely refined the vehicles to make it more appealing to the customers. The Ape Xtra LDX and Alfa Load Carrier promise reliable engines, superior aggregates, sizable cargo load bodies, lower maintenance along with superior mileage. This is crucial to help make faster and more trips every day, potentially higher earning. 

Both are highly promising vehicles. So, if you’re out to buy one of them, check out the prices in your city or town by visiting the dealership, and take the test drive before you sign the cheque!  

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  • Mahindra Alfa Plus
    Mahindra Alfa Plus
    ₹2.79 - ₹2.85 Lakh*
    • Power 9.5 hp
    • GVW 995
    • Mileage 38.6
    • Engine 395
    • Fuel Tank 40
    • Payload 435
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  • Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX
    Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX
    ₹2.45 - ₹2.48 Lakh*
    • Power 9.4 hp
    • GVW 975
    • Mileage 22
    • Engine 599
    • Fuel Tank 10.5
    • Fuel Type Diesel
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