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Engine 447 cc
Mileage 33-35 kmpl
Power 9.38 Bhp
Max Speed -

Design & Build

GVW 0.99 tons
Axle​ -
Wheelbase ​ 2125
Body Option Deck Body

Comfort & Safety

A/C​ No
Tiltable Steering​ No
Brakes​​ Drum Brakes


Duration Months
Interest Rate %
Down Payment​ `



Feb 5, 2019: The Bajaj Maxima C is a direct competitor to the Atul GEM and is a popular three-wheeler mini-truck. It has a deck body with a day cabin built on the chassis with a D+1 seating. However, for the steering, it gets handlebars instead of the conventional wheel. It has a gross vehicle weight of 990 kilograms with a payload capacity of 452 kilograms.

The stopping power is generated from drum brakes for all the wheels and the suspension is handled by hydraulic swingarm and helical coil compression springs at the front and rear respectively.

Under the hood, a 0.45-litre engine single-cylinder engine is offered, which is capable of churning out a maximum power of 9.38 bhp at 5,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 14.6 Nm, which comes at just 2,750 rpm. A 4-speed manual gearbox does the transmission duties.

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Bajaj CNG
CNG 9.38 Bhp @ 5500 Rpm,14.6 Nm @ 2750 rpm,Manual
Bajaj RE
Diesel 8.88 bhp @ 3400 rpm,23 Nm @ 2000 rpm,Manual



Bajaj Maxima C User Reviews (8)

Overall Rating
Performance 4/5

Performance Rating

Maintenance 4/5

Maintenance Rating

Design & Build 5/5

Design & Build Rating

User Reported Mileage 26.5 kmpl
I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 19 kmpl
By Ishu / Jun 13, 2017
Performance 4/5 Maintenance 3/5 Design & Build 5/5

Aisi taxi to dekha hi nahi humne..mileage durability maxima hamari rani hai or hum uske raja...

I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 50 kmpl
By Vishal Chauhan / Feb 09, 2017
Performance 5/5 Maintenance 4/5 Design & Build 5/5

Its really superb its average speed is nice we feels good in sitting it has very good cabin comfort it is very good in transportation we really love it for transprtation its top speed make us to be safe and secure in time we reach in time to our destination in time it is relly amazing and finally we got a superb truck it is fantastic among all the trucks which are used by us. THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THIS FANTASTIC TRUCK.

I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 8 kmpl
By Hitesh / Feb 04, 2017
Performance 5/5 Maintenance 4/5 Design & Build 4/5

The availability of CNG is very good in urban cities like Delhi-NCR, where the usage of such cargo vehicles is quite rampant, because of their compact size and easy driving nature. Also, a lot of smaller entrepreneurs, including hardware stores and construction material stores prefer using such vehicles for transportation of their goods in a fairly economical manner. Moreover, these vehicles also are quite cheap in maintenance aspect as well, with fairly simple servicing processes and servicing requirements.

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From `1.95 Lakh*

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Bajaj Maxima C - Expert Review


Bajaj Auto Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer of three-wheelers and the biggest exporter of three-wheelers in India. Bajaj is also the market leader in domestic three-wheeler segment with a marketshare of 57%.

After three years of perceptible pause from the cargo domain, Bajaj Auto Limited has made a strategic re-entry in the segment with the latest addition to its successful lineage of three-wheeler commercial vehicles—Maxima C. This powerful three-wheeler truck is looked upon as a come-of-age product that offers higher pickup, higher gradeability and low maintenance. The latest cargo vehicle from Bajaj is claimed to be ahead of its competitors in terms of engine, performance and drive comfort. The company has also designed the truck with all modern attributes, thus making it one of the aesthetically evolved options for buyers.

In its attempt of exploring new dimensions in the market, the Maxima C would be taking guard against the likes of Piaggio Ape and other mini trucks with sub 500cc engine capacity.With Maxima C, Bajaj looks to flex its muscles in the three-wheeler segment, boarding more on the factors of power and maintenance – which is a good move. Also, what makes it look better than the others in the domain is the fact that it comes with 3X more engine life (with oil cooler and aluminum block with iron cast lining). The vehicle is quite accommodative to the idea of daily three-wheel transportation in India.


Engine - Single Cylinder 447cc Diesel

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) - 990 kg

Wheelbase - 2,125 mm

Mileage - 33-35 kmpl

Engine and Performance

Powered by a single cylinder 447.3 cc diesel engine, it produces 8.9 bhp power @ 3,400 rpm and 23 Nm of torque @ decent 2,000 rpm. Its top speed of 50 km/h is quite sufficient for city roads. The 5-speed Manual Transmission and dry clutch, make the overall gear-change and power transfer smooth.

Further, a 12% more power lets you cover more shops, commit more trips, and earn more income while delivering those extra hefts. The best part, no frequent oil topping and durable big end bearing make it go low on maintenance – taking the performance of the vehicle up by healthy margins as compared to its competitors. Coupling at rear wheel comes with heavy duty CV shaft – just like you find in medium commercial vehicles. All these features allows the vehicle run maintenance free for at least a minimum of 1, 00,000 Km whereas other similar vehicles need assistance after every 20,000 Km.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

More torque means more strength. 23 Nm @ 2000 RPM and gradeability of 18% allows you to get a better control while climbing steep ramps and difficult heights. Compared to other vehicles in the segment this is almost 23% more and allows you the ability to drive off those plumb surfaces without being wheelie-tripped by the weight at the back.Coming to the built, Bajaj Maxima C is available in a wheelbase span of 2,125 mm which is one of the largest in this segment. The deck body type of this mini truck has overall length of 3,230 mm, width of 1,493 mm and height of 1,818 mm. The load body has length, width and height dimension of 1,650 mm, 1,425 mm and 275 mm. Further, it comes in a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 990 kg with a decent Kerb weight of 518 Kg. The payload is relatively higher in its class and makes this mini truck fit to carry goods including beverages, food boxes, general grocery and other household supplies.

Handling and Suspension

Fitted with the famous Power clutch on its handle bar, Bajaj Maxima C is quite comfortable to move around the city with sharp turns and narrow streets with load full to its capacity. To ensure that driver does not feel bumps on the road and the goods don’t get damaged there are Hydraulic Swing Arm at the front and Helical Coil Compression Spring at rear as suspension units. The twin shock absorbers with power suspension lead to lesser noise and vibrations, hence making the ride more comfortable and smooth. This reduces the risk of goods getting damaged during transit – which allows Bajaj Maxima C to easily carry fragile goods like eggs, glass, electronic equipment, etc.

Braking and Safety

The vehicle comes equipped with drum brakes that provide good braking efficiency carrying heavy loads even in steep terrains. Also, as per the reputation of the brand, these braking units should work decent enough to offer you the safety you need under tough conditions. Best-in-class material is used in the making of the body and it comes all-equipped to keep goods as well as occupants unhurt in most of the conditions. So, in all safety gets decent score here.

Design and Comfort

For a truck of this size, it has been designed well to prove its utility. Since it comes with powerful suspension you can expect long hours of stress-free comfy rides without worrying about fatigue. You would find a few other features like ergonomic seat, modern instrument cluster and easy hand-operated clutch that work well to provide driving comfort.

Talking of the looks in particular, Bajaj Maxima C’s aesthetics is ahead of market standards as per the current conventions. Available in 3 body color options of Red, Blue and Yellow, Maxima C looks good for the vehicle utility it is. The outer guises look quite new-aged and has that ‘modern’ appeal in it.

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