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Eicher Trucks

The price range of Eicher Truck starts from ₹12.16 Lakh for the most economic model in its lineup, the Eicher Pro 2049. The most expensive Truck in Eicher lineup is the Eicher Pro 8035XM, priced at ₹64.99 Lakh also includes Truck. Its most popular models include Eicher Pro 2049, Eicher Pro 3015, Eicher Pro 3019, Eicher Pro 2110 7S and Eicher Pro 2059. These products along with some others have carved their own niche in the market with their best-in-class features and powerful performance.

Eicher is another key domestic truck maker that has redefined the overall local truck market with its Pro Series range of light, medium and heavy trucks. Eicher has earned a name and leadership in the light and medium-duty truck categories based on reliable and fuel-efficient trucks and is now aggressively expanding into the MHCV categories. Learning best global manufacturing and product development practices from its joint venture partner, Volvo Trucks to bring them to Indian truck buyers. Eicher has introduced the new EUTECH6-based modern truck range that is BS6 compliant supported by productive and efficient engines and powertrain.

Eicher range of trucks retails 5-55T GVW trucks that are suitable for key applications. The company has also built an extensive service network across India’s length and breadth to serve its customers effectively. Taking innovative steps towards gaining customer confidence, Eicher is promising 24x7 service, live tracking of trucks and also set-up an Uptime centre to help customers run an efficient fleet to earn higher revenue. Eicher aims to transform the Indian trucking industry through global truck solutions and helping consumers accelerate their transport business.

Eicher Trucks Price range is ₹12.16 Lakh to ₹64.99 Lakh. Top 3 Eicher commercial vehicles model prices are Eicher Pro 2049 price From ₹12.16 Lakh, Eicher Pro 3015 price ₹21.00 - ₹29.80 Lakh, Eicher Pro 3019 price ₹25.15 - ₹28.17 Lakh . Check out all Eicher models June 2024 prices below.

Top 10 Eicher Trucks In India

Eicher Pro 2049From ₹12.16 Lakh
Eicher Pro 3015₹21.00 - ₹29.80 Lakh
Eicher Pro 3019₹25.15 - ₹28.17 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2110 7S₹23.40 - ₹25.80 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2059₹15.56 - ₹17.01 Lakh
Eicher Pro 3018₹28.50 - ₹31.20 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2059XP₹16.48 - ₹18.51 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2114XP₹21.20 - ₹29.60 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2095XP₹21.50 - ₹23.70 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2095₹20.50 - ₹22.70 Lakh
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Eicher Trucks In India

Eicher Pro 2049

Eicher Pro 2049

From ₹12.16 Lakh*
  • Power 100 hp
  • GVW 4995
  • Mileage 11
  • Engine 2000
  • Fuel Tank 60
  • Payload 2358
Eicher Pro 3015

Eicher Pro 3015

₹21.00 - ₹29.80 Lakh*
  • Power 160 hp
  • GVW 16371
  • Mileage 6
  • Engine 3800
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Payload 10572
Eicher Pro 3019

Eicher Pro 3019

₹25.15 - ₹28.17 Lakh*
  • Power 180 hp
  • GVW 18500
  • Mileage 6.5
  • Engine 3800
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Payload 11000
Eicher Pro 2110 7S

Eicher Pro 2110 7S

₹23.40 - ₹25.80 Lakh*
  • Power 160 hp
  • GVW 11990
  • Mileage 7
  • Engine 3760
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Payload 7500
Eicher Pro 2059

Eicher Pro 2059

₹15.56 - ₹17.01 Lakh*
  • Power 100 hp
  • GVW 6950
  • Mileage 10
  • Engine 1980
  • Fuel Tank 60
  • Fuel Type Diesel
Eicher Pro 3018

Eicher Pro 3018

₹28.50 - ₹31.20 Lakh*
  • Power 160 hp
  • GVW 17750
  • Mileage 6.8
  • Engine 3760
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Payload 12200
Eicher Pro 2059XP

Eicher Pro 2059XP

₹16.48 - ₹18.51 Lakh*
  • Power 120 hp
  • GVW 7490
  • Mileage 10
  • Engine 2960
  • Fuel Tank 100
  • Fuel Type Diesel
Eicher Pro 2114XP

Eicher Pro 2114XP

₹21.20 - ₹29.60 Lakh*
  • Power 160 hp
  • GVW 16140
  • Mileage 5.5-6.5
  • Engine 3760
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Payload 10491/10631
Eicher Pro 2095XP

Eicher Pro 2095XP

₹21.50 - ₹23.70 Lakh*
  • Power 140 hp
  • GVW 11280
  • Mileage 7.5
  • Engine 3000
  • Fuel Tank 190
  • Fuel Type Diesel
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Highlights of Eicher

Eicher Truck


Eicher Motors Limited is a leading truck manufacturing Eicher in India renowned for its highly fuel-efficient, advanced, and reliable commercial-grade trucks. Eicher has been operating in India for several years and manufactures capable, high-quality trucks that are best suited for the Indian operating cycles.


Today, Eicher Motors operates as a joint venture with Volvo Group, forming VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV). At present, Volvo Group owns 45.6 percent of VECV, while Eicher Motors holds the remaining 54.4 percent, making Eicher a dominant force in the Indian truck market.


Currently, Eicher offers an extensive portfolio of trucks/tippers/trailers ranging from 4.9 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) to 55 tonnes GVW. Their offerings cater to various budgets, starting at just Rs. 12.16 lakh while the prices of heavy haulage Eicher trucks cost as much as Rs. 64.99 lakh.


All in all, Eicher stands out as a top choice for Indian truck buyers. With their highly advanced, efficient, and utilitarian vehicles, including their new line of EUTECH6-based modern BS6-compliant trucks, they are a key domestic truck maker in India with the widest portfolio of trucks across multiple segments.


Eicher Truck Range


Eicher offers trucks of all kinds and sizes which range from 5 to 55 tonnes GVW. Their portfolio is one of the most diverse in the industry, with a constant expansion into medium and heavy commercial vehicle categories.


At present, they offer trucks in the light, medium-duty and heavy-duty categories which include tippers, trailers, and even transit mixers. These vehicles are tailored for the Indian market keeping in mind the needs of the customers and the job it is supposed to do, while ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Popular Eicher Trucks


As mentioned above, Eicher has a wide range of trucks suitable for challenging Indian operations, however, some of their commercial trucks have taken the market by storm due to their heavy-duty powertrain and other features. These include the 4.9 t GVW Pro 2049, 6.95 t GVW Pro 2059 and 40.5 t GVW Pro 6041 haulage trucks, the 28 t GVW Pro 4028T tipper and the 55 t GVW Pro 8055 tractor trailer.


Apart from these diesel trucks, Eicher has CNG powertrain-equipped trucks in the Pro series which offer excellent performance. These include the 6.95 t GVW Pro 2059 CNG, 11.5 t GVW Pro 2059XP Plus CNG, and 4.9 t GVW Pro 2049 CNG.

Eicher Truck USPs


Eicher trucks are popular in the Indian trucking industry, thanks to their unmatched performance and comfort impressing both operators and fleet managers. However, there are many more aspects or unique selling propositions that make Eicher trucks stand out:


  • Eicher trucks come with modern EUTECH6 technology-enabled powertrains that promise reliability and performance.

  • Eicher offers the widest range of diesel and CNG engine-powered trucks.

  • They offer Innovative sales and after-sales solutions.

  • The trucks come with intelligent fleet management solutions.

  • Eicher trucks also come with lifetime vehicle support solutions. 

Eicher Trucks Network And Reach


To support its customer across India, from urban hubs to rural areas, Eicher’s Service Network boasts over 310+ dealerships, 350+ on-road service vans, 100+ genuine parts shoppe, 80+ container setups, and 2800+ multi-Eicher retailers.


To inspire confidence among truck buyers, and serve them better, faster, and quicker to run an efficient fleet, Eicher promises industry-best service and support for an overall hassle-free ownership experience.

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Key Highlights of Eicher

Popular ModelEicher Pro 2049
Dealers381 In India
Service Centre441
Expensive ModelEicher Pro 8035XM
Affordable ModelEicher Pro 2049

Latest User Reviews on Eicher Trucks

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  • Eicher Pro 2110XP

    Best truck that offers good mileage with power

    Eicher Pro 2110XP is a good choice for business that needed powerful, reliable and comfortable truck with good mileage, ...

    By micheal
    On: Aug 21, 2023
  • Eicher Pro 3019

    Powerful and comfortable truck with good mileage

    This comes in two type cabin with chasis and cabin with cargo body. Very strong, durable and nicely design chasis with t...

    By elham
    On: Aug 21, 2023
  • Eicher Pro 2049

    Good truck for city and inter city tranportataion

    This Eicher Pro 2049 comes in two variants diseal and CNG which makes him eco-friendly. first of all i has nicely design...

    By sreedas
    On: Aug 21, 2023
  • Eicher Pro 2049

    Trucking Ka Naya Superstar!

    Eicher Pro 2049 ek kaabil aur bharosemand truck hai jo transport vyavsayiyo ke liye ek sahaj aur shaktishaali vikalp hai...

    By rabban
    On: Aug 07, 2023
  • Eicher Pro 3019

    Ek Dum Solid Truck, Bilkul Paisa Vasool!

    Eicher Pro 3019 ek dum solid truck hai jiski performance lajawab hai! Is truck ki build quality aur design bahut impress...

    By gurdeep
    On: Aug 07, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher

What is the lowest priced truck model in Eicher

The Lowest priced model of Eicher is Eicher Pro 2049 with the price of Rs ₹12.16 Lakh

What is the highest priced truck model in Eicher

The highest priced model of Eicher is Eicher Pro 8035XM with the price of Rs ₹64.99 Lakh

What are the new launches from Eicher

The latest commercial vehicles of Eicher are Pro 2119, Pro 3018 Plus, Pro 3015 L32 CNG, Pro 3018 Day Cab and Pro 2110 6S & more.

What are the popular commercial vehicles of Eicher

Pro 2049, Pro 3015, Pro 3019, Pro 2110 7S and Pro 2059 & more are the popular trucks including light & heavy commercial vehicles.

How many Eicher dealers are available in India?

381 Eicher dealers are available in India. Find out the nearest Eicher dealer in your city

What are the vehicle bodytypes offered by Eicher?

Eicher manufactures various vehicles like Truck.

How many wheels are present in Eicher Vehicles?

Eicher trucks are available from 6 to 22 wheeler models.

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