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Ashok Leyland Trucks

The price range of Ashok Leyland Truck starts from ₹2.10 Lakh for the most economic model in its lineup, the Partner Super. The most expensive Truck in Ashok Leyland lineup is the 4825-10x4 DTLA (Bogie), priced at ₹66.00 Lakh also includes Pickup Trucks, tipper, Truck, trailer, Mini Trucks and Transit Mixer. Its most popular models include Dost+, BADA DOST, 2820-6x4, Ecomet 1615 HE and Partner 6 Tyre. These products along with some others have carved their own niche in the market with their best in class features and powerful performance.

Ashok Leyland is India’s prominent heavy-duty truck maker that now also emerged as a major LCV maker over the last few years. Leading the charge in the Industry, Ashok Leyland has introduced the first of its kind modular AVTR truck platform in India that allows truck buyers to customize a truck as per their application needs and budget. The all-new AVRT range of HCVs is now powered by the company’s in-house new range of BS6 engines along with robust aggregates that have undergone extensive validations and tests for greater reliability, performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Ashok Leyland has an equally impressive LCV portfolio of trucks that have been expanding market share in key categories. Some of the popular, highly recognized LCV Ashok Leylands are Dost, Bada Dost, Partner, etc. Ashok Leyland has turned into a force to reckon with in India’s LCV truck market that has immense potential, to tap the further opportunities in this growing market, and the company is leveraging its capabilities to strengthen its LCV portfolio by expanding into new categories and lined-up new products launches over the next few years.

Ashok Leyland Trucks Price range is ₹2.10 Lakh to ₹66.00 Lakh. Top 3 Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles model prices are Ashok Leyland Dost+ price ₹7.75 - ₹8.25 Lakh, Ashok Leyland BADA DOST price ₹8.15 - ₹9.47 Lakh, Ashok Leyland 2820-6x4 price ₹38.40 - ₹44.20 Lakh . Check out all Ashok Leyland models November 2023 prices below.

Top 10 Ashok Leyland Trucks In India

Ashok Leyland Dost+₹7.75 - ₹8.25 Lakh
Ashok Leyland BADA DOST₹8.15 - ₹9.47 Lakh
Ashok Leyland 2820-6x4₹38.40 - ₹44.20 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE₹23.24 - ₹29.10 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre₹13.85 - ₹14.99 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Dost Strong₹7.49 - ₹7.95 Lakh
Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre₹13.45 - ₹14.67 Lakh
Ashok Leyland 5525-6x4₹43.80 - ₹51.30 Lakh
Ashok Leyland DOST CNG₹7.79 - ₹7.99 Lakh
Ashok Leyland 1920-4x2₹24.07 - ₹29.50 Lakh
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Ashok Leyland Trucks In India

Ashok Leyland Dost+

Ashok Leyland Dost+

₹7.75 - ₹8.25 Lakh*
  • Power 80 hp
  • GVW 2805
  • Mileage 19.6
  • Engine 1478
  • Fuel Tank 40
  • Payload 1500
Ashok Leyland BADA DOST

Ashok Leyland BADA DOST

₹8.15 - ₹9.47 Lakh*
  • Power 80 hp
  • GVW 3490
  • Mileage 13
  • Engine 1478
  • Fuel Tank 50
  • Payload 1860
Ashok Leyland 2820-6x4

Ashok Leyland 2820-6x4

₹38.40 - ₹44.20 Lakh*
  • Power 200 hp
  • GVW 28000
  • Mileage 4
  • Engine 5660
  • Fuel Tank 300
  • Payload 17500
Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre

Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre

₹13.85 - ₹14.99 Lakh*
  • Power 140 hp
  • GVW 7490
  • Mileage 8.5
  • Engine -
  • Fuel Tank 90
  • Payload 4885
Ashok Leyland Dost Strong

Ashok Leyland Dost Strong

₹7.49 - ₹7.95 Lakh*
  • Power 70 hp
  • GVW 2590
  • Mileage 19.6
  • Engine 1478
  • Fuel Tank 40
  • Payload 1350
Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre

Ashok Leyland Partner 4 Tyre

₹13.45 - ₹14.67 Lakh*
  • Power 140 hp
  • GVW 6250
  • Mileage 7
  • Engine 2953
  • Fuel Tank 90
  • Payload 3760
Ashok Leyland 5525-6x4

Ashok Leyland 5525-6x4

₹43.80 - ₹51.30 Lakh*
  • Power 250 hp
  • GVW 55000
  • Mileage 4
  • Engine 5300
  • Fuel Tank 375
  • Payload -
Ashok Leyland DOST CNG

Ashok Leyland DOST CNG

₹7.79 - ₹7.99 Lakh*
  • Power 45 hp
  • GVW 2545
  • Mileage 320 km
  • Engine 1478
  • Fuel Tank 120
  • Payload 1208
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Highlights of Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland Trucks

Ashok Leyland is one of the most trusted and preferred truck Ashok Leylands in India that has redefined the Indian commercial vehicle industry. The truck manufacturers are a top name in the heavy-duty truck segment and are known for their superior quality trucks and excellent reliability.  

While the Ashok Leyland was popular for heavy-duty trucks in India, it has managed to make a name for itself as one of the top/best LCV manufacturers in the Indian trucks/commercial vehicles market. Among the oldest vehicle makers in India, Ashok Leyland has grown in the commercial vehicles segment implementing modern and advanced technologies and innovations to manufacture highly functional, efficient, and convenient commercial vehicles. 

The Ashok Leyland is the maker of some of the most popular trucks in the country. There is an Ashok Leyland Trucks for every customer, needs, profile, and cargo/logistics/and supply-chain needs, you can buy Ashok Leyland Trucks/Tippers/CargoTrucks, Tractor-Trailers, trucks priced in the range of ₹5.63 lakhs to up to ₹52.35 lakhs. Being a native Ashok Leyland in India, Ashok Leyland is also known for producing very affordable trucks in India. 

Taking an innovative approach towards heavy-duty trucks, Ashok Leyland introduced the modern AVTR-based trucks with the modular platform- this is the first of its kind approach by offering customers the choice to customize the truck as per the needs/applications and usage of the truck.

Ashok Leyland Truck Range

Being one of the longest-established truck manufacturers in the country, Ashok Leyland prides itself on a vast and versatile portfolio of commercial vehicles in India. Their portfolio consists of vehicles across several categories including light trucks, intermediate trucks, haulage trucks, pickup trucks, tractors, tippers, and transit mixers. Ashok Leyland manufactures over 500 variants of trucks/tipper/tractor-trailers/special applications trucks ranging from 2.5-tonnes to 55-tonnes GVWs.

The Ashok Leyland is constantly expanding its portfolio, moving across various segments, and entering new categories as well while developing its existing vehicles with advanced technologies and innovative designs. 

Ashok Leyland Popular Trucks

Amongst the most popular Ashok Leyland trucks include the Ashok Leyland DOST, Ashok Leyland U 3718, and the Ashok Leyland 3118 IL, Captain range of HCVs, Not just that, in the ILCV categories there is eComet, Boss in the ICV category Trucks. In the LCV categories, top truck Ashok Leylands include popular Ashok Leyland #Dost, the modern and stylish #BadaDost, the upper-end light haulage truck the #Partner, etc. have become a force to reckon with in India. 

Ashok Leyland Truck USPs

Known for advanced technology and reliability, Ashok Leyland focuses on utility and efficiency of its trucks that could perform and remain profitable in the toughest and higher demanding operating cycles. The Ashok Leyland rolled out its first Euro 6-compliant truck in the year 2016. They have also recently launched a system known as the ‘iAlert;’ system. This system comes with features like the Track and Trace (TnT) of automobiles and Vehicle Health Monitoring Diagnostics (VHMD), which offers valuable real-time information to vehicle owners.

Amongst other key highlights would be the all-new AVRT range of HCVs from Ashok Leyland. The vehicles are powered by a new in-house range of BS6 engines and highly robust aggregates to ensure reliability, enhanced performance, and a much lower total cost of ownership for buyers.

Ashok Leyland Truck Network And Reach

Over 7 decades of presence, Ashok Leyland has penetrated the Indian trucking landscape with extensive manufacturing, sales, and service footprints across the length and breadth of India, taking a strong position in the overall Indian commercial vehicle industry. Today, Ashok Leyland boasts of at least one touchpoint within every 50 kilometers of the country with a total of 700 service touchpoints covering the remotest parts, establishing well-connected and winning customers with a promise of service and support.

Some of the top highlights include High Tech Service Centre, 100% Assurance, Advanced Diagnostics System, Pre-emption, Protection, Superior and customer friendly Service Infrastructure along with highly trained manpower. Ashok Leyland has 9 state-of-the-art production units right now, two of which are international factories located at Ras Al Khaimah in UAE, and Leeds, United Kingdom.

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Key Highlights of Ashok Leyland

Popular ModelDost+
Dealers567 In India
Service Centre267
Expensive Model4825-10x4 DTLA (Bogie)
Affordable ModelPartner Super

Latest User Reviews on Ashok Leyland Trucks

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  • Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE

    Safe, powerful and good truck with fuel efficiency

    Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 is a well suited truck for all type of business for variety of application. It comes with lots...

    By irfan
    On: Aug 21, 2023
  • Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE

    Shaandar Pickup Truck for Desi Roads

    Ecomet 1615 HE by Ashok Leyland ek zabardast pickup truck hai jiska performance hila dene wala hai! Iski design aur buil...

    By zafar
    On: Aug 07, 2023
  • Ashok Leyland BADA DOST

    Bharosemandi aur Takat ka Sathi!

    Ashok Leyland Bada Dost ek mahaan gadi hai jiska bharosa sabse upar hai! Iski takat aur reliability ne mujhe prabhavit k...

    By roshan
    On: Aug 07, 2023
  • Ashok Leyland 3520-8x4

    Har tarah Ki application ke liye suitable

    Ashok Leyland ki AVTR platform pe based bohot saari tipper trucks market mein hai aur un sab mein Ashok Leyland 3520 Tip...

    By harpal singh
    On: Jan 06, 2023
  • Ashok Leyland 4225-10x4

    Powerful aur capable

    Mere construction project ke liye maine rent pe Ashok Leyland ki 4225 10x4 Tipper liya tha. Mujhey iss truck ki performa...

    By prakash g.
    On: Jan 06, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions on Ashok Leyland

What is the lowest priced truck model in Ashok Leyland

The Lowest priced model of Ashok Leyland is Partner Super with the price of Rs ₹2.10 Lakh

What is the highest priced truck model in Ashok Leyland

The highest priced model of Ashok Leyland is 4825-10x4 DTLA (Bogie) with the price of Rs ₹66.00 Lakh

What are the new launches from Ashok Leyland

The latest commercial vehicles of Ashok Leyland are 1922 HF CNG 4x2, Ecomet Star 1115 HE CNG, 1920 HF 4x2, Ecomet Star 1915 HE and 4825-10x2 DTLA & more.

What are the popular commercial vehicles of Ashok Leyland

Dost+, BADA DOST, 2820-6x4, Ecomet 1615 HE and Partner 6 Tyre & more are the popular trucks including light & heavy commercial vehicles.

How many Ashok Leyland dealers are available in India?

567 Ashok Leyland dealers are available in India. Find out the nearest Ashok Leyland dealer in your city

What are the vehicle bodytypes offered by Ashok Leyland?

Ashok Leyland manufactures various vehicles like Pickup Trucks, tipper, Truck, trailer, Mini Trucks and Transit Mixer.

How many wheels are present in Ashok Leyland Vehicles?

Ashok Leyland trucks are available from 6 to 16 wheeler models.
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