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Engine625 cc
Mileage37.6 kmpl
Power16 bhp
Max Speed-

Design & Build

GVW1.485 tons
Wheelbase ​2500
Body OptionDeck Body

Comfort & Safety

A/C​ No
Tiltable Steering​ Yes
Brakes​​Disc Brakes


Duration Months
Interest Rate %
Down Payment​`



March 06, 2017: Mahindra Jeeto was launched as a contender to popular Tata Ace series. It is regarded as a new generation mini truck which focusses on driver comfort and high performance quotient. The small truck is available in three models, which are further divided into six variants on the basis of power output. It returns mileage of 37.6 kmpl. Powered by a single cylinder water cooled 625 cc diesel engine, it produces 11 bhp and 16 bhp power in different variants but generates the same torque of 38 Nm for all the variants. The wheelbase options of 2,250 mm, 2,375 mm and 2,500 mm offer good manoeuvrability on city streets. Able to carry loads that include FMCG, vegetables and consumer goods, Jeeto offers payload capacities between 600 - 720 kg. The cabin interiors are also equipped with features like dual tone interiors, fatigue free seats, ergonomic gear shift and optional AC. It is available in both diesel and CNG variants.

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Mahindra X7-16/CNG
Diesel 16 bhp @ 3600 rpm,38 Nm @ 1200-2200 rpm,Manual
Mahindra X7-16
Diesel 16 bhp @ 3600 rpm,38 Nm @ 1200-2200 rpm,Manual
Mahindra X7-11
Diesel 11 bhp @ 3000 rpm,38 Nm @ 1100-2000 rpm,Manual
Mahindra L7-16
Diesel 16 bhp @ 3600 rpm,38 Nm @ 1200-2200 rpm,Manual
Mahindra L6-16
Diesel 16 bhp @ 3600 rpm,38 Nm @ 1200-2200 rpm,Manual
Mahindra L7-11
Diesel 11 bhp @ 3000 rpm,38 Nm @ 1100-2000 rpm,Manual
Mahindra L6-11
Diesel 11 bhp @ 3000 rpm,38 Nm @ 1100-2000 rpm,Manual
Mahindra S6-16
Diesel 16 bhp @ 3600 rpm,38 Nm @ 1200-2200 rpm,Manual
Mahindra S6-11
Diesel 11 bhp @ 3000 rpm,38 Nm @ 1100-2000 rpm,Manual



Mahindra Jeeto User Reviews (5)

Overall Rating

Performance Rating


Maintenance Rating

Design & Build4/5

Design & Build Rating

User Reported Mileage25.7 kmpl
This truck is just okay
Mileage:20 kmpl
By Shashikumara / Jun 12, 2017
Performance 4/5 Maintenance 3/5 Design & Build 4/5

Its good for comfort. But there is no facility for airflow in cabin. This is only good for on road service very very bad for drive in off road area. And mileage is not more than 20 km. But i still love it. And proud to own it. Because this is poor peoples vehicle

I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage:30 kmpl
By Rohit Yadav / Feb 07, 2017
Performance 5/5 Maintenance 5/5 Design & Build 4/5

Easily people buy of jeeto coz no more cost of mahindra jeeto nd earn more money by use mahindra jeeto good mailage good nd mantance good nd down payment is good nd emi also can manage easily nd lots of things good for Mahendra jeeto nd earn benefits if purchase that etc...

I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage:30 kmpl
By Sagar / Feb 03, 2017
Performance 5/5 Maintenance 5/5 Design & Build 5/5

It is good looking, it is for all, for owners, for drivers. It is solid enough. It is known as commercial vehicle of the year.

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Mahindra Jeeto
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Mahindra Jeeto - Expert Review


Mahindra is one of the most famous Indian auto maker around the globe for its long lasting and muscular SUVs. In India, the company also holds good ground in commercial vehicle segment under all range, that is; Medium and Heavy Vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle and Pickups & Mini trucks as well. With many products available in its fleet, the pickup and mini segment too has many options with Mahindra Jeeto being one of the latest additions.

Mahindra Jeeto has hit the market quite hard to become a popular choice among the buyers, which usually are small business operators in the city. The min truck is poised to return decent mileage of 30 km/l and with that it promises shorter turn around time for higher profits.

Also, the business owners can choose from 8 overall combinations of model which are different from each other on the basis of payload capacity, load body dimensions and power output.


Engine - Single Cylinder Water Cooled 625cc Diesel

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) - 1,285 kg - 1,420 kg

Wheelbase - 2,250 mm, 2,375 mm and 2,500 mm

Mileage - 37.6 kmpl

Engine and Performance

Backed by Single Cylinder Water Cooled 625cc Diesel engine, Jeeto has different power outputs for different variants but torque remains same for all, that is; 38 Nm @ 1,100 - 2,200 rpm. The power is 11 bhp @ 3,000 rpm and 16 bhp @ 3,600 rpm with former number for S6-11, L6-11, L7-11 and X7-11, while later one for S6-16, L6-16, L7-16 and X7-16.

The common for all variant Manual Synchromesh 4-Forward gear transmission box, Single Plate Dry Clutch, make Jeeto hit decent top speed on highways and has high gradeability for steeps.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

Available in 3 series namely S-Series, L-Series and X-Series, Jeeto is overall available in 8 variants to choose from. Talking about wheelbases, S, L and X series has respective dimension of 2,250 mm, 2,375 mm and 2,500 mm. Talking more about dimensions, the overall length, width & height for 3 series is 3,281 mm, 1,485 mm & 1,750 mm, 3,431 mm, 1,485 mm & 1,750 mm and 3,581 mm, 1,485 mm and 1,750 mm, respectively.

The cargo body dimensions are 1,630 x 1,400 x 290 mm, 1,780 x 1,400 x 290 mm and 1,930 x 1,400 x 290 mm, respectively for S, L and X Series. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), Kerb Weight & Payload Capacity is also different for almost each model, that is; 1,285 kg, 685 kg & 600 for S6-11, 1,288 kg, 688 kg & 600 for S6-16, 1,291 kg, 691 kg & 600 for L6-11, 1,408 kg, 708 kg & 700 for L7-11, 1,293 kg, 693 kg & 600 for L6-16, 1,410 kg, 710 kg & 700 for L7-16, 1,418 kg, 718 kg & 700 for X7-11 and 1,420 kg, 720 kg & 700 for X7-16.

Handling and Suspension

With Manual Rack and Pinion type steering, Mahindra Jeeto doesn’t give very comfortable experience while maneuvering, but is decent enough to not to get driver all fatigued and tired. However, power steering option could have been added up to more comfort. Also, its Mc Pherson Strut front suspension and Semi-trailing arm rear suspension provide bump free drives on rugged city out-skirts.

Braking and Safety

To ensure in-time braking while loaded full to its capacity, Mahindra Jeeto has been fitted with Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes with seat belts as well. The company has also worked on further safety designing Jeeto Semi-Forward and offering features like bigger windshield, strong body & chassis, and longer wheelbase for better stability and navigation.

Design and Comfort

Talking about aesthetics, it has attractive front grille, aerodynamic design, stylish looks, new generation headlamps, bigger ground clearance and much more to give Jeeto an unique stand-out identity. Under the roof, the features are defined as car-like with spacious cabin with decent head & legroom, comfortable fatigue free seats, easy gear shift, modern day dash-board and dual tone interiors.

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