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Top 5 USPs Of Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG Three-Wheeler In India

Published On Aug 22, 2023 01:43 PMBy Dheeraj Nair

Let's delve into the top 5 Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) of the Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG that explain why it could be the ideal choice for operators seeking enhanced profitability.


Mahindra's CNG-powered three-wheelers are designed to address the need for cleaner and more efficient urban transportation. Among its vast CNG three-wheeler portfolio, Mahindra claims that its Alfa Plus CNG stands out as a model tailored to meet these requirements.


As for the Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG three-wheeler in India, it can ideally transport goods effortlessly by helping operators navigate tight corners and congested traffic easily. It is even said to have solid chassis to carry heavy cargo without any difficulties. The three-wheeler brand also says that the Alfa Plus has lower maintenance requirements. 


Besides lower maintenance, Mahindra also points out that the Alfa Plus CNG cargo three-wheeler offers an excellent warranty. Moreover, there are many more similar aspects that contribute to why it could be the best choice. Want to know what they are? Here are the top 5 USPs of the Alfa Plus CNG that might attribute to why it stands out as the best:


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Exceptional Performance: 

The Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG equips a top-class powertrain that can deliver superior performance. It equips a 395cc engine which has the capacity to churn out 9.5hp at 3400rpm and 23.5Nm at around 2000-2400rpm. This high-performance engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. This configuration makes it a popular choice in India.

Adequate Features:


The Alfa Plus CNG cargo haulage three-wheeler comes with a lot of driver productivity, comfort and performance-oriented features to improve business growth and profitability. These include a multi-information analogue display, a wider cushioned seat for the operator, provision for a music system and dual halogen headlamps, among others.


Additionally, the vehicle equips a fire extinguisher and a strong metal body for safety and has a cabin designed to offer extra legroom and headroom to make the journey of the operator more comfortable.


Extra Space: 

The Mahindra CNG three-wheeler comes with more cabin space for driver comfort and higher load-carrying capacity to improve profitability. The vehicle has a 2165mm wheelbase for better cabin space and comes with an overall cargo body length, width and height rated 1730mm, 1460mm and 270mm, respectively for higher load-carrying capacity. 

Mahindra also claims that the vehicle has a rated payload capacity of 435kg and 175mm ground clearance to carry heavy cargo effortlessly in challenging conditions. 

Higher Savings:  

The Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG is considered to be a cost-effective solution for operators and fleet owners. With an incredible mileage of 38.6 km/kg, the vehicle can be used for longer operations without any worries and operators can save big on fuel expenses. Additionally, with 3 years or 1 Lakh km warranty and low maintenance, operators can drive in profits. 

Affordable Solution: 

The Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG three-wheeler is designed from the ground up to offer higher performance to take on challenging fleet operations with ease. With an attractive starting price of Rs. 2.59 lakh which goes all the way up to Rs. 2.85 lakh (prices are ex-showroom), the e-Alfa Mini is an affordable solution for business growth. 



What Do We Think?


The Mahindra Alfa Plus CNG three-wheeler definitely seems like the best solution for business growth to enhance profitability and move towards cleaner mobility. With a powerful powertrain, comfort-oriented features and better mileage, the Alfa Plus CNG could be the best choice currently available in the Indian three-wheeler market.

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  • Mahindra Alfa Plus
    Mahindra Alfa Plus
    ₹2.79 - ₹2.85 Lakh*
    • Power 9.5 hp
    • GVW 995
    • Mileage 38.6
    • Engine 395
    • Fuel Tank 40
    • Payload 435
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