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Tata Yodha Vs Mahindra Bolero Pickup

Published On Jun 20, 2019By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Pickup trucks form an important and critical section of the transportation business in India. They cater to the high demand of last mile connectivity which is on a rampant rise in the economic growth of the country fueled by a sizeable number of e-commerce brands in various sectors.

Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have been the two big players in this segment of automobiles and in this discussion we pitch the two best pickup models from either of them and outweigh the advantages and differences so as to decide which one can be the best fit for your needs.

Clash of Titans: The faceoff

The heart of the vehicle: Engine

The engine used in the Tata Yodha is Tata 4SPCR TCIC 4 cylinder version while that of Mahindra Bolero PickUp is m2DiCR 2.5L TB. While the number of cylinders is 4 for both, the power output varies. The maximum power output on Yodha is 85HP at 3000 rpm while it is 63HP at 3200 rpm for Bolero Pickup. The maximum torque that Yodha can provide is 250 Nm for a range of 1000 to 2000 rpm whereas Bolero can provide 195Nm for a 1500-1800rpm range. More the torque better would be the acceleration!

Therefore, undoubtedly the Yodha can offer more power than the Bolero which spells a better performance even while negotiating difficult terrain with heavy loads. The fuel tank of Yodha can only hold 45 liters while Mahindra can hold 57 liters thus a Bolero will allow a longer journey before worrying about refueling. Both the Yodha and Bolero are BS-IV emission norms compliant.

How they measure up?


Tata Yodha

Mahindra Bolero


5350 mm

5017 mm


1860 mm

1670 mm


1810 mm

1865 mm


3150 mm

3014 mm


210 mm

200 mm


47.88 sq.ft

50.13 sq.ft

A close inspection at the above specifications shows that both of them have almost similar dimensions where Yodha is a bit longer than Bolero while the latter is more in height compared to Yodha. The load body area is also maintained competitively between the two players which translates into how much volume can be transported on the built up load body.

Payload capacity: How much can be carried

The Gross vehicle weight of Tata Yodha is 3.1 tonnes and Bolero weighs 2.75 tonnes. The payload is 1250kg and 1090kg respectively for Yodha and Bolero. These are the demarcating lines for either of these vehicle's selection criteria.

Tata Yodha pick up having higher payload capacity gives more leverage to the owner to carry more load per trip, therefore, giving higher returns.


The gradeability percentage of Yodha is 30% and that of Mahindra Bolero is 25%. Gradeability defines how well the vehicle can maintain its speed while climbing up a slope. A 30% gradeability means that on a slope that has an inclination of 30%, the vehicle can still run with the same speed as on the normal plain road.

So, transporters who deal with hilly areas stand to benefit a lot by this benefit, as this would be one of the basis for the product selection. The maximum speed, however, is the same for both, which is 80kmph.

Driver's zone: Features & comfort

The driver seat is adjustable in Yodha along with the seat also fitted with a headrest while the Bolero has an additional feature of being 2-way adjustable seat.

Most amenities within the cabins of these two pickups stand alike viz. mobile charging points, bottle holder facilities, compatibility for entertainment systems and storage places. The cabin, however, is more spacious in the Yodha than the Bolero.

Which one might be your best bet?

Tata Yodha is slightly more expensive when compared to Mahindra Bolero Pickup. Thus, if the features on Bolero seems to be sufficient according to your limited budget, then Bolero can be the best fit for you because it has been into the market for a long time and quite popular in the light commercial vehicle segment.

If you can step up a bit high on your budget and would not like to compromise on features, Tata Yodha can be quite a happy and worthy choice as it has the extra power , more seating capacity, more payload carrying capacity, therefore , higher returns.

Happy driving.

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    Tata Yodha Pickup
    ₹8.51 - ₹10.71 Lakh*
    • Power 100 hp
    • GVW 2990
    • Mileage 14
    • Engine 2200
    • Fuel Tank 52
    • Payload 1230
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