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​Best Trucks to Buy Under 10 Tons in India

Modified On Aug 24, 2021 09:24 AMBy Prashant Talreja

Indian commercial market is widely spread across the country which caters to different needs in different regions. There are some places where only trucks could reach and that too not very heavy or long ones. To meet this market demand, vehicle manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher and others have made last-mile connectivity options available to transporters and business owners.

Here we’re about to discuss the currently trending best trucks to buy under 10 tons Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) category based on the report published by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1012 Strong

Being one of the top two truck manufacturers in India, Ashok Leyland has not only displayed high sales, but also huge portfolio in different weight categories. Available in the sub 10 tons niche market is the Ecomet 1012 Strong truck which is famous of its heavier-than-expected payloads and low maintenance.

The company has sold near about 1000 trucks in six months and is placed 3rd on the brand list with the most sold trucks. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1012 Strong also generates decent power and torque of 120 hp and 392 Nm with perfect body types to be used for applications in the fields of construction material, general goods and FMCG.

SML Isuzu Super and SML Isuzu Supreme

SML Isuzu is a name which is famous for its state of the art engines, handy performance, availability of BS-IV emission norms and overall aerodynamic trucks. Talking about the under 10 ton GVW category, SML Isuzu Super and Supreme have been the talk of the town in the last 6 months. More than 1,850 trucks of both models have already been sold out, which shows their popularity among buyers.

Features like roof ventilation and those that minimize driver fatigue are some of the other factors which have made these two models popular in Indian commercial vehicle market apart from their best-in-class performance. These trucks produce a gentle power of 75 kw and handy torque of 296 Nm at as low as 1500 rpm and hence are perfect to be used on high altitudes.

Tata LPT 909

No matter whichever vehicle group we discuss, Tata would always be there and Tata LPT 909 currently features among the best trucks to buy under 10 tons list. With sales over 5,135 units, the number has, however, declined if compared to last year’s 6,040 units from April-December. Still, the vehicle has managed to stay on the top. A high performance of 123 hp power and 400 Nm torque has also played a vital role in making this truck a popular choice.

The availability in 3 body types such as Cab, High Deck and Half Deck along with wheelbase options of 3,400 mm and 3,800 mm offer flexibility to customers while buying the truck for application including general goods delivery, machine parts and FMCG, etc.

Eicher 1000 Series

Together with Volvo, Eicher has emerged as one of the strongest competitors in Indian truck arena with the Pro series being the most famous. There are many trucks in Pro series and if we take out sub 10 ton ones, then the list includes 1080, 1090 and 1095 as the most popular vehicles. With GVW ranging from 8,250 kg to 9,500 kg, these trucks are fit to carry any load from construction material to general market load, FMCG to grocery, etc.

Available in Cabin and Cowl body type, these Pro 1000 series trucks also offer needed flexibility to buyers for modification. Apart from their state of the art aesthetics, the cabin offers necessary comfort and top of the line mileage. Also, with faster turnaround time and perfect dimensions, these trucks display success on any Indian terrain.


It’s hard to point out any particular truck under whatsoever category in India because of the vast availability of options laid out by several truck makers, but still a few have been listed above. The trucks above top the list, but owing to the volatile truck market and cut-throat competition, makers have to strive hard to hold up and bring regular modern day updates in their vehicles.

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