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Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Pickup Trucks In India 2024: Price & Specifications

Modified On May 21, 2024 04:54 PMBy Ketan Birla

Planning to buy a fuel-efficient pickup truck in India but are unsure about which one to consider? These 5 fuel-efficient pickups may help you make an informed decision for the profitable logistical business.

What can be a better business partner than a fuel-efficient pickup truck for any logistical businesses? Fuel efficiency plays a big role in making the business profitable. As the demand for fuel-efficient pickups has increased in India, almost all light commercial vehicle manufacturers have introduced pickup models that deliver optimum fuel economy without compromising reliability.
Whether hauling cargo or traversing challenging terrain, the fuel-efficient pickup truck is designed in such a way as to prioritise performance, efficiency, and sustainability. These light-duty pickup trucks offer impressive mileage with lower fuel consumption, sizable cargo deck size, reduced maintenance costs, and improved manoeuvrability. 

The government of India has already announced the latest Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) emissions norms to improve 3 aspects of commercial vehicles: fuel efficiency, emission control, and engine design. With the availability of several BS6 light-duty pickups in India, it may confuse you to make an informed decision regarding a fuel-efficient pickup truck. 

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Best 5 Fuel-Efficient Pickups In India 2024 

We have brought a list of the top 5 fuel-efficient pickup trucks to bring fuel economy, helping to grow a profitable transportation business. Let’s explore further. 

1. Mahindra Bolero Camper

The Mahindra Bolero Camper is a 2735 kg gross vehicle weight (GVW) pickup truck which is available in different variants – ZX, 2WD (2-wheel drive), and 4WD (4-wheel drive). It is powered by a 2.5 litre m2DiCR 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine which is capable of producing 80 hp (59.7 kW) at 3200 rpm and 200 Nm at 1400-2200 rpm.  

With an outer cargo box of 1481 mm in length, 1532 mm in width, and 750 mm in height, this pickup can carry cargo loads of up to 1000 kg for the ZX variant, 1035 kg for the 2WD variant, and 940 kg for 4WD variant. It comes at an ex-showroom price starting from Rs 8.86 lakh.  

2. Tata Yodha Pickup

The Tata Yodha Pickup is offered in two variants – single cab and crew cabin – with 4x2 and 4x4 drive options. It is equipped with a fuel-efficient 2.2-litre direct injection BS6 engine to deliver 98.7 hp (73.6 kW) at 3750 rpm and 250 Nm at 1000-2500 rpm. This maintains a ground clearance of 210 mm to facilitate smooth haulage operations even in poor road conditions.   

Further, this is a value-for-money commercial vehicle with an ex-showroom price ranging from Rs 8.51 lakh to Rs 10.71 lakh. Its turning circle radius is 6250 mm to manoeuvre city traffic easily. Anti-roll bars are fitted on the front to offer an improved safety quotient by offering stability during sharp cornering at high speeds. With a 45-litre fuel tank, it manages long-haul transportation without frequent visits to fuel stations.   

3. Ashok Leyland Dost+

The Ashok Leyland Dost+ is a 2805 kg GVW pickup with a payload capacity of 1500 kg. It incorporates a 1.5-litre turbocharged intercooled 3-cylinder diesel engine which is tuned to produce 70 hp (51.45 kW) at 3300 rpm and 170 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm. This model has a wheelbase of 2510 mm to provide stability during cargo transportation.

Offered at an ex-showroom price ranging from Rs 7.75 lakh to Rs 8.25 lakh, the fuel-efficient pickup model offers a cost-effective solution. It is available in three variants – CBC (cowl body chassis), FSD (full side deck), and HSD (high side deck) – to address the diverse business requirements.  

4. Isuzu D-MAX

The Isuzu D-MAX is offered in both variants – flat deck and cab chassis. With a 2499 cc VGT (variable-geometry turbocharger) intercooled diesel engine, it generates 78 hp (58 kW) at 3800 rpm and 176 Nm at 1500-2400 rpm. It is a 2990 kg GVW pickup with a load-carrying capacity of 1180 kg. This model comes with a 55-litre fuel tank to ensure stress-free freight movement for long lead applications. 

Additionally, it gets a turning circle radius of 6.3 m to improve the drivability in congested city areas and narrow lanes. With a 3095 mm wheelbase, the fuel-efficient vehicle provides stability during cargo mobility. Featuring a cargo deck inner dimension of 2440 mm in length, 1725 mm in width, and 510 mm in height, it ensures to carry voluminous cargo transportation. It comes with a price tag ranging from Rs 8.32 lakh to Rs 8.36 lakh in India. 

5. Tata Yodha 2.0

The Tata Yodha 2.0 is a 3840 kg GVW pickup which has an external load body of 2643 mm in length and 1843 mm in width. It is an upgraded version of the Tata Yodha pickup with an improved payload capacity of 2000 kg. Its 30 percent gradeability ensures effortless movement of the cargo loads even on flyovers and inclines. 

With an ex-showroom price range starting from Rs 9.99 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, this fuel-efficient pickup truck provides an economic logistical solution. It is powered by a 2.2-litre common rail turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, capable of delivering 100 hp at 3750 rpm and 250 Nm at 1000-2500 rpm.  

Final Thought

In a nutshell, the fuel-efficient engine of light-duty pickups offers business profitability as well as an eco-friendly solution as they consume less fuel. With a robust powertrain and rugged aggregates, they have a vast earning potential for transportation businesses. Thanks to their compact footprints, they offer easy manoeuvrability even in heavy-traffic zones. 

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