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If Tesla Enters India with a Pickup Truck

Published On May 02, 2016By Prashant Talreja

Tesla Motors has been one of the favorite and innovative automakers so far when it comes to electric cars. Be it an SUV, sedan or a sports car, the company has set many milestones in the niche electric engine segment. With the research and development put in very seriously these day for alternative fuel, Tesla’s electric cars have given serious hope to the future possibilities.

Now with a line up comprising of three models already a hit among the crowd, Tesla must further strengthen its hold in the CV domain by rolling out a pick-up truck. The market opportunities are immense in this niche with all big players like GM, Ford and Dodge leading from the front. If Tesla comes up with a pick-up truck that could go decent spans of 80-100 km in one charge and generate power & torque somewhere between 100-120 bhp & 170-200 Nm, it would surely be a game changer for city-centric cargo operation.

However, the company is at first looking to focus on its car business which just has gotten a huge boost with Model 3’s astounding 3,25,000 bookings without any final specs and launch date. The technology has, however, shown great promise for the future and the performance Tesla cars offer are just the icing on the cake.

The pickup which we’re talking about, should also have moderate GVW of around 2-2.5 tons to put up some fight against the big names. This idea might not be productive enough in countries like the USA and other developed nations, but growing economies like India and others could definitely turn around their fortune on the back of this new entrant.

Well, we just can hope that Tesla sooner or later brings up an electric pick-up truck, but until or unless it becomes a reality we have Tata Motors, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland as the rulers of the pickup truck segment in India.

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