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​Everything You Want to Know About Tata 407 Truck

Published On Jan 11, 2017By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

It has been thirty years since Tata Motors introduced the first variant of the 407 truck in India. The truck, in these 30 years and still counting strong, has never even once, failed to impress transporters, experts as well as individual truck owners in the country. Tata 407, probably, is the most owned truck in the country.

Tata 407 Competition

There are a number of reasons that make it extra special, but what about competition? Why is the model so successful? What reasons have kept Tata 407 alive for more than 30 years, especially in a country where consumers tend to forget the better for the best?

It would be entirely wrong to say that the truck has never had competition. But yes, CV brands other than Tata might have just failed to deliver a product better than Tata 407. Though Mahindra Di 3200, Eicher Pro 1049 series and a handful of other trucks have been positioned against the 407, none of them has really managed to come closer to the sales figures Tata 407 registers year after year.

Tata 407 truck is currently offered in six variants with different payload capacities ranging between 2000 and 5000 kg. Out of these six, the Tata 407 Pickup Ex, with the lowest payload offering, accounts for the most sought after variant. Interestingly, Mahindra Bolero Pickup variants, which offer different payload capacities ranging between 1000 and 2000 kg also sell like hot cakes.

Though Tata 407 PickUp Ex and Mahindra Bolero Pickup variants cannot be locked in a head on fight, these two still are the two most searched commercial vehicles in the country. It might just not be wrong to say that the two make up for each other’s biggest competition in the market. Mahindra, with the launch of the Big Bolero pickup, offering payload capacity of more than 1500 kg has recently also tried to take the game a step ahead. The launch of Ashok Leyland Guru may also make things interesting as it is slated to be pitted against Tata 407 variants. But till then, Tata 407 Pickup Ex, along with other variants, might continue to rule the roads in India.

The Simplicity in Tata 407

MR C.S. Johar from Johar automobiles, a dealership for Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, highlighting the marvels hidden in the truck explains, "Tata has tried to keep the design as simple as possible. There is nothing fancy about the truck and that is what makes 407 truck the undisputed winner in its category." Clarifying on 'simplicities' he further adds, "You won't find much fibre used in Tata 407 variants, probably Tata understands the financial burden of getting trucks repaired and hence have incorporated metals as much as possible."

It indeed is exclamatory the way Mr Johar has explained things about the truck. If a vehicle meets with an accident, it is easier and economical to get the metal sheets reshaped. However, changing a broken fibre frame with a new one will obviously burn your pocket. Similarly, there are various other reasons that make Tata 407 the longest selling truck in the Indian market. These reasons are simple to the core, but an eye for detail explains how deep yet how simple, Tata Motors have thought about the truck over these thirty years. Numerous facelifts have been done, technology upgraded a number of times, but Tata’s unmistaken stance with regard to the 407 is simply breath-taking. Let’s look at top three reasons that make the Tata 407 series unbeatable in India.

Low Maintenance

Tata 407 is a truck with easy on pocket maintenance abilities. It comes with a service interval of 20,000 km, which in other words is a pretty awesome duration. Even if the truck is driven 100 km every day, it would take 200 days or around 7 months to reach the service stage. This is one trait that most fleet owners and truck owners desire in the line of CVs they use, and Tata 407 delivers exactly that.

Moreover, getting Tata 407 series truck serviced usually, does not require more than a day, keeping down time and maintenance cost as economical as possible. This is one feature that has definitely helped Tata Motors keep consumers revving with only good thoughts for Tata 407.

Simple Design

As Mr Johar said, the design of this truck is completely uncomplicated. Tata Motors has not even tried to add any fancy element in the truck. The body looks more metal than fibre or plastic, even the driver console is not digital. These small things might not appeal to car lovers, but they do work in the commercial vehicle segment.

Keeping basic designs and not trying to overload a truck with fancy fitments, simply assures the owner of low maintenance costs in times of accidents and electronic faults. Now, who would want to spend extra money on getting that drive-meter information display console changed for minor electrical errors, when one can quietly get the same fixed at a very nominal amount of money? Another reason Tata 407 truck is a super duper hit commercial vehicle in India.

Mileage and Payload

Don’t jump in excitement when we tell you Tata 407 Pickup Ex can deliver anything between eight to 12 kilometers per litre of diesel. That kind of mileage, for a truck, is simply out of the world. Mix it with a payload ranging between 2000 and 3000 kg, and you have a perfect truck for inter-city as well as intra state goods transportation needs.

A fair mileage and ample amount of payload capacity make Tata 407 trucks one of the best deals available in the market today.

A Note for Truck Manufacturers in India

As we said earlier, no other Commercial vehicle maker in the country has come even close to the legacy Tata 407 offers in its category. Trying to make trucks fancy and not practical has been the most fatal of errors that Tata 407 competitors have repeated time and again. Till some truck maker approaches developing 407’s rival practically with straightforward yet profitable design, Tata 407 might just continue to rule for another 30 years.

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