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Key Specs of BharatBenz 4028T

Battery Capacity120 Ah
Number of Tyre14
Power281 hp
GVW39500 kg
Mileage3.5 kmpl
Engine7200 cc

4028T Latest Update

BharatBenz 4028T is a 39.5-tonne gross vehicle weight commercial-grade haulage truck designed for high-torque generation to enhance logistical haulage operations. Precisely, speaking, equipped with an OM 926 diesel-propelled powertrain, the 4028T is crafted to deliver 281.61 hp of power and a staggering 1100 Nm of torque. 


Outfitted with robust powertrain systems integrating onboard diagnostics version 2 (OBD-2) functionality, the 4028T is built for efficient powertrain performance and easy serviceability. OBD 2 monitors the performance of the engine and emissions control systems. It provides real-time data and generates fault codes to help diagnose issues. 


Additionally, integrating a rear axle with an optimal ratio for best-in-class performance and durability, the 4028T is considered an ideal solution for continuous haulage operations without stressing axle components. Aided by a parabolic-type suspension setup in the front and a semi-elliptical suspension in the rear, the 4028T is a high-performance vehicle. 


Parabolic suspension is a type of suspension that uses leaf springs that are tapered, meaning they are thickest at the centre and taper towards the ends. Parabolic springs offer a smoother ride compared to traditional multi-leaf springs, as they provide more flexibility.


Meanwhile, semi-elliptical suspension, also known as multi-leaf suspension, uses multiple layers of slightly curved leaf springs of decreasing lengths stacked on top of each other. This design provides good load-carrying capacity and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. 


Available at a starting price of Rs 38.23 lakh (ex-showroom), the BharatBenz 4028T is also a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a truck for long-term usage, to ensure consistent profit and positive business outcomes. 


BharatBenz 4028T Performance


The 4028T from BharatBenz is powered by a tested and proven OM 926 BS6-compliant diesel engine tuned to generate 281.61 hp of power at 2200 rpm and 1100 Nm of torque at around 1200-1600 rpm. This engine is mated to a G 131 model 9-speed mechanical, synchromesh transmission. 


A mechanical synchromesh transmission refers to a manual gearbox setup which integrates gears or synchronisers to help ensure smooth gear shifts without grinding the gears. Synchronisers help to match the rotational speed of the gear and the input shaft before engagement. 


Further, the engine and gearbox are paired with each other by a 395 mm diameter (dia) clutch for efficient power transfer from the engine to the transmission. A 395 mm dia clutch has a large surface area, ensuring even distribution of the load from the engine to the transmission. This also ensures a reduction in wear and tear on the clutch components.

BharatBenz 4028T Specifications

The 4028T from BharatBenz is a 39,500 kg gross vehicle weight tractor-trailer available in a sleeper cab configuration. 
The vehicle is offered in a single-wheelbase option measuring 3600 mm and has radial tyres measuring 295/90R20. Here 295 represents the width of the tyre in millimetres, 90 is the aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the height of the tyre's cross-section to its width and 20 represents the diameter of the wheel in inches.

Thanks to this tyre configuration, the vehicle offers a ground clearance of 304 mm and has a turning circle diameter of 13.1 m. Furthermore, the vehicle is outfitted with a 430-litre fuel tank for lower refuelling intervals. 

BharatBenz 4028T Features

The 4028T haulage truck comes with multiple features aimed at improving driver comfort, safety and performance. This includes features such as seat belt reminder, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, power windows, central locking system and hydraulic power-assisted steering system. 

BharatBenz 4028T Rivals

The BharatBenz 4028T can be a strategic investment for haulage businesses seeking tractor-trailers to haul goods efficiently from the production site to the warehouse of businesses. Key rivals of the 4028T include the Tata Signa 4018.S and Ashok Leyland 4020 cowl body truck. 

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4028T Mileage (Variant)

BharatBenz 4028T 3600/CBC39500 kg
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BharatBenz 4028T Specifications

Number of Tyre14
Power281 hp
GVW39500 kg
Mileage3.5 kmpl
Engine7200 cc
Fuel Tank455 Ltr
Payload38000 Kgs
Chassis TypeChassis with Cabin

BharatBenz 4028T - Expert Review


With the technical expertise and cutting-edge tool integrations in the manufacturing processes, BharatBenz is producing advanced tractor trailers crafted for high torque production to improve logistical performance. The 4028T is a fine exemplar of high-torque hauliers built by BharatBenz, a brand of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV). 


Speaking of the BharatBenz 4028T, the vehicle is equipped with a proven OM 926 OBD-2 and BS6-compliant diesel engine capable of producing a staggering 1100 Nm of torque for enhancing haulage operations. Outfitted with robust powertrain aggregates such as a large 395 mm diameter clutch, the vehicle is designed for high-performance output. 


Additionally, this robust OM 926 engine of the 4028T is paired with a G131 9-speed gearbox, capable of assisting the engine transfer the power efficiently to the drivetrain, to take on continuous haulage operations. The G131 gearbox used in BharatBenz trucks is a manual transmission manufactured by Mercedes-Benz known for its efficiency and reliability. 


Further for optimal drivetrain performance and to improve vehicular durability by minimising the stress on axle components, the 4028T is outfitted with IF 7.0 front axles and IR440-11 rear axles. This IR440-11 rear axle with a 4.3 rear axle ratio is also designed to improve fuel efficiency and ensure optimal towing capacity to haul heavy goods.  


A rear axle ratio indicates how many times the driveshaft must rotate to turn the wheels once. It mechanically refers to the ratio between the number of teeth on the ring gear of the differential and the number of teeth on the pinion gear. Trucks with lower rear axle ratios typically have better fuel efficiency. 


Overall, the BharatBenz 4028T is designed to enhance haulage operations with durable and high-performance aggregates. It is a comprehensive solution for enhancing haulage performance to ensure faster turnaround times. 




The BharatBenz 4028T shares several cabin elements with BharatBenz's heavy commercial vehicle range. This includes a rugged honeycomb grill featuring the BharatBenz logo, separating it from the aerodynamically positioned radiator air intake with a splitter pattern. Additionally, it borrows door panels with sleek body line integration, a design characteristic commonly seen on larger BharatBenz trucks.




The 4028T has a spacious sleeper cabin with multiple elements that offer comfort and improve the driving experience significantly. This includes the ergonomically positioned switchgear and an air conditioning system integrated into a modern dashboard designed to offer best-in-class comfort. 


The BharatBenz 4028T is propelled by an OM 926 BS6-compliant diesel engine engineered to generate 281.61 hp of power at 2200 rpm and 1100 Nm of torque at around 1200-1600 rpm. This engine is paired with a G 131 model 9-speed mechanical, synchromesh transmission by a large 395 mm diameter clutch.

For ensuring ride comfort and stability, the 4028T is also fitted with parabolic suspension and anti-roll bars in the front and semi-elliptical suspension in the rear. Anti-roll bars are linked to the suspension system, designed to minimise body roll. It is mounted across the chassis and integrated into the suspension for resisting lateral body roll. 

To ensure effective braking performance, the 4028T from BharatBenz is also equipped with pneumatic dual-line braking system. A pneumatic dual-line brake system functions by utilising compressed air, to operate the brakes. In this system, two separate airlines are run from the air brake system to each wheel for backup in case the primary brake circuit fails


To ensure high safety standards and protect its occupants and load, the BharatBenz 4028T comes with multiple safety features. This includes the integration of a pneumatic dual-line braking system with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), a fuel theft protection mesh, a seat belt reminder, and a demister for clearing fog from the windshield. 


Given that the BharatBenz 4028T is equipped with a high-torque diesel-propelled powertrain, aided by robust aggregates such as a G 131 model Mercedes-Benz derived gearbox and large clutch setup, the vehicle is an ideal solution for heavy-duty haulage operations. Equipped with safety features and multiple performance enablers, the truck is a comprehensive solution for logistics. 

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Pros & Cons of BharatBenz 4028T

Things We Like

  • BharatBenz 4028T is powered by a high-torque, tested, and proven OM926 BS6-compliant diesel engine with onboard diagnostics version 2 (OBD-2) functionality, ensuring efficient powertrain performance.
  • The BharatBenz cargo haulier is designed to deliver 30.50 percent gradeability, enabling it to tackle inclines and rough road conditions in loaded conditions effortlessly.
  • The BharatBenz 4028T tractor-trailer is outfitted with low rolling resistance 295/90R20 radial tyres with robust sidewalls, ensuring high uptime.
  • The vehicle is equipped with a robust pneumatic-operated dual-line braking system with ABS for ensuring effective braking performance even under load conditions.
  • The engine and gearbox of the BharatBenz 4028T are paired with each other by a large 395 mm diameter (dia) clutch to ensure an even distribution of the torque from the engine to the transmission.

Things We Don't Like

  • Multiple colour schemes could have made the vehicle more appealing.
  • The truck does not come with factory-fitted fog lamps, which could further improve visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions on BharatBenz 4028T

  • Price
  • Loading
  • Specifications
  • Cabin
  • Mileage

What is the price of BharatBenz 4028T in New Delhi?

The Trailer prices are varied from states and cities as per the local taxes and levies. The BharatBenz 4028T price is From ₹38.23 Lakh in New Delhi.

What will be the monthly EMI for BharatBenz 4028T?

The monthly EMI for any Trailer is determined by several elements. This typically includes the purchase price, the upfront payment made, and the total loan availed. The monthly EMI of BharatBenz 4028T will be ₹73,959.00 on an annual rate of interest of 10.5% for a tenure of 5 years & down payment will be ₹3.82 Lakh

What is the loading capacity of BharatBenz 4028T?

The payload is essentially the maximum loading capacity of Trailer. The BharatBenz 4028T payload is 38000 Kgs

What is the fuel tank capacity of BharatBenz 4028T?

The fuel capacity of BharatBenz 4028T is 455 Ltr. Get more detailed specifications of BharatBenz 4028T at Trucksdekho.

What is GVW of BharatBenz 4028T?

GVW of a Trailer inclusive of kerb weight and payload of the vehicle. The GVW of BharatBenz 4028T is 39500 kg

What is the engine capacity of BharatBenz 4028T?

The engine capacity of the Trailer is the maximum power & maximum torque. The maximum power of 4028T is 281 hp , maximum torque is 1100 Nm & engine capacity is 7200 cc.

What is the Wheelbase of BharatBenz 4028T?

The wheelbase of BharatBenz 4028T is 3600 mm

What is the Gradeability of BharatBenz 4028T?

The gradeability of a Trailer is the ability to climb slopes. Trucks with good gradeability can be used for carrying loads in hilly areas. BharatBenz 4028T offers gradeability of 30.5 %

What is the HP of BharatBenz 4028T?

The power of BharatBenz 4028T is 281 hp .

How many wheels/Chakka are present in BharatBenz 4028T?

The BharatBenz 4028T Trailer comes with total 14 wheels.

What is the body & chassis configuration of BharatBenz 4028T?

BharatBenz 4028T is available in Deck Body option. The cabin type of 4028T is a Day and Sleeper Cabin & chassis type is a Chassis with Cabin .

What is the fuel & transmission type of BharatBenz 4028T?

The BharatBenz 4028T is available in Diesel version with Manual transmission.

What is the mileage of BharatBenz 4028T?

The Mileage of BharatBenz 4028T is 3.5 kmpl.

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