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Scania XT premium Tipper: Detail Look  

Published On Mar 20, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The Swedish firm makes premium tippers for niche applications such as mining, construction and petroleum and chemical in India. Design and developed keeping in mind the challenging operating conditions, the highest productivity is at the heart of these trucks. We take a closer look.

Scania India Commercial Vehicles, the fully owned subsidiary of Scania AB, is among the top global truck makers entered into the Indian premium truck market over a decade ago. After establishing the Scania brand in India, the company has shifted its focus on the niche applications of which are most challenging for tucks to operate. 

The premium tipper segment is not big as compared to the overall truck volumes in India, and yet the tipper deployed in these applications operate in most rigorous and challenging operating conditions. The special applications demand a tailor-made vehicle for these tough terrains, Scania through its extensive global experience, help customized tipper to suit the specific needs of customers at given loading, road, and fuel consumption, etc. The focus always remains on productivity by offering the highest uptime and productivity for the customers who makes a heavy investment into this asset.

Scania has been BS6 ready worldwide for over a decade with vast experience in the developed markets, and the company is prepared with its BS6 range in India too.

Scania XT range


Scania XT is not one model but is a whole range that is able to handle all kinds of challenges. The XT range of premium tipper from Scania are most advance, tough and high power comes with the capability of maximum uptime and higher productivity, longer life, lower cost of ownership for most efficient operations. The name stands for “Extreme” or “Extra” Tough. Introduced in early 2019, XT range of tippers get a superior vehicle -to-payload ratio and significantly enhanced practical capabilities.

Scania XT tippers are contemporarly design at the front, with the solid steel bumper, the black grill and scratch-resistant rear-view mirrors, as well as the headlamp protection. This makes it stand out in the premium truck market. The XT range also comes with an integrated tow pin for up to 40 tons, which is highest in the Indian market. Other features that add to robustness and safety are the new heavy-duty rear axles.

NTG 8x4 Tipper with 20.2 cubic metre U body comes with an all-new G cabin with improved visibility and cooling performance, the front axle position shifted forward to improve braking efficiency. This improves stopping distance to up to 2m.40% increased radiator cooling area that enables the truck to operate in extremely high temperatures with ease.

The heavy-duty air intake allows three times higher dust handling capacities than the competition, the heavy-duty rear axle is designed for maximum traction and longer life. New bodywork adaptations, designed for maximum flexibility at the front and optimum rigidity at the rear, results in a stronger body chassis interface.

The XT range gets the most modern powertrain; the engine has a high torque-to-horsepower ratio across the entire Scania engine family. The key aggregates such as suspension are designed and tested to enable outstanding durability and reliability. Also, the critical components in the powertrain are of the highest quality to offer durability and reliability.

Key Aggregates

Heavy-Duty Air Intake-Increase reliability and performance in rough conditions, but extend filter replacement intervals and increase the service life of your engine components.

Gearbox: Scania Opticruise gearbox comes with an automatic hydraulic clutch and layshaft brake enables smoother & faster gearshifts for enhanced performance with higher payloads.

Heavy-Duty Rear Axles: Designed for productivity the all-new Scania rear axle with 40 % increased strength & higher rear axle ratio ensures maximum durability & maximum torque at wheels which allows the tipper to negotiate extreme wet conditions with ease.

Engine: The Scania 13-litre engine with high torque ratings at lower engine rotations for ease of operation and superior fuel efficiency.

Auxiliary Braking: Scania XT tippers are equipped with improved & safer auxiliary exhaust braking system to control the vehicle better; exhaust brake also works in automatic operations.

Cabin: The new high-tensile steel cab structure offers an outstanding crash performance.


To enhance customer effectiveness, it is not just a world-class product, but Scania offers assistance in some of the complementary services such as connected solutions with real-time vehicle tracking and remote diagnostic. The company also ensures that its genuine spare parts are available to the customers in real-time.  

Scania also offers site optimization service to increase customer productivity and operational safety while reducing operational cost and risk. This is done in a collaborative way with the customer by identifying key operational parameters that are critical to establishing a balanced flow of material.

Driver coaching is another important offering from Scania to its customers for higher vehicle performance. Often after OEMs driver training sessions during vehicle delivery, drivers tend to return to the old driving habits, which results in decreased fuel efficiency over a period of time. This is one of the main reasons why Scania came up with driver coaching service. Scania driver coaching is a service performed by a Scania professional in which the coach motivates and supports the driver in achieving a behavioral change that is positive for the fuel consumption and the overall safety of the operation.

Scania Fleet management service is a web-based customer platform designed to keep its customers more informed about their fleet. This is made possible by an onboard telematics unit which can, at regular intervals, collect data from different sensors mounted in our vehicles and relay them to its servers through sim cards mounted in them. The data collected onboard is then accessed by the users by logging into the fleet management web portal. By accessing this portal, the customers can then obtain valuable insight into the driving styles, productivity, and economy of their fleet and drivers.

For the BS6 offering of Scania keeping watching this space, we will get the updated trucks once the company introduces them to the market.

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