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Army Trucks: Lifeline of the Indian Armed Forces

Published On Oct 05, 2016By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

Guarding borders is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It gets even tougher when the said borders fall under a country like India. With prying eyes from all directions, India’s defence forces have done a commendable job so far. But when we talk about our Armed Forces, we usually don’t mention the support system that helps them achieve the ultimate security goal. Today let us educate you about the trucks that are used by the Indian army, trucks that form a critical part of the support system.

These trucks can be compared to the ‘raths’ that were used by the Pandavas to defeat Kauravas in the battle of good and bad, like the chariots that Gods rode to defeat the demons and save humanity.

Trucks and small pick-up vehicles that the Army uses act as a life line for thousands of soldiers. These in many remote border locations act as the sole medium of transporting food and medical supplies.

For starters, let us tell you that these trucks are very different from the once that are used by the transport industry. They are heavily armoured for extra protection and many of them are super charged as well. The technology used in them is way beyond what drives the normal trucks.

Let’s look at some facts.

- In case you were wondering why defence forces in the country use trucks over buses for transporting people, then you must know that it is easier for the troops to get in and out of the trucks much faster than the buses in times of emergency.

- The trucks built for our defence forces are very different from the trucks we see every day. They are armoured and usually come with all tyre drive systems and you were obsessed with your new four by four!

- Most of the roads that Army trucks use are maintained by BRO. BRO here stands for Border Road Organisation and it has its own fleet of vehicles to carry out maintenance work. BRO in real terms is like a bro to the Indian Armed Forces.

- Army trucks have different registration number plates as this ensures their easy movement throughout the country. Also it is easy for the army to recognize and keep track of the trucks.

- Indian army has its own bridge laying machines which are used extensively. These machines can lay bridges that can hold up to thousands of tonnes. Please note that trucks used by the Indian defence forces are armoured and hence heavier than normal trucks.

- Defence forces in India use pick-ups extensively for transporting troops and other goods. These are also used as quick response vehicles in many cases.

Armed forces in India depend a lot upon these trucks. Ask a soldier who is a part of troops that move regularly, and you will understand how important army's vehicles are to him. TrucksDekho salutes India's army and the trucks that help them tame the tough borders.

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