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Top 10 Storage Customization Ideas for Pickup Truck Beds

Published On Apr 08, 2016By Lisa Pradhan

When you own a pickup truck, customization comes easy. Here's some of the cool storage ideas that you can incorporate in your pickup truck.

1. Under-bed Storage

Under-bed storage, as witnessed in the new Honda Ridgeline revealed at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, is an extremely secured method of storing stuff underneath your pickup bed. Best place to store your beer bottles on a hot summer day!

2. External Toolbox/Locker

An external toolbox is quite handy, considering the fact that your stuff can be tucked away safely at one side of the truck. Can be sued for carrying bottles, tools, etc.

3. Drawers

Drawers under a raised platform can store ample amount of stuff. The important advantage is, despite storing several things, your loading area remains free. Plus your clothes and other commodities remain rain-proof.

4. Custom Bins

Easily removable custom bins attached to the backside area of your deck can be used as shopping baskets and keep your things within reach, saving you the hassle of climbing up to your loading area.

5. Cargo Net

Secure your commodities and drive tension free. To keep your goods stable and in place on bumpy and uneven roads, use these nets for the loading area.

6. Cargo Stabilizer Bar

Cargo stabilizer bars keep your boxes and cartons in place and prevent them from shifting during bumpy rides. Best for single or short payloads.

7. Storage Pockets/Trays

Ideal for tucking in cleaning essentials and smaller supplies, these storage pockets and trays can be attached to the sides of your pickup truck.

8. Storage Organizers

If you are buying/suppling different items, these storage organizers with different compartments can come handy. Also helps keep your stuff secure during your journey.

9. Slider Bed

For ease of offloading, install sliding beds on your pickup truck loading area. You can also install a platform on the top of the sliding bed to double your loading area.

10. PVC Storage Under-Bed Frame

PVC storages under your truck bed help save space and allow for easy transport of unusually long pipes and rods.

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