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Tata 709g LPT Vs Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG: Spec Comparison

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We compare the Tata 709g LPT with the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG to help you decide on your next CNG truck.


Today, let's check how the Tata 709g LPT compares with the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG in terms of its specifications, to help decide which truck is perfect for your haulage operations.


The demand for CNG trucks is growing rapidly among cargo haulage logistics in India since CNG trucks deliver higher mileage. Truck makers are focused on making CNG trucks for haulage companies to meet this surging demand. Tata Motors and Eicher Motors are two such truck manufacturers focused on catering to this popular demand.


However, choosing trucks from the two brands mentioned above has become a difficult task for haulage companies. To help choose the right truck, here is a spec comparison between the two best CNG trucks: the Tata 709g LPT and the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG. Read on: 


Tata 709g LPT V/s Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG: Powertrain


The Tata 709g LPT is a high-torque, high-mileage truck. It gets a 3.8-litre BS6-compliant CNG-based engine which has the capacity to churn out 62.5kW at 2500rpm and 285Nm at around 1200-1600rpm. This powerful yet high-mileage engine is also mated to a 5-speed manual synchromesh gearbox for smooth power delivery.



Tata 709g LPT

Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG





GBS27 5-speed 

ET 30S5 5-speed








Meanwhile, the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG truck comes powered by a BS6-compliant CNG-based engine which has the ability to produce 70kW at 3100rpm and 245Nm at around 1600rpm. This fuel-efficient engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.


Brakes And Suspension: Tata Vs Eicher


As for the brakes, the Tata 709g LPT comes equipped with a full S-cam air brake system for efficient braking performance and maximum stoppage ability on gradients even with a full load. On the other hand, the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG comes with hydraulic brakes.



Tata 709g LPT

Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG


Full S-cam air brake system

Hydraulic brake system 

Front Suspension 

Semi-elliptical multi-leaf spring and two hydraulic double-acting telescopic type shock absorbers

Grease-free semi-elliptical laminated leaves 

Rear Suspension

Semi-elliptical leaf spring

Semi-elliptical laminated leaves, and grooved springs with additional helper leafs


The Tata ILCV gets a semi-elliptical multi-leaf spring and two hydraulic double-acting telescopic type shock absorbers up front, while the rear houses a semi-elliptical leaf spring setup.


On the other side, the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG comes equipped with semi-elliptical laminated leaves in the front while the rear is fitted with semi-elliptical laminated leaves, and grooved springs with additional helper leafs, which ensures higher payload capacity. 

Tata 709g LPT V/s Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG: Dimensions



Tata 709g LPT

Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG




Min. Wheelbase Option



Fuel Tank Capacity

300l litres (2x150Litres)

250 litres / 320 litres (based on the choice of cargo body length)

Tyre Size 

8.25-16 16PR

8.25-16 16PR


The Tata 709g LPT comes from the production facility with a 3800mm wheelbase and gets a 300-litre CNG tank. Further, it has tyres sized 8.25-16 16PR, a 4349mm (14.3ft) load body length and a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 7300kg. Apart from these, this truck offers 216mm of ground clearance.


On the other hand, the Pro 2059XP CNG from Eicher Motors comes with a 3770mm wheelbase and two load body lengths: 4325mm and 4941mm. Furthermore, it comes with 8.25-16 16PR tyres and two fuel tank options: 250 litres or 320 litres, based on the load body length ( 4325mm: 250 litres, 4941mm: 320 litres).


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Which CNG Truck To Choose?


For starters, the Tata 709g LPT CNG truck comes with a high-torque and mileage-oriented powertrain, but in terms of better fuel efficiency and refinement, the powertrain of the Eicher Pro 2059XP has the upper hand. 


Eicher Motors also offer two load body options with the Pro 2059XP CNG truck– 4325mm and 4941mm – unlike Tata Motors’ 709g LPT CNG truck which only comes with a 4349mm load body option. However, the 709g LPT has a slightly longer wheelbase rated at 3800mm and a higher payload capacity rated at 4500kg. The Pro 2059XP CNG only offers 3863/3550kg payload. 


The 709g LPT even comes with a better brake system compared to the Eicher truck and is available for purchase at a starting price of just Rs. 14.26 lakh (ex-showroom). The Pro 2059XP CNG, on the other hand, comes at a starting price of Rs. 14.34 lakh (ex-showroom).


The 709g LPT is the best suitable option for enhancing profitability. It facilitates higher load-carrying capacity and the torque required to make trips a breeze. Moreover, it is the perfect truck for those who are looking for an affordable ILCV.


However, Tata 709g LPT comes only with a three-year or 3,00,000km warranty, while Eicher Motors offers a two-year/unlimited km warranty on the vehicle in addition to the three-year/unlimited km warranty on the engine and gearbox. All-in-all, both trucks have their own perks and drawbacks.




The Tata 709g LPT is the right CNG truck for you if you are looking for a commercial vehicle with higher payload, power and mileage at an affordable price. The truck comes with a lot of features such as a new-gen multi-display electronic cluster, a low hysteresis clutch for better torque output and a banjo-type rear axle for better performance. Also, the after-sales service accompanied by the purchase of this truck is excellent.


However, if you are in search of a comfortable, high-mileage, refined and decent payload-enabled, easy-to-drive truck for short-haulage trips, then the Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG truck is perfect for you. It comes with an 8-degree cooler cabin with heat insulation, 180 mm seat travel with lumbar support and a walkthrough cabin among other features to improve driver comfort.


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  • Tata 709g LPT
    Tata 709g LPT
    ₹14.26 - ₹15.73 Lakh*
    • Power 85 HP
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 9
    • Engine 3783
    • Fuel Tank 300
    • Payload 4500
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  • Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    Eicher Pro 2059XP CNG
    ₹17.59 - ₹18.83 Lakh*
    • Power 95 hp
    • GVW 7490
    • Mileage 10
    • Engine 3298
    • Fuel Tank 250/320
    • Fuel Type CNG
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