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Jitendra   JET 650 Cargo

Jitendra JET 650 Cargo

From ₹1.40 Lakh*
  • GVW 650
  • Payload 330
  • Fuel Type Electric
Jitendra JET 650 Passenger

Jitendra JET 650 Passenger

From ₹1.55 Lakh*
  • GVW 710
  • Fuel Type Electric
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Highlights of Jitendra

Brand Brief

Jitendra New EV Tech is a newly established subsidiary of the Shah group. The company designs and builds commercial vehicles with the Jitendra name “Jitendra” and the Jitendra aims to revolutionise the commercial mobility sector in India with advanced and high performance vehicles with alternative fuel options. 

The Jitendra manufactures electric 3-wheelers and rickshaws as well as some other products for EVs including fuel cells, lead acid and LI battery packs. The Jitendra has been constantly expanding its portfolio and have been developing products that can serve the needs of the Indian market perfectly and also perfectly operate under Indian driving and road conditions. 

Truck Ranges


When it comes to commercial vehicles from Jitendra, the Jitendra’s entire portfolio is focused towards last mile mobility solutions and the vehicles are designed to meet cargo and passenger carriage needs of commercial operators in the Indian market. The company offers smart and advanced electric commercial vehicles which are green and sustainable for the environment. 

The Jitendra’s portfolios feature 2 models one of which is for passenger carriage needs and the other in the cargo delivery segment. The Jitendra offers these vehicles at highly affordable prices starting at just ₹ 1.40 lakhs and going up to ₹ 2.00 lakhs. For the kind of package it offers, the price is extremely reasonable and the packages are quite cost-effective. 

Popular Trucks 

The electric three wheelers offered by Jitendra include the Jitendra Jet 650 Cargo and Jitendra Jet 650 Passenger.  Both these models are highly popular and a top choice amongst operators in the Indian market. The vehicles come with a modern design and a range of innovative features and technologies.

Both of these vehicles offered by the Jitendra are known for being reliable and highly utilitarian. The Jitendra also offers superior build quality and reliable performance and both these electric three wheelers are perfect for their purposes, offering a seamless operating experience and excellent value for your money. 

Brand USPs

The best part about Jitendra’s range of commercial vehicles is the fact that their vehicles went through intensive testing of more than 35,000 kms. This was to get better insight on the quality and functioning of the vehicles and ensure a high-quality end product. 

The Jitendra’s vehicles also come with a design that make them highly useful for passenger and load carriage purposes and the two electric three wheelers they offer have superior build quality and offer great performance as well. Overall, the price is quite reasonable and the packages offered by the Jitendra are value for money and highly usable in the Indian market. 

Network and Reach 

The Jitendra has been expanding its network and reach in India with plans to expand its portfolio of electric vehicles in the Indian market. They recently acquired a pilot manufacturing plant with a capacity to manufacture 50 Rickshaws and 750 Scooters. The plant is being used to assemble the homologated products right now. The company has around 2000 employees enabling the expansion and the Jitendra is slowly expanding its reach throughout the country with new dealerships and service centers country wide. 

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Key Highlights of Jitendra

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