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  • Fuel efficient mini truck for ligh duty work

    The jeeto comes with the mid range engine 2.2L diesel engine that give it power to take heavy loads easily. It can bear load upto 750 kg very easily without any load on engine with a excellent boot space, the chasis also play a main role in heavy loads due to it strong construction. It comes with a 4-speed manual transmission gear,other than that it has two spoke manual stering, afordable vehicle in segment with good fuel economy, CNG option are also availabel. It has limited features and button, radio, AC are not provide which lacks in the vehicle.

    द्वारा shubham
    On: Aug 21, 2023
  • Sabse Chota Par Sabse Jeeta-Truck

    Maindra Jeeto truck ek kamal ka chota sa powerhouse hai. Is truck ki takat aur chalne ki smoothness ne dil jeet liya! Uske chote design mein badi suvidha hai aur gaadi bade shehron ki choti galliyon mein bhi asaani se ghuse jaati hai. Fuel efficiency bhi kaabil-e-tareef hai. Cabin mein comfort aur safety ka dhyaan rakha gaya hai, jo ek badiya package banata hai. Iski load-carrying capacity bhi kaafi badiya hai. Agar aap chhote vyavsay ya bade shehar mein transport ka kaam karte hain, toh Maindra Jeeto truck ek must-have option hai! Dhanya ho Jeeto, sabki jeet ho!

    द्वारा ankan
    On: Aug 07, 2023
  • Mahindra Jeeto with affordable maintenance

    Mahindra Jeeto ka maintenance bahut hi affordable hai aur parts bhi easily available hain. Iska servicing bhi kaafi easy hai aur aap isko kisi bhi authorized Mahindra service center mein karwa sakte hain. mein iski performance se bhot impress hoon. iska mileage bhi shandar hai.

    द्वारा sundar seth
    On: Apr 11, 2023
  • Mahindra Jeeto is best for delivering product

    Mahindra Jeeto is outperforming pickup for any small transportation business. I drive Jeeto for delivering courier products within city and sometimes inter city as well. This pickup is very good for business as well as it runs on CNG and offers mileage between 35-38 km. It has very good built quality, its performance is very good. It is for long time usage and its maintenance cost is also low. It has phone charging point and digital instrument cluster.

    द्वारा k krishnan
    On: Mar 31, 2023
  • Powerful and impressive performance

    I have been operating the Mahindra Jeeto Petrol in my fleet of mini trucks and I am quite happy with the package offered by Mahindra with this mini truck. Coming with a petrol engine, the performance and load capacity of the truck is seriously impressive. The truck can carry considerable amounts of weight over considerable distances without any hindrances.

    द्वारा avanish t.
    On: Jan 24, 2023
  • The best choice for a CNG cargo truck

    If it comes to buying a CNG mini truck, the Mahindra Jeeto 400 CNG is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the market. The mini truck is quite powerful and capable and is also quite fuel-efficient making for economic load hauling operations that increases the profit margin for commercial operators.

    द्वारा jaydeep prakash
    On: Jan 24, 2023
  • Ek bohot hi powerful mini-truck

    Entry-level segment mein Mahindra Jeeto ek bohot hi acchi mini-truck hai. 1450 kgs ki gross weight aur under 1-tonne ki payload capacity ki saath yeh mini truck shandaar performance deliver karti hai. Powerful engine ke saath yeh mini truck kaafi weight carry kar leti hai kaafi asaani ke saath. Short aur medium distance load carrying ke liye ek behtareen option hai Jeeto.

    द्वारा raghav mishra
    On: Dec 08, 2022
  • Good performance

    Mahindra Jeeto apko achche profit ke sath sath reliable bhi hai. Aapko delivery karne mai kafi aasani ho jati hai. Cargo bussiness ke liye ek achcha product hai. Mileage bhi sahi deta hai.

    द्वारा navin g.
    On: Nov 18, 2022
  • Shandaar load capacity

    Mahindra Jeeto ki Design koi bhi small business aur short distance cargo delivery operation ke liye perfect hai. Kuch din pehley hi maine yeh truck khareeda tha aur abhi tak main bohot hi satisfied hoon isse. Iski loading capacity aur cargo loading area, dono hi kaafi hai aur kaafi load yeh truck bina koi problem ke carry karti hai. Paisa wasool mini truck hai yeh Jeeto.

    द्वारा rajdeep khosla
    On: Nov 17, 2022
  • Reliable and highly capable

    Very well done by Mahindra with such a big CNG range with the one and only Jeeto Truck.

    द्वारा logesh saraf
    On: Nov 07, 2022
  • Poor service

    I have been taken the vehicle to the showroom till 21 days..they were not found the complaint and still vehicle is not delivered to me.really bad service.

    द्वारा manaf noushad
    On: Nov 04, 2022
  • Best for the Business

    Mahindra ka Jeeto small business owner ke liye affordable aur achcha mileage truck hai. Payload bhi sahi hai. City ya phir town delivery me koi dikket nahi aati hai. best truck by Mahindra.

    द्वारा mandar b.
    On: Nov 02, 2022
  • New CNG Jet is Best

    The new 400CNG variant of Jeeto is very well by Mahindra. Good Job, profit truck for business, not very high price truck.

    द्वारा sanjay mane
    On: Nov 01, 2022
  • Best mialeg

    Pahle chalaya nahi he lekin gadi achi he our achi gadi he mahindra ki mini truck me sabse best he nice

    द्वारा nanuram bhatee
    On: Oct 29, 2022
  • Looks good and drives well

    I have had the Mahindra Jeeto for a year and I am very happy with the mini truck so far. It looks very modern and stylish with a very nice cabin that is spacious and comfortable and it also comes with a big load body and great load capacity as well. Overall, the Jeeto is quite good and makes for convenient load carrying.

    द्वारा vinod p
    On: Oct 19, 2022
  • jeeto+ bs6 very bad.

    I have purchased the vehicle JEETO PLUS BS6 on 19/08/2022 form Shivnath motors pvt Ltd . Raipur CG Because from day 2 I was facing the so many problems one by one. I was very disappointed from your company M&M Ltd. & Again today I ma facing same Problem in this vehicle (Jeeto+). Within 52 days to purches of vehicle the same problem was repeating again & again.

    द्वारा smt rashi daga
    On: Oct 12, 2022
  • After sales service and high cost of any part

    Zero rating ,after sales service , high cost of reapireing any smal part of vehicle,,,, bad experience

    द्वारा sumit chauhan
    On: Sept 22, 2022
  • Affordable aur capable

    Mini trucks ki segment mein, matlab 1-1.5 tonnes ki range mein, Mahindra Jeeto jaisi stylish, shaktishaali aur aisi load capacity wali truck apko nahi milegi. Main iss truck se bohot hi khush hoon aur koi bhi complain ki koi mauka nahi diya hai yeh shaandar mini truck. Saach mein value for money package hai yeh.

    द्वारा nagesh
    On: Sept 14, 2022
  • High Range CNG Truck

    The new Jeeto CNG with 400 km range is best truck that is now introduced by mahindra. Very innovative and useful for my business, i’m purchasing the new CNG Jeeto. Long range and low running cost meaning higher profit. I already use Jeeto diesel and happy with overall truck performance, so the CNG is very big benefits

    द्वारा anurag
    On: Sept 05, 2022
  • 1-tonne payload segment ka best choice

    Agar apko 1-tonne ki segment ki mini truck leninhai toh Mahindra Jeeto koi bhi purpose ke liye ek perfect option hai. Iss truck ki size se leke iski loading capacity aur load body area, uskey saath iski performance aur fuel efficiency kaafi saari trucks se kaafi behtaar hai aur low cost operations ke yeh perfect choice hai.

    द्वारा nikhil shukla
    On: Sept 01, 2022
  • Jeeto is top mileage truck

    Mahindra Jeeto Truck bhaarateey graahakon ke liye bane hain kyonki chhote traansaportar keval achchha mailej chaahate hain. Aur mahindra achchhee tarah se jaanata hai ki graahakon ko yahee chaahie, aur Jeeto ise paripoorn banaata hai. Ek bahut hee quality mailej vaala truck jise aap bina problem kee samasya ke 1 tan pelod le ja sakate hain aur perfenct mailej. Jeeto Bhaarat mein saphal truck ki kaee bede graahak aur traansaportar trak. Main kahata hoon ki achchha munaapha kamaane ke lie Jeeto truk ko kabhee bhee khareed len.

    द्वारा dharmendra kaur
    On: Aug 20, 2022
  • Paisa wasool

    Kaafi research ke baad maine kuch din pehle Mahindra Jeeto CNG khareeda. CNG mini trucks ka range mein aur 1-tonne category mein yeh truck ek perfect choice hai. Engine ka capacity, power aur performance tin o hi kaafi acchi hai, aur uske saath saath deck area bhi kaafi bari hai toh kaafi load ap isse carry kar payenge.

    द्वारा ashish
    On: Aug 08, 2022
  • High profit truck in the best price

    Buy Jeeto for mileage. India’s best truck for high mileage and good payload, price is also very affordable. Mahindra has design this truck for today’s customers with lower price and good profit earning with single trip. Only the cabin has not many features and also cargo deck is small but you can manage.

    द्वारा prakash sinha
    On: Aug 07, 2022
  • Buy Jeeto for high mileage

    Main 3 saal se jeeto tuck ka istemaal jyaadaatar city dileevaree ke lie kar raha hoon. Jabaki truk har cheej mein theek hai, sabase achchhee cheej jo mujhe pasand aaee vah hai is truck ka mailej. Shrenee mein kisee bhee any trak se sarvashreshth. injan shaktishaalee hai aur kaargo ke poorn bhaar ke saath achchha pikap bhee hai.

    द्वारा manish
    On: Jul 26, 2022
  • Jeeto - The Nightmare

    Get ready to spend more on repairs than actual cost of the vehicle in 7 years of time. Had worst experience with Anant Cars, Blr.

    द्वारा anbu
    On: Jul 14, 2022
  • Small but powerful truck

    Mahidnra Jeeto dikhane mein chhota truk hai lekin kisee bhee prakaar ka bhaaree bhaar uthaane mein saksham hai. Is segament mein mailej sabase achchha hai aur 3 saal mein paraphormens mein koee dikkat nahin hai. mMahindra dvaara bahut kam keemat ke saath achchha trak aur majaboot deelar netavark vaale pratyek graahak ke lie samarthan. GO for thsi truck anytime.

    द्वारा pritesh
    On: Jun 30, 2022
  • Kolhapur to

    suresh tiruke Mahindra geeto gadi 😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖😊😊😊👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    द्वारा suresh tiruke
    On: Jun 21, 2022
  • Hihg mileage affordable truck

    Jeeto is a highly affordable truck in the LCV segment from mahindra. Yeh truck jitni acchi dikhti hai, waisi hi iska capacity or performance bhi hai. Bohot hi affordable option hai is segment mein aur uskey saath yeh truck kaafi acchi performance aur mileage bhi deti hai. Lightweight goods carry karne ke liye yeh sasti bhi hai aur cost-efficient bhi. Small business owners mere jaise iss truck ke help se kaafi fayde mein reh sakti hai. Ek saal ke baad mein yeh truck se bohot hi khush hoon aur main iss LCV ko sabko recommend karunga jo ek affordable mini truck dhoond rahey hai.

    द्वारा lalchand
    On: Jun 09, 2022
  • Stylish bhi, capable bhi

    Maine kuch mahiney pehley Mahindra Jeeto kharida tha. Abhi tak main iss se bohot hi khush hoon. Har ek angle se Mahindra Jeeto ne mera expectations fulfill kia hai. Sabse accha hai iss truck ka payload capacity aur iska engine performance. Fuel efficiency bhi bohot hi tareef-layak hai, aur agar aap mere jaisa CNG variant letey hai toh fuel pe aap ka kharcha bohot hi kaam hoga. Yeh truck dikhney mein bhi accha hai, aur iska performance bhi satisfactory hai. Dur sawari aur goods carriage ke liye ekdum perfect hai.

    द्वारा lal singh
    On: May 19, 2022
  • I like Mahindra Jeeto for mileage

    I like Mahindra Jeeto for mileage and size. But want Jeeto in eletric mode. Mahindra need to launch Jeeto with high power battery and customers waiting.

    द्वारा raju kumar
    On: Apr 29, 2022
  • Good vehicle

    Good vehicle but very small size. I think you can go for bigger truck so taking more load is easy. But Jeeto I liked the mileage and low maintenance. Mahindra Jeeto is for low budget and high profit…also mahindra service very well…

    द्वारा washim shamim
    On: Apr 13, 2022
  • favourite mini-truck

    Mahindra Jeeto is my favourite mini-trucks. I’m using 3 Jeeto trucks in Chennai for the fruits, vegetable and courier business. Jeeto is the best mileage truck, the pickup is good for 700-800 kg of payload. Average maintenance is also not very high. I’m happy with overall performance, now buying Mahindra Supro for bigger payload options.

    द्वारा karthik
    On: Mar 19, 2022
  • Amizeng mint truck in best in class maileg 31

    This truck no competition best in class maileg 31 and very ezi drive cargo bloody size is big

    द्वारा dashrath
    On: Jan 14, 2022
  • Best mileage truck in India

    Best mileage truck in India, take 500-700 kg load. No problem with Jeeto. Mahindra best vehicle.

    द्वारा sanket kukreja
    On: Jan 12, 2022
  • Good Truck

    I’m a Jeeto CNG user. I purchase Jeeto in March 2021. after 6-7 months of use my experience is good with the truck. The best I like about the jeeto is mileage. The cng engine is powerful giving high milage for high payload also. The truck is easy also to drive and not breakdown in anytime because I take service regular. I recommend Jeeto cng to everyone. The price is also lower and you can take mover load of 1 tone also sometime.

    द्वारा suresh j
    On: Dec 09, 2021
  • All Bs6 vehicles was failured

    I took the BS6 vehicle 7 months ago, it just stopped in the water once, Def The oil tank is out, the sensors are out, the silencer Also drained, all of which cost 200000 anta, so please don't buy this vehicle.milage is good but Bs6 is failed because the vehicle is going once in a water,all sensors and Def oil tank, silencers all drained so that's why I hate Mahindra jeetho bs6

    द्वारा lingesh
    On: Jul 29, 2021
  • you can earn more profit.

    Jeeto CNG trucks are good options for petrol and diesel when cost is going up. The CNG 625 cc gives higher mileage and the running cost is lower than diesel. But the performance is the same but you can earn more profit. The CNG Jeeto price is affordable with good pickup in town or unpaved roads also. The 600 plus kg payload means you can carry even 200 kg extra for delivery.

    द्वारा rajesh kumar
    On: Jul 27, 2021
  • best truck for customer

    The Jeeto Mahindra truck is a useful and value for money truck for village customers. You can carry farm produce, vegetables to the nearest town with high mileage and very low running cost. Jeeto takes high load on bad roads and does not mileage down also. Mahindra has developed the best truck for customer who don’t want a three-wheeler instead a 4-wheeler truck.

    द्वारा rajesh kumar
    On: Jul 27, 2021
  • Jeeto is a good truck

    Jeeto is a good truck but Mahindra should give more features on this truck. I know customers don’t want to pay more price but some optional features like power steering, bigger tyres or may more powerful variant with an AC cabin.

    द्वारा karthik s
    On: Jul 25, 2021
  • mainly for city logistics deliveries

    I think the new petrol Jeeto is a smart introduction by Mahindra. Some customers want a petrol truck mainly for city logistics deliveries. Jeeto Petrol is good in pickup and power with high mileage. The BS6 Jeeto is better than the BS4 in everything.

    द्वारा sunil kale
    On: Jul 25, 2021
  • Performance is guaranteed of this truck

    Jeeto is giving me high mileage in city traffic delivering courier/parcel, running over 100 km a day. Best value for money truck with minimum maintenance cost. This is my second Jeeto truck of 2020, I sold the 2015 model for a good price. Best truck for any cargo logistics requirements at very good price. Performance is guaranteed of this truck

    द्वारा prabhakar r
    On: Jul 25, 2021
  • Worst engine quality

    Mahindra is providing worst engine. It's parts are not good for long run. My vehicle engine has been changed 2 times in last 3 years. Please provide good parts while selling your engine parts

    द्वारा aniket chitodkar
    On: Jun 15, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto perfect for me

    Mahindra Jeeto is decent when it comes to providing comfort while riding and its slightly higher payload is an added benefit when it comes to carrying heavy loads. It offers you superior power and pickup, easy driving, greater comfort and a low turning radius. it helps you take the next big step in your transport business. It It was a very good decision to buy ti for my transport businues. I would use it for a long time and suggest my friends to buy it.

    द्वारा falan
    On: Jun 05, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto is an impressive pickup

    Mahindra Jeeto is a very good pickup for any transportation business either in the city or for inter-city commute. This pickup is very good for business as well as it runs on CNG and it is cheap in comparison to petrol and diesel. It has very good built quality, its performance is very good, mileage is also good. It is for long time usage and its maintenance cost is also low and spare parts are easily available.

    द्वारा farhan
    On: Jun 05, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto very powerful

    Mahindra Jeeto is a very good pickup truck with a CNG option i don't think there is any other and better option in CNG. It has very good payload capacity with good looks as well. The Cng engine is 625 cc with a 715kg payload capacity. It has a length of 3876 mm, width of 1498 mm and wheelbase of 2500mm. It is a very good truck and i would use it for a long time.

    द्वारा chakradhar
    On: May 27, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto best mini pickup truck

    Mahindra Jeeto comes with top not features like top mileage, several cargo deck options, durability, and reliability. It has a 625 CC, single-cylinder, four-stroke, positive ignition, CNG engine produces 20 HP of power at a maximum torque of 44 Nm, a payload capacity of 650kg. Mahindra Jeeto has all the latest and cool features. The cabin is very much comfortable and i even sleep in it sometimes.

    द्वारा chakradev
    On: May 27, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto for loosers

    Mahindra Jeeto is the truck from past. Mahindra Jeeto has no latest and cool features. The cabin is not comfortable and i cant even sleep in it. It has very good mileage it has very good built quality even if it touches some place there are no scratches or dents. I would not drive it for a long time and it will not be up to date. It has cheap spare parts which are not of good quality.

    द्वारा vidyum
    On: May 27, 2021
  • small yet powerful

    Mahindra Jeeto is a small yet powerful mini pickup truck. It is a single-cylinder direct-injection, water-cooled diesel engine. It produces 16hp of power at 42 Nm of torque and tuned to a 4-speed gearbox. That is why it gives a powerful performance even with the great payload capacity Jeeto suspension comes with independent front suspension and a semi-trailing arm in the rear to carry all kinds of cargo quite effortlessly. It is the best pickup for a small transport businuess.

    द्वारा anirudh
    On: May 27, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto for winners

    Mahindra Jeeto is the truck from future. Mahindra Jeeto has all the latest and cool features. The cabin is very much comfortable and i even sleep in it sometimes. It has very good mileage it has very good built quality even if it touches some place there are no scratches or dents. I will drive it for a long time and it will be up to date. It has cheap spare parts as well.

    द्वारा arpit
    On: May 23, 2021
  • Mahindra Jeeto India’s top mini-truck

    Mahindra Jeeto comes with top not features like top mileage, several cargo deck options, durability, and reliability. It has a 625 CC, single-cylinder, four-stroke, positive ignition, CNG engine produces 20 HP of power at a maximum torque of 44 Nm, a payload capacity of 650kg. It comes with independent front suspension and a semi-trailing arm in the rear to carry all kinds of cargo quite effortlessly.

    द्वारा ajay
    On: May 23, 2021

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