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  • एसएमएल ईसुज़ू सम्राट जीएस टिपर चेसिस

    Good but not enough

    I'm using tipper since 2021 for hallow bricks and blue metal transits.. Plus:- 1.good cabine comfort 2.durable metrial...

    द्वारा jagadesh
    On: Jun 14, 2022
  • एसएमएल ईसुज़ू सम्राट जीएस टिपर चेसिस

    Mileage bit worry

    Review based on 3 months use... Good to drive bit hard gears(new).. Advantage.. *Looks well/ comfortable *well picku...

    द्वारा jagadesh
    On: Jul 05, 2021
  • एसएमएल ईसुज़ू प्रेस्टीज जीएस

    Tipper body building

    This vehicle is a very good performance vehicle. Hope your supporting with be generated more confident to the investor...

    द्वारा pitamber rout
    On: Jun 18, 2021
  • एसएमएल ईसुज़ू सरताज जीएस एचजी 75

    Sartaj HG 75 BS6 - Best MDT

    This is the best customizable medium-duty truck with 5-speed manual gearbox. Best thing about this truck is the features...

    द्वारा mukesh nehra
    On: Jun 24, 2020
  • एसएमएल ईसुज़ू सरताज जीएस एचजी 75

    SML Isuzu Sartaj GS HG 75- Low Maintenance Truck

    Specially for small businesses on city roads. Low Maintenance Cost also cheap spare parts for replacement with best in c...

    द्वारा anil kumar
    On: Jun 19, 2020

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