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  • महिंद्रा सुप्रो प्रॉफिट ट्रक मिनी

    Highly recommend.

    Supro is number 1 truck in India with high mileage. Mahindra improved this truck in bs6 engine with more feature and en...

    द्वारा nabeel khan
    On: May 02, 2022
  • महिंद्रा इम्पेरिओ

    The best loading with luxury car

    Best performance best milage 0 maintenance best music system and 2 ton wight carry full safety bestc...

    द्वारा mithalal suthar
    On: Apr 30, 2022
  • महिंद्रा बोलेरो कैंपर

    good pikup for cargo

    Mahindra camper is good pikup for cargo and also people carrying. The color combiantins makes this pickup popular. Featu...

    द्वारा arjun kaushik
    On: Apr 29, 2022
  • महिंद्रा जीतो

    I like Mahindra Jeeto for mileage

    I like Mahindra Jeeto for mileage and size. But want Jeeto in eletric mode. Mahindra need to launch Jeeto with high powe...

    द्वारा raju kumar
    On: Apr 29, 2022
  • महिंद्रा ट्रियो यारी

    liked the overall vehicle

    I check out Yaari in Bangalore, liked the overall vehicle. Going to purchase, it is my first electric auto rickshaw. Te...

    द्वारा mahendra jaju
    On: Apr 26, 2022

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