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भारत में वाॅल्वो के सभी ट्रकों के वीडियो देखें। वाॅल्वो के कमर्शियल व्हीकल्स के लेटेस्ट वीडियो देखें और इनसे जुड़ी न्यूज एवं रिव्यूज़ देखें।
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  • वाॅल्वो एफएम 480

    I highly recommend buying this truck

    It's the best truck for transportation purpose which is seen by me when I was a supervisor at the construction site it's...

    द्वारा adil khan
    On: Feb 05, 2017
  • वाॅल्वो एफएम 400

    I highly recommend buying this truck

    Volvo is good track in India. He is very satisfied tracks in India. And very big job in India. And very important in the...

    द्वारा bishnupratapsingh
    On: Feb 03, 2017
  • वाॅल्वो एफएच 520 पुलर

    I highly recommend buying this truck

    We use for transporting Minerals to the Port from Mine. It is good work Horse with the Multiple possibilities of changin...

    द्वारा harish purohit
    On: Dec 05, 2016
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