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वाॅल्वो एफएच 520 पुलर के यूज़र रिव्यू

वाॅल्वो एफएच 520 पुलर
1 रिव्यू
This मॉडल has expired.

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एफएच 520 पुलर यूजर रिव्यू

  • I highly recommend buying this truck

    We use for transporting Minerals to the Port from Mine. It is good work Horse with the Multiple possibilities of changing the trailer/loaded part The driver comfort is great and has good ergonomically designed cabin The Hydraulics are unbeatable. the steering being power drive the driver fatigue is negligible the Cabin sound proof as well.

    द्वारा harish purohit
    On: Dec 05, 2016

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