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  • No good vehicle

    No good vehicle, mileage less also some trouble in suspension in 6 months itself, spend 2/3 visit to dealership for service. May be some problem in the model. But service person is good with all free of cost replacement of parts.

    द्वारा thambi k
    On: Mar 29, 2022
  • Overall super vehicle

    This Ape auto is powerful. Piaggio offered good features, the drving of this auto is smooth. Easy on/off and steering handle is also smooth. The driver seat is wide and big, bigger windshield makes visibility clear. Overall super vehicle for last-mile auto rickshaw.

    द्वारा tanish
    On: Jun 20, 2021
  • like Bajaj

    I purchased this auto after market research and also test drive other brand like Bajaj and Mahindra. The auto is strong but I’m not fully convinced with the mileage, it is slightly lower than my expectations.

    द्वारा teerth
    On: Jun 20, 2021
  • DX is overall better auto.

    If you want strong and rugged auto for more people transport, Ape DX is one good options, but you can also try Bajaj brand.

    द्वारा rachit
    On: Jun 20, 2021
  • Overall Ape Auto is good.

    Ape DX auto give better pickup and mileage on city road. No failure in this auto, maintenance also low. BS6 engine is refined also.

    द्वारा praneel
    On: Jun 20, 2021
  • carry 3-4 passenger easily.

    This big version Ape Auto-rickshaw from Piaggio which carry 3-4 passenger easily. The built quality of this auto is fine, but mileage little lower. You can buy for village feeder routes with some luggage space also available.

    द्वारा qadim
    On: Jun 20, 2021
  • Durable Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    Piaggio Ape DX Auto comes with 597cc engine and It can carry 3-passengers comfortably. This auto offers multi-disc wet type clutch, hydraulically actuated internal expanding shoe type brakes that make this auto safer. Also, it promises for lower maintenance, highly durable aggregates and overall enjoyable driving experience. I am using this auto for earning and it is performing as per my expectations.

    द्वारा prakash m
    On: Jan 23, 2021
  • By Good Brand, Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    Piaggio Ape DX Auto will launch soon and it will come with 597.7 cc engine, 5-speed manual transmission and higher payload capacity. This auto is offering good features for comfort and safety. I am waiting for its launching so I can buy it. I can trust its performance because it is a good brand. Also, it is offering good performance.

    द्वारा jagadish
    On: Jan 23, 2021
  • Planning to buy Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    I am planning to buy Piaggio Ape DX Auto for my business. This auto will come with a powerful engine and higher payload capacity. This auto is offering good features for comfort and safety and that's why I think this auto will be best for me. I am waiting for its launch so I can buy it.

    द्वारा ashik
    On: Jan 23, 2021
  • Waiting for Launch of Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    I was looking for an auto so I can start my own work. Then I got to know about Piaggio Ape DX Auto and I have checked its specification and features. I got very impressed with is features and I decided to buy this auto. I am waiting for its launching so I can buy it. It is a good brand auto so I can trust its performance.

    द्वारा dines
    On: Jan 10, 2021
  • Safer Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    I am planning to buy Piaggio Ape DX Auto so I can start my own work. This auto is offering good features and it will launch soon. This auto is offering Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber with Rubber Compression Spring with Damper Suspension, Parking Brakes, Drum Brake etc features that will ensure my safety. I am waiting for its launching.

    द्वारा chirag
    On: Dec 24, 2020
  • Powerful Piaggio Ape DX Auto

    Piaggio Ape DX Auto will launch with a powerful engine, higher payload capacity and many other features. This auto will launch soon and I am planning to buy it. This auto is offering Standard Seats, Driver Information Display, Handle Bar Steering etc features. I will buy this auto and will start work soon. This auto is offering good features.

    द्वारा dipankar
    On: Dec 18, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX - Aesthetically Designed

    Piaggio Ape DX is best auto rickshaw with aesthetically design and appealing. It can carry three passengers comfortably with maximum gradeability is 22.2% and ground clearance is 245mm. It has 10.5L fuel tank capacity.

    द्वारा aniket
    On: Dec 09, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX - Best Three Wheeler

    Piaggio Ape DX is powered by a single-cylinder, naturally aspirated, water-cooled, direct-injection engine that produces 9.39 hp of power at 23.5 Nm of torque, tuned with a constant mesh gearbox. I enjoy riding this auto and I recommend this to everyone looking for best threewheeler in market.

    द्वारा mahendra
    On: Nov 03, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX - Comfortable Seating

    I am using Piaggio Ape DX three wheeler for commercial taxi purpose and I easily ride 3 passenger at once as it has more space and comfortable seating capacity and is also very fuel efficient and delivers great mileage.

    द्वारा suraj
    On: Oct 29, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX - Highly Durable

    Piaggio Ape DX is best auto-rickshaw as it is very low at maintenance and highly durable with best enjoyable driving experience with powerful engine and smooth gearbox. It is best three wheeler present currently in Indian Market.

    द्वारा deepanker
    On: Oct 22, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX - Delivers Good Performance

    I am using Piaggio Ape DX and I am very much happy with the performance and fuel efficiency,Mileage is decent. Its 597 cc engine deliver good performance. Disc brakes helps in controlling the vehicle at higher speeds. For me its a best truck at affordable price.

    द्वारा azad
    On: Oct 17, 2020
  • Best Mini Truck - Piaggio Ape DX

    I recently purchased this truck for my business purpose. It's a nice mini truck with 597 engine that produces 9.39 bhp power. Mostly I use this truck for the loading and delivering gas cylinders within the city

    द्वारा praveen
    On: Oct 11, 2020
  • Best 3 Wheeler - Piaggio Ape DX

    I am using from this year and has become my best choice. Best vehicle for loading and delivering the goods within the city area. Payload capacity is also good so can be used for the loading of light weight material

    द्वारा paresh
    On: Oct 04, 2020
  • Price Worthy- Piaggio Ape DX

    Best 3 wheeler vehicle for the commercial purpose. comfortable and easy driven within the city with 560 Kgs loading capacity. Deliver good mileage and have spacious body structure for the large amount of luggage. I think i have taken good decision by taking this for my business.

    द्वारा nitin
    On: Sept 21, 2020
  • Piaggio Ape DX – Value for Money

    Three wheeler light commercial vehicle can be Easily Driven in City traffic and narrow roads also has low maintenance cost that becomes the big point to buy this vehicle for your daily business needs to be fulfilled.

    द्वारा rishi
    On: Sept 15, 2020

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