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  • Highly disappointed

    I bought this due to high mileage 100 above. After first trip I got disappointed with motor capacity and millege. When I use 300kg of load in the box the vehicle is slow and unable pull in small dig. In the slope if u touch break in the middle then u have to change to load gear otherwise vehicle will go down. The milege I got 50 to 60km max. If you go opposite to wind then the milege will go down to 40 to 50. Lot of noise in the back wheel when you go with load. They given big size vehicle but the motor peak power only 8kw ( small size Mahendra trio given 10kw). Chasis is very light to increase the milege but it is not supporting load. Company has to take more steps to resolve all these issues.

    द्वारा mohan
    On: Jul 16, 2022

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