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भारतबेंज़ 1015आर के यूज़र रिव्यू

भारतबेंज़ 1015आर
7 रिव्यू
₹19.90 - ₹21.31 लाख*
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भारतबेंज़ 1015आर की रेटिंग

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1015आर यूजर रिव्यू

  • Profitable aur stylish

    BharatBenz coming in competition with Tata, Leyland and Eicher, and this 10-tonne truck light truck is like other brands. But i like the design of this truck with very nice cabin fatory built and features also good. I’m running this truck on the Bangalore-Mysore route for logistics ideam, and the performance has no problem. Only the price I think is high but service and other things, no issue from the brands. You can try this truck because high payload and safety also provided.

    द्वारा vishwnath r.
    On: Nov 07, 2022
  • A superior truck in the 10-tonnes segment

    I own the BharatBenz 1015R and the truck is a really exceptional package in the 10-tonnes segment. It is a modern and contemporary truck with a very powerful engine and robust build quality that gives the truck the ability to carry heavy payloads of cargo on long-haul shipping. A key USP of the truck is its comfortable and safe cabin. The truck comes with a large container body to carry considerable amounts of weight in large quantities.

    द्वारा mohankumar b.
    On: Oct 13, 2022
  • Stylish aur powerful , price also ok

    BharatBenz ki sab hi trucks bohot hi acchi dikhti hai aur bohot save karne ke baad maine 1015R khareeda. Iss truck ki style toh bohot hi pasand hai mujhey aur abhi tak iski performance bhi kaafi impressive rahi hai. Mileage, load capacity aur uske saath saath kaafi comfortable driving experience bhi deti hai yeh truck.

    द्वारा kishor
    On: Oct 10, 2022
  • BharatBenz 1015R

    I like this BharatBenz 10-tonne GVW cargo truck. The truck looks very good with the stylish cabin which has good space and safety credentials. The powerful 150hp engine is best suitable for all the regional cargo delivery/logistic shipping in city and highways. We use this two of these truck with container body for FMCG transportation, and last 2 years the truck is running really good. No issues in mileage, payload, breakdown or service issue. Good support by BharatBenz dealers with quick, fast and reasonable service always. I can recommend BharatBenz brands to any fleet customers, you can certainly experience this new trucks. They are good in almost all aspects like Tata or Leyland, Eicher.

    द्वारा srinavas jayaraman
    On: Aug 01, 2022
  • BharatBenz Good value ICV 10-tonne Truck

    The BharatBenz 1015 R has been a part of my fleet of trucks since last year. I have been personally driving this truck for some months and I can say that the truck is the best you can get in the 10-tonnes segment. The best thing about it is that it comes with a reasonable price tag. The factory-fitted cabin offers superior safety and comfort and has ample space to make for very comfortable and convenient long journeys. Load capacity is pretty decent with a very powerful and fuel-efficient engine making for a value for money package.

    द्वारा s kumar
    On: Jul 22, 2022
  • BharatBenz Service is best!

    My experience of buying first BharatBenz truck 2 years ago is very positive. Mainly new brand and service was a big issues in mind, but last two years, my experience with service is satisfactory. BharatBez dealers and network across all the south states is good so far, is ued Andhra, Karnatak, and Tamil Nadu network points. Very good service and quick delivery of vehicle for any problem. The easy availability of spare parts and cost is also not very high. The service facility is good, and BharatBenz offers faster regular services.

    द्वारा anna reddy
    On: Jul 06, 2022
  • Consider this truck for overall performance

    This BharatBenz 10-tonne truck is first in our fleet we purchased 1 year ago. The deal was good in price, AMC and other offers. Now running on regional routes, the trucks performance is okay, overall. No issues in payload, mileage, maintenance, etc. The cabin is good which our driver are liking very much with lot of room and storage space. Driving overall is comfortable. So, after using eicher, tata and leyalnd our bharatbenz experience is good. These trucks by the new brand are offered in a good package to fleet customers. You can definitely try if not already.

    द्वारा gopi reddy
    On: Jun 24, 2022

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