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Evex is trying to make India one of the key global EV players with its locally developed, innovative range of full-electric vehicle solutions. Focusing on safety, efficiency, and environment-friendly mobility solutions to people across the world, Evex manufactures 100% locally sourced EV components from 60-different vendors at its plant. Evex says its products stand out for their superior design cues along with user-friendliness, safety, and durability. Evex retails the Ranger all-electric passenger carrier three-wheeler.

टॉप इवेक्स इंडिया ई रिक्शा & 3 व्हीलर

इवेक्स इंडिया रेंजरसे ₹ 68,000.00
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इवेक्स इंडिया रेंजर

इवेक्स इंडिया रेंजर

से ₹ 68,000.00 *
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  • जीवीडब्ल्यू 320
  • माइलेज 100
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  • पेलोड 700
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