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₹ 24.57 - ₹ 27.03 Lakh*
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Key Specs of Tata Ultra 1918.T

Power177 hp
Fuel Tank225

Ultra 1918.T Highlights

November 5, 2020: The Ultra 1918.T is a prominent rigid truck in an all-new BS6 avatar. The 18,500 Kg gross vehicle weight medium-duty rigid truck carries segment-leading 12T of payload with a 20ft high side deck cargo body. Packed with Tata Motors POWER OF 6: enhanced performance, the lower total cost of ownership, comfort, convenience, choice, connectivity, and complete peace of mind ownership experience. 

Ultra 1918.T Engine: The powertrain consists of Tata's 5.0L turbotronn engine with a maximum power of 177hp and a massive 700 Nm of torque and tuned to a G750 6-speed manual synchromesh gearbox with 6-forward and 1-reverse gear. 

Ultra 1918.T Cargo Body Options: The Ultra 1918.T is available in cabin and chassis and cowl options with ultra sleeper and non-sleeper cabin. 

Ultra 1918.T Features: Ultra 1918.T gets the critical elements of a successful truck with the extra style, power, comfort, mileage, payload, and profit, backed by technologically advanced and proven aggregates. Some of the performance features include electronic anti-fuel theft mechanism, reverse parking assistance system, two-mode fuel economy switch & gear shift advisor for optimal truck use and higher fuel-efficiency, low rolling resistance tyres for durability and milage benefits, new generation instrument cluster and tilt & telescopic steering for comfortable driving experience on long trips. 

Ultra 1918.T Dimensions: The customer gets to choose from a deck length of 5486 mm, 6096 mm, 6706 mm, 7315 mm, 9754 mm, and the wheelbase options are 4200 mm, 4530 mm, 4920 mm, 5300 mm, 5600 mm, and 6750 mm.

Ultra 1918.T Key Rivals: Check out some of the similar trucks in the category like Ashok Leyland 1920Eicher Pro 6019. Tata Motors also offers the Cowl LPT 1918 version in the same category. 

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Tata Ultra 1918.T Price List (Variants)​

Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/453018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/492018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/530018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/556018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/675018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/453018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/492018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/530018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/556018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/675018500 kg
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Tata Ultra 1918.T Truck- Expert Review


The changing dynamics of the Indian transport and logistics industry and the increasing customer expectations from trucks have accelerated over the last few years. Tata Motors recognizes the paradigm shift taking place in the industry, and to address the changing needs of customers, the company has introduced some path-breaking products. The Ultra platform is such step in bringing truly global products, and the Ultra 1918.T is exactly the product in the medium-duty cargo segment. 

The Ultra 1918.T BS6 is a bigger, bolder, and better in its BS6 avatar. An 18,500 kg gross vehicle weight medium-duty truck carries 12000+ kg of payload effortlessly on a 20ft high side deck body. This truck comes in the right proportions of convergent design characters presenting a unique customer proposition. Like the rest of the Tata range, Ultra 1918.T comes with the POWER OF 6: superior performance, lower total-cost-of-ownership, comfortable and convenient truck, multiple choices, connectivity, and peaceful ownership experience. The truck gets the company's contemporary powertrain and highly optimized aggregates. 


The world-class Ultra cabin makes this truck aesthetically good looking, and the car line exterior design angle makes it more contemporary. he new cabin is appealing, futuristic styling & aerodynamic design with the wider door opening angles for easy ingress and egress. Tata Motors has successful in making the Indian truck look great with the new Ultra cabin design. The stylish headlamps for superior visibility coupled with chic styling make its far better. T Besides, it gets enhanced safety features with crash tested and superior noise vibration and harshness. The cabin is hydraulically tiltable with easy access to the engine for service. 

The Ultra load body comes with plant mounted options, and it is an optimized panel thickness for ideal payload capacity. The internal width is 7.5ft for higher loading area and a lower center of gravity for maximum stability when the truck carries a full load. Further, even loading on chassis frame for longer durability and reliability, anti-vibration hardware for fastening and floor structure, and supports in sub-frame pitched for distributed loads. 

This truck gets a metallic fuel tank with 225-350L capacities for different wheelbases. The fuel tank comes with anti-fuel theft as the telematics enabled fuel level sensor mounted on the fuel tank detects fuel theft and sends digital communication to the owner on mobile. 


Ultra 1918.T all the major value features which are part of Tata Motors offering in the medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The cabin is packed with features inside, such as an elegant dashboard & control panel and easy accessibility of controls. The cockpit type dual-tone interiors, dash-mounted GSL for easy drivability, and premium interior aesthetics for superior in-cab ride experience.

Comfortable driving experience and higher productivity are the two goal by providing nicer cabin. The Ultra 1918.T gets seats with emergency lockable retractor (ELR) seat belts for better safety. A 4-way adjustable mechanically suspended seat for greater riding comfort, deep seat cushions, and extended body support for long, fatigue less driving. An integrated headrest and armrest at the center for the carlike driving experience. The driver +2 seating configuration, along with bucket seat for the driver and bench seating for co-passenger

For easy driving power steering with dropping characteristics, higher driving safety, and stability. The tilt & telescopic steering wheel is a standard. The ergonomics features are central armrest, easily accessible control panel, driver-friendly dashboard, pendant-type accelerator, and clutch pedals.


Tata Motors has pulled all the stops to make this truck the best performing taking on the competition effectively. To ensure higher speed and substantial pick up at the start with full load cargo, the Ultra 1918.T gets the TATA 5.0L Turbotronn BS6 engine. It produces 180hp of power at massive 700 Nm of torque and tuned to Tata G750 6-speed manual gearbox. 

It comes with heavy-duty 7T reverse Elliot type axle at the front and a single reduction RA1085 type at the rear. The clutch is a 380 mm dia push type single plate dry fiction organic lining. For better performance and fuel mileage, the truck comes with a 2-mode fuel economy switch. Also, the load - terrain - speed based fuel economy management is fitted with the truck. Tata Motors is also offering the new generation telematics with advanced features for fleet, trip & business management to efficiently manage the fleet. The ladder-type heavy-duty chassis frame allows you to carry heavy load efficiently. 


Tata Motors has bought a lot of safety focus across the entire medium and heavy commercial truck range. The Ultra 1918.T comes from the same DNA with segment-leading inbuilt safety features on these trucks to safeguard the driver, the cargo, and the vehicle. Apart from the strong and durable cabin, it is also crash tested. The cabin and truck come with several enhanced safety features. The 3-piece bumper and steel structure for absorbing any impact to ensure driver safety. The LED tail lamps with lower power consumption and longer durability for safer driving. Tata Motors aims to offer the safest truck for the driver and for the cargo too. 


The Ultra 1918.T is Tata Motors' statement in the medium-duty segment with world-class cabin, loaded with performance and safety features. This truck is design to offer the best value to its buyers with everything necessary. The look, feel, and top-class aggregates make Ultra 1918.T one of the most burgeoning truck in the segment. This, along with the company's driveline warranty of 6 years or 6 lakh kilometers- which every is early with an extensive nationwide support network, makes it ideal for a buyer. 



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Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Ultra 1918.T

What is the price of Tata Ultra 1918.T in New Delhi?

The Truck prices are varied from states and cities as per the local taxes and levies. The Tata Ultra 1918.T price is in the range of is approximately between ₹ 24.57 - ₹ 27.03 Lakh in New Delhi.

What is the payload of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The payload is essentially the maximum loading capacity of Truck. The Tata Ultra 1918.T payload is 12000 Kgs

What is GVW of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

GVW of a Truck inclusive of kerb weight and payload of the vehicle. The GVW of Tata Ultra 1918.T is 18500 kg

What is the fuel tank capacity of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The fuel capacity of Tata Ultra 1918.T is 225 Ltr. Get more detailed specifications of Tata Ultra 1918.T at Trucksdekho.

What is the engine capacity of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The engine capacity of the Truck is the maximum power & maximum torque. The maximum power of Ultra 1918.T is 177 hp , maximum torque is 700 Nm & engine capacity is 5000 cc.

What is the Wheelbase of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The wheelbase of Tata Ultra 1918.T is 4530 mm

How many wheels/Chakka are present in Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The Tata Ultra 1918.T Truck comes with total 6 wheels.

What is the fuel & transmission type of Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The Tata Ultra 1918.T is available in Diesel version with Manual transmission.

What will be the monthly EMI for Tata Ultra 1918.T?

The monthly EMI for any Truck is determined by several elements. This typically includes the purchase price, the upfront payment made, and the total loan availed. The monthly EMI of Tata Ultra 1918.T will be ₹ 47,536.00 on an annual rate of interest of 10.5% for a tenure of 5 years & down payment will be ₹ 2.46 Lakh

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