Tata LPT 1109 EX

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Engine 3783 cc
Gradeability​ 23 %
Power 123.3bhp
Max Speed 94 kmph

Design & Build

GVW 11.99 tons
Axle​ 4x2
Wheelbase ​ 4200
Body Option Half Body

Comfort & Safety

A/C​ No
Tiltable Steering​ No
Brakes​​ Air Brakes


Duration Months
Interest Rate %
Down Payment​ `



May 02, 2017: Tata LPT 1109 EX is a light weight workhorse that comes under 11.99T GVWR category. It has been designed to cater transporters with varied loading capacity including the voluminous goods and manufacturing materials such as bricks and sand, cement and other loads of things which is best suited to small business. LPT 1109 EX engine is the Tata 497 TCIC BS-III motor with water-cooled direct engine technology. The 3783cc engine which also powers other vehicles in the light-truck category, produces 123.3bhp @2400 rpm and 400Nm of torque @1300-1500 rpm synchronizing with the Tata GBS 40 5-speed transmission system to deliver power to the wheels. The exteriors of the LPT 1109 EX are robust while the interiors are ergonomic. With better suspension and loading area of upto 14 feet in High Deck version, the Tata LPT 1109 EX is an ideal choice for the small to medium businesses.

Tata LPT 1109 EX Price List​

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Tata 4200/CLB/BS-III
Diesel 123.3bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 3600/CLB/BS-III
Diesel 123.3bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 4200/HSD
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 4200/DSD
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 4200/CAB
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 3600/HSD
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 3600/DSD
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual
Tata 3600/CAB
Diesel 121.6bhp @ 2400rpm,400Nm @ 1300-1500rpm,Manual



Tata LPT 1109 EX User Reviews

Overall Rating
Performance 4/5

Performance Rating

Maintenance 4/5

Maintenance Rating

Design & Build 4/5

Design & Build Rating

User Reported Mileage 6.8 kmpl
I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 10 kmpl
By Ganesh Gupta / Feb 02, 2017
Performance 4/5 Maintenance 4/5 Design & Build 4/5

This is wonderful commercial vehicles for goods transport. i suggest people to buy this product for more benefit. tata is know to his best products and this vehicle proof his quality. thanking tata company for the same

This truck is just okay
Mileage: 5 kmpl
By Himanshu Dudeja / Jan 28, 2017
Performance 3/5 Maintenance 2/5 Design & Build 2/5

Tata 1109 is the best but these things are missing. Driver comfort is 0 Old models are OK they repair everywhere but new models have problem no easy to repair because outer machinic they don't have a software to check the fault. No cabin safety Engine have. Power to take overload but the Tyre are not sufficient , company have to upgrade the Tyre size

I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 8 kmpl
By Vikash Singh / Dec 05, 2016
Performance 5/5 Maintenance 5/5 Design & Build 5/5

Every things Good i am filling happy some time neno problum but solve and no high expensive my pokket save manny. all road run to my truck average excellent load to no matter in mackanical but seating problum 2 no extra seat for 3rd man . Tata 1109 i liked ..

Tata LPT 1109 Ex Truck - Expert Review


India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata has trucks to fulfill each and every need of the transporters and businessman. It has made truck available in every weight category and power options, dividing them broadly in Light, Medium and Heavy weight category.

Being a country with varied terrains, it is required to transport goods with different load carrying capacity trucks and Tata’s LPT 1109 Ex is one of the efficient options. Categorized under light weight category, LPT 1109 Ex is suitable for small businesses, transporting manufacturing material like cement, bricks and sand, delivering goods to the market etc.


Engine: Tata 497 TCIC BS-III Watercooled Direct Injection with Intercooler

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 11,990 kg

Wheelbase: 3,600 mm and 4,200 mm

Power Steering: Optional

Engine and Performance

Powered by Tata 497 TCIC BS-III Watercooled Direct Injection with Intercooler 3,783 cc 4-Cylinder diesel engine, it produces a maximum power of 125 PS @ 2,400 rpm and a decent enough torque of 400 Nm @ 1,300 - 1,500 rpm. These numbers are ideal to move LPT 1109 Ex on different roads across the country while carrying full load.

Paired with Tata GBS 40 Synchromesh 5-Speed gearbox, it could hit the top speed of 94 km/h in top gear and can easily move on steeps with 23% gradeability. Making the overall gear shifting and power transmission smoother is its Single Plate Dry Type Clutch having diameter of 330 mm.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

LPT 1109 Ex is available in two wheelbase options of 3,600 (A) mm and 4,200 mm (B) with the respective turning radius of 7,400 meter and 8,300 meter. Talking about body types, both wheelbase options get 3 each different body types namely, CAB, Drop Side Deck (DSD) and High Side Deck (HSD) with same width of 2,255 mm & 2,313 mm and height of 866 mm & 2,165 mm for DSD & HSD.

The loading and overall length, however, is different with 16 feet and 4,863 mm & 16.3 feet and 4,907 mm for option A wheelbase’s DSD and HSD body type. The same length specifications for option B wheelbase’s DSD and HSD body types are 19 feet and 5,831 mm & 19.3 feet and 5,875 mm. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of LPT 1109 Ex is 11,990 kg for all variants.

Standing 225 mm above ground, all the variants have a fuel tank capacity of 160 litres and complied to BS-III emission norms. This much fuel capacity and emission norms make LPT 1109 an environment friendly truck for moderately long journeys.

Handling and Suspension

Most of the Indian roads are bumpy, making it difficult for truck drivers to maneuver and deliver the goods on time. To conquer this issues, truck manufacturers are now offering better suspensions and handling provisions for a bump free drive.

Available in LPT 1109 Ex is Semi-Elliptical Leaf springs with Double Acting Telescopic type Shock Absorbers at front and rear suspension with rear one getting additional Auxiliary Springs too. There is Variable Ratio type Mechanical steering with optional Power Steering to make sure that drivers put less effort and get maximum output.

Balancing the weights on roads are Heavy Duty Forged I Beam Reverse Elliot Type front axle and Single Reduction Hypoid Gears Fully Floating Axle Shafts type rear axle. These axles carry load of 3,990 kg and 8,000 kg at front and rear respectively to provide needed balance during the drive.

Braking and Safety

Effective braking is a must on rash Indian roads and Tata has addressed this issue by offering a decent combination of Service, Parking and Exhaust brakes in LPT 1109 Ex. It has Full S-Cam Air Brake with Foot-Operated Dual Treadle Valve on all wheels with Automatic Wear Adjuster as service brakes. Along with them, there are Graduated Valve Controlled Spring Brake Chamber Integral with Rear Brake Actuator as parking brake and Electromagnetic Air Cylinder & Electrical Isolator Switch Exhaust Brakes coupled with service brakes.

To further ensure the safety, there are seat belts and the body material used is of high quality, tested under extreme conditions to keep the passengers safe in case of collisions and mishaps.

Design and Comfort

The design part of Tata LPT 1109 Ex is slightly ahead of its contemporaries with wider radiator grille and wind screen, nicely positioned head lights and overall aerodynamic design.

Inside, apart from standard seats, only necessary things like instrument cluster panel and required space for storage with overall design being ergonomic for ease of driver.

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