Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S

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Engine 5883 cc
Gradeability​ 34 %
Power 224 bhp
Max Speed -

Design & Build

GVW 25 tons
Axle​ -
Wheelbase ​ 3880
Body Option Box body

Comfort & Safety

A/C​ No
Tiltable Steering​ Yes
Brakes​​ Air Brakes


Duration Months
Interest Rate %
Down Payment​ `



Nov 16, 2018: The Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S is a great tipper vehicle and is a close version to the standard LPK 2523. It has quite a lot of similar features to its sibling, including the 5.9-litre 6-cylinder engine that is capable of making a maximum power of 224 bhp at 2,500 rpm and a peak torque of 850 Nm, which comes at the same 1,500 rpm. However, for the transmission, a bigger 9-speed manual gearbox is given along with a single plate dry clutch.

The truck has a box body, just like any tipper vehicle would have. However, the cabin misses out on air-conditioning. The front suspension is the same with Semi-elliptic leaf springs while the rear has a different setup, which is an inverted Bogie unit.

The anti-lock braking system is not offered in the truck, though there are parking brakes given as standard. A gradeability of 34% makes it a heavy-duty machine.

Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S Price List​

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Tata 38/16 Cum/Box Body
Diesel 224 bhp @ 2500 rpm,850 Nm @ 1500 rpm,Manual
Tata 38/14 Cum/Scoop Body
Diesel 224 bhp @ 2500 rpm,850 Nm @ 1500 rpm,Manual



Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S User Reviews

Overall Rating
Performance 4/5

Performance Rating

Maintenance 3/5

Maintenance Rating

Design & Build 4/5

Design & Build Rating

User Reported Mileage 2 kmpl
I highly recommend buying this truck
Mileage: 2 kmpl
By Sunil / Jan 14, 2017
Performance 4/5 Maintenance 3/5 Design & Build 4/5

Want to buy more tipper in this year, looking for 3 more tipper this year wanted a best discount, very good for rock work,tata shoud give loan from the company side so that brand and truck owner will have good support from both the side less documentation this is my view,will highly recommend this brand to my friends sure also the best truck of the it shoud since i am the owner of the this tipper model

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LPK 2523 HD 9S
Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S
Change Variant:
38/14 Cum/Scoop Body


The Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S is a high deck tipper powered by a 5883 cc BS IV engine. Earlier it came with the same engine and power configuration, but was equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. Now a tried and tested G1150-DD 9-speed gearbox has been used. Along with a single plate dry friction clutch with a booster for reduced pedal effort, this makes the 2523 perfect for carrying coal, stone, gravel, sand and concrete.

Power steering coupled with a 48% gradeability in the crawler gear, allows this tipper to make short work of steep climbs with low traction. The LPK2523 is available in scoop or box bodies, making it suitable for multiple applications. The vehicle comes ready to use from the factory and it can be put to work from the first.


Engine: six-cylinder, 5883cc, BS IV

Wheelbase: 3880 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight: 25000 Kg

Engine & Performance

The Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S engine is a 6.0-litre BS IV emission compliant unit which puts out 850 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm and 170 kW of power at 2500 rpm. These healthy power figures do not come at the expense of waste exhaust gases, as the exhaust uses the Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. A 35-litre tank of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used to clean the fumes before it is let out into the atmosphere. This helps keep the powerful engine compliant to the current norms.

The 9-speed gearbox has 1 crawler gear + 8 forward gears. The crawler gear ratio is 12.87 as compared to 9.13 of the 1st gear. This increased ratio of the crawler gear gives the Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S a gradeability of a whopping 48% as compared to the 34% which the first gear provides.

This tipper gets a 300-litre fuel tank, so that work can be done uninterrupted.

Vehicle Build & Load Capacity

The LPK 2523 has a heavy duty build and comes with anti-roll bars at both the front and rear.

The LPK 2523's Gross Vehicle Weight is 25000 kg, with two tipper capacities available; 16 CuM Box and 14 CuM Scoop.

Handling & Suspension

Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S uses a ladder type heavy duty frame as its chassis, with a depth of 285 mm, flange width of 65 mm and thickness of 7 mm. A wheelbase of 3880 mm makes the LPK 2523 extremely stable under full load. It has a turning radius of 17 metres.

The front suspension is a semi-elliptical leaf spring and rear is an inverted bogie suspension. There is an optional Ultimax Suspension available, which gets Ultimax Spring with rubber bushings at the front and Ultimax 37T Rubber suspension at the rear. There is no greasing required for the Ultimax suspension, a big boon to reduce maintenance.

The front axle is an extra heavy duty forged I Beam, reverse Elliot type, while the rear axle is an RA 109 SRT model with inter-axle differential lock, extra heavy duty hypoid gears and fully floating axle shafts. The rear axle ratios are optimised for better torque delivery to the wheels. The heavy-duty axles come with increased box, pinion and ring gear size which helps controlling wheel spin in low traction conditions.

Braking & Safety

The front and rear brakes are Full Air S-Cam with an Automatic Adjuster. The Engine Exhaust Brake acts as an Auxiliary Braking System.

The Parking brake is spring actuated on the rear wheel. The service brakes are Dual Circuit Full Air S-Cam.

Design & Comfort

The steel body day cabin design has been improved over its predecessor with a comfortable and 6-way adjustable driver seat. Blowers and Air Conditioning is available as an optional extra and the dashboard ergonomics have been improved. The instrument cluster now is semi-digital with a digital clock in the middle surrounded by 6 analogue meters.

From the front, the most striking visual aspect is the low positioned wraparound clear lens headlamps. The box shape of the cabin is as per the traditional design of tippers.

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