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Tata 1212 LPK

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₹15.09 - ₹17.00 Lakh*
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Key Specs of Tata 1212 LPK

Battery Capacity100 Ah
Number of Tyre6
Power125 hp
GVW11990 kg
Mileage4.5 kmpl
Engine3300 cc

1212 LPK Latest Update

Tata Motors 1212 LPK is a tipper truck designed to enhance fleet operations, ideal for moving materials from construction sites to large-scale industries easily. Featuring a 3.3-litre engine with Bharat Stage VI (BS6) emission standards, complemented by a GBS-550 MK2 gearbox, Tata claims that the vehicle is a sustainable solution for businesses. 

Constructed with high-strength steel and a 3-stage painting process for longer body life, the Tata 1212 LPK is a strategic investment for businesses seeking an efficient tipper truck to improve fleet life and profitability. Being a cost-effective solution, the Tata 1212 LPK is also an ideal choice for individual operators and new entrepreneurs seeking higher savings.

Equipped with multiple performance enablers such as a gear shift advisor system and an improved electric tipping switch with a safe electrical wiring harness, the 1212 LPK is designed to offer high vehicular performance. Aided by a new and improved informative instrument cluster, the 1212 LPK is crafted to improve driver performance. 

Incorporating driver comfort and productivity-oriented features such as tilt and telescopic steering for easy manoeuvrability in narrow lanes, a music system with high-quality Blaupunkt speakers, high-speed USB charging ports and a manual regeneration switch, the 1212 LPK from Tata Motors is ideal for continuous operations.  

A manual regeneration switch is a feature used in vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF). To clean the DPF and prevent clogging, a process called regeneration is required. Regeneration involves burning off the trapped soot at high temperatures.

Moreover, available at a starting price of Rs 15.09 lakh which goes up to Rs 17.00 lakh (ex-showroom), Tata Motors also asserts that the 1212 LPK is a comprehensive and value-for-money solution for improving revenue generation of businesses. 

Tata 1212 LPK Performance

The Tata Motors 1212 LPK is powered by a 4-cylinder inline water-cooled direct Injection diesel engine with an intercooler. This engine is engineered to produce 157.83 hp at 2600 rpm and 475 Nm at around 1600-2000 rpm (in heavy mode). This 3.3-litre engine is mated to a GBS-550 MK2 5-speed manual cable-shift type gearbox. 

A manual cable shift gearbox in a truck refers to a type of manual transmission system that uses cables to connect the gear lever to the gearbox. In this system, the gear lever is connected to the transmission via cables, which actuate the gear changes when the driver moves the lever. The cables are typically made of steel and are durable enough to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use.

Further, the 1212 LPK is outfitted with semi-elliptical leaf springs to ensure rigidity and durability. Semi-elliptical leaf springs are made up of several layers of steel strips mounted longitudinally on the chassis of the truck, with one end attached to the axle and the other end to the frame. They are known for their durability and ability to carry heavy loads. 

Tata 1212 LPK Specifications

The Tata 1212 LPK is a 12,990 kg maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) tipper available in cab and cowl body configurations. It comes in a single-wheelbase option measuring 3150 mm and is fitted with a 120-litre heavy-duty polymer diesel tank. The vehicle is also equipped with 9X20-16PR tyres and offers a ground clearance of 245 mm.

Tata 1212 LPK Features

The Tata 1212 LPK boasts an informative instrument cluster with features such as a gear shift advisor, driver message screen, average fuel economy indication, and tell-tale symbols. The display also provides a trip indication, malfunction indication lamp, and screen navigation.

Additionally, the cabin of the tipper is offered with Melba fabric seats, providing superior comfort in both summer and winter conditions. The 1212 LPK also incorporates white illumination in the cluster and around the ignition switch, aiding easy entry into the cabin and seamless vehicle startup during nighttime.

Tata 1212 LPK Rivals

The 1212 LPK tipper from Tata Motors offers adequate performance, durability, and comfort necessary for improving fleet efficiency and performance. It competes against top trucks in the industry including Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 Tipper, Ashok Leyland BOSS 1115 Tipper, Eicher Pro 2110XPT, Eicher Pro 2095XPT, and BharatBenz 1217C.


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Tata 1212 LPK Price List (Variants)​

Tata 1212 LPK is offered in 2 variants - the base model of 1212 LPK is 3000/CBC and the top variant is 3000/Tipper which come with 11990 Kgs.

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Tata 1212 LPK 3000/CBC11990 kg
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Tata 1212 LPK 3000/Tipper11990 kg
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Tata 1212 LPK Specifications

Number of Tyre6
Power125 hp
GVW11990 kg
Mileage4.5 kmpl
Engine3300 cc
Fuel Tank120 Ltr
Payload8000 Kgs
Chassis TypeChassis with Cabin

Tata 1212 LPK - Expert Review


In the commercial-grade material movement business, there is a growing demand for compact tipper trucks to navigate tough terrains and narrow landscapes in fully loaded conditions with ease. Addressing this requirement, Tata Motors is offering its 1212 LPK tipper crafted to enhance fleet performance and take on challenging terrain efficiently.

As for the 1212 LPK tipper truck, it is a robust vehicle featuring sealed wiring harness connectors, a new alternator and an advanced electronic tipping switch for efficient material dumping operations without downtime. Constructed with high-strength steel and a 3-stage painting process, the 1212 LPK is also a strategic investment for long-haul businesses.

Equipped with a robust BS6-compliant diesel powertrain, capable of offering 38.5 percent gradability, and bigger 9 x 20 - 16PR (ply rating) tyres that can handle the stress of heavy loads, the 1212 LPK is an ideal choice for businesses seeking tippers which can be used for continuous operations for faster turnaround times, without significant downtime. 

Incorporating a dual circuit full air S-cam braking system, with an auto slack adjuster, the 1212 LPK is suitable for carrying heavy loads such as clinker and other construction aggregates, without compromising safety.

S-Cam air brakes, also known as camshaft-operated air brakes, are a common type of braking system used in trucks. The name "S-Cam" comes from the shape of the camshaft in the system. This camshaft, which has a sturdy lobe (the "cam"), applies even braking force by pushing against brake shoes, ensuring efficient brake performance.

Meanwhile, auto slack adjusters are a type of braking system used in trucks to automatically adjust the clearance, or "slack," between the brake shoes and the brake drum as the brake linings wear down over time. This adjustment ensures that the brakes maintain optimal performance and efficiency without the need for manual adjustment.

Moreover, available in a cab and fully built load body variants, the 1212 LPK tipper truck from Tata Motors is an ideal choice for new material movement businesses and entrepreneurs seeking fleet expansion and profitability.


The Tata 1212 LPK tipper truck boasts a stylish fascia which resembles the LPT truck range. Despite this, considering some aspects of appearance such as its unique paint scheme, muscular claddings near the wheel well and updated front grill, the vehicle does look distinct from its siblings.

Moreover, equipped with a day cabin configuration for customer appeal and wider tyres with robust sidewalls – offering a more muscular stance, the 1212 LPK can appeal to customers who look forward to resonating with their vehicles as their identity. Its cosmetic features such as the black bumper with hollow space offering the provision for fog lamps, add to its style statement. All-in-all, these design elements make it visually appealing from every angle.


The Tata 1212 LPK is designed with driver performance and comfort in mind, enhancing fleet performance. Its cabin boasts value-added features like a tilt and telescopic steering system, catering to various customer preferences and driving styles.

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with comfortable Melba fabric seats suitable for summer and winter driving conditions, a music system with high-quality Blaupunkt speakers and high-speed USB smartphone charging ports, for added convenience. 


The Tata Motors 1212 LPK is propelled by a 4-cylinder inline water-cooled direct Injection diesel engine with an intercooler. This engine is capable of generating 157.83 hp at 2600 rpm and 475 Nm at around 1600-2000 rpm (in heavy mode). This 3.3-litre engine is mated to a GBS-550 MK2 5-speed manual cable-shift type gearbox for smooth operations.

Furthermore, the engine and gearbox are paired with a 330 mm dia, single plate dry friction type clutch system. This system consists of a single friction plate that is operated dry, meaning it does not require any lubrication. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the pressure plate releases the friction plate, allowing for gear changes. This type of clutch is common in commercial vehicles for its durability and ease of maintenance.


The Tata Motors 1212 LPK prioritises safety to protect occupants and cargo. It features a high-strength chassis for durability and advanced features like a sealed wiring harness and connectors, an electronic tipping switch and an advanced instrument cluster with a malfunction indication lamp, screen navigation and telltale symbols, ensuring safety. 


The Tata 1212 LPK is an ideal solution for material movement businesses planning to make a strategic investment in trucks and fleet expansion, to improve business income significantly. It is also a good choice for individual owners and operators planning to start a material movement business and enhance their operations. 

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Pros & Cons of Tata 1212 LPK

Things We Like

  • The Tata 1212 LPK is available in cab and cowl body chassis configurations to cater to a wide range of customer needs and business requirements.
  • The Tata 1212 LPK features a low hysteresis clutch ensuring effortless clutch engagement and lower maintenance requirements.
  • The Tata Motors 1212 LPK truck is backed by a 3-year or 3 lakh km warranty, whichever comes first, ensuring complete peace of mind.
  • The vehicle offers value-for-money features such as tilt and telescopic steering, a music system, and dual driving modes, improving driver and vehicular performance.
  • The truck is fitted with low rolling resistance 9X20-16PR tyres with robust sidewalls, enhancing tyre life and mileage.
  • The Tata truck is outfitted with a Banjo-type rear axle, enhancing its load-carrying capacity and reducing the likelihood of leakage.

Things We Don't Like

  • Integrating an air conditioning system could have further enhanced the user experience of Tata 1212 LPK customers.
  • Tata Motors could have offered power windows for added convenience.

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Ex-showroom price in New Delhi

1212 LPK User Reviews

Based on10 User Reviews

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  • D
    debojo on May 18, 2023

    Tata 1212 LPK greatest tipper in its class

    Tata 1212 LPK With a GVW of 11990 kg and six tyres, this tipper gives you a sizable payload and a sturdy tipping body. T...

  • g
    gabbar singh on Apr 28, 2023

    Tata 1212 LPK bohot hi shandar hai

    Tata 1212 LPK bohot hi shandar hai bhari se bhari saman utha leta hai aur sath hi iska cabin comfortable tha jo ki huma...

  • N
    navin on Dec 19, 2022

    Badhiya features wala tipper-

    Tata1212 LPK mein ache features hain jo tipper ki performance ko badhaatee hain aur suraksha aur driving mein aasaani ke...

  • S
    surjit singh     on Sept 21, 2022

    Construction business ki best choice

    Agar apki construction business ke liye ap koi bharosemand aut r affordable tipper dhoond rahe hai toh mera recommendati...

  • M
    manoj kumar on Sept 12, 2022

    new bs6 tipper now even better

    Valueble tipper in the 10-12-tonne GVW category. Compact design, powerful engine and comfortable cabin is what this tipp...

  • A
    amol kale on Aug 23, 2022

    Construction industry ki favourite

    Kuch mahiney pehley mainey Tata 1212 LPK khareeda. Khareedne ke baad mujhey pata chala kyun construction industry mein i...

  • cinku malik on Jun 27, 2022

    Taata ka gaarante wala tipper

    Is tipar ko khareeda 2021, bs6, aur nirmaan saamagree par upayog se bahut khush hain. koee baat nahin, tipar paavara...

  • N
    nirmol gogoi on Jun 17, 2022

    Bad bad very bad

    Bad luck bad luck with bad Bad luck bad luck with bad Bad luck bad luck with bad Bad luck bad luck with bad Bad luck bad...

  • K
    kp arun on Jun 15, 2022

    Powerful 6-tye Tata tipper

    This is a good tipper but Tata now increase price very much, may be BS6 engine and new features. but overall good tipper...

  • M
    manohar lal on Jul 03, 2021

    Nice and spend

    Get the cancerned to be therefore we have been trying and Kashmir and share with me what the renewal...

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1212 LPK has video of its detailed review, specs, features explained & more. Watch our Latest video of 1212 LPK to know price, safety features, type of application & more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata 1212 LPK

  • Price
  • Loading
  • Specifications
  • Cabin
  • Mileage

What is the price of Tata 1212 LPK in New Delhi?

The Tipper prices are varied from states and cities as per the local taxes and levies. The Tata 1212 LPK price is in the range of is approximately between ₹15.09 - ₹17.00 Lakh in New Delhi.

What will be the monthly EMI for Tata 1212 LPK?

The monthly EMI for any Tipper is determined by several elements. This typically includes the purchase price, the upfront payment made, and the total loan availed. The monthly EMI of Tata 1212 LPK will be ₹29,201.00 on an annual rate of interest of 10.5% for a tenure of 5 years & down payment will be ₹1.51 Lakh

What is the loading capacity of Tata 1212 LPK?

The payload is essentially the maximum loading capacity of Tipper. The Tata 1212 LPK payload is 8000 Kgs

What is the fuel tank capacity of Tata 1212 LPK?

The fuel capacity of Tata 1212 LPK is 120 Ltr. Get more detailed specifications of Tata 1212 LPK at Trucksdekho.

What is GVW of Tata 1212 LPK?

GVW of a Tipper inclusive of kerb weight and payload of the vehicle. The GVW of Tata 1212 LPK is 11990 kg

What is the engine capacity of Tata 1212 LPK?

The engine capacity of the Tipper is the maximum power & maximum torque. The maximum power of 1212 LPK is 125 hp , maximum torque is 390 Nm & engine capacity is 3300 cc.

What is the Wheelbase of Tata 1212 LPK?

The wheelbase of Tata 1212 LPK is 3000 mm

What is the Gradeability of Tata 1212 LPK?

The gradeability of a Tipper is the ability to climb slopes. Trucks with good gradeability can be used for carrying loads in hilly areas. Tata 1212 LPK offers gradeability of 38.5 %

What is the HP of Tata 1212 LPK?

The power of Tata 1212 LPK is 125 hp .

How many wheels/Chakka are present in Tata 1212 LPK?

The Tata 1212 LPK Tipper comes with total 6 wheels.

What is the body & chassis configuration of Tata 1212 LPK?

Tata 1212 LPK is available in Customizable body option. The cabin type of 1212 LPK is a Day Cabin & chassis type is a Chassis with Cabin .

What is the fuel & transmission type of Tata 1212 LPK?

The Tata 1212 LPK is available in Diesel version with Manual transmission.

What is the mileage of Tata 1212 LPK?

The Mileage of Tata 1212 LPK is 4.5 kmpl.

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