Mahindra Truxo 31

This Model has been discontinued
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Engine 7200 cc
Gradeability​ 23 %
Power 199.2bhp
Max Speed 85 kmph

Design & Build

GVW 31 tons
Axle​ 8x2
Wheelbase ​ 6100
Body Option Customizable

Comfort & Safety

A/C​ -
Tiltable Steering​ Yes
Brakes​​ Air Brakes
ABS​ -


Duration Months
Interest Rate %
Down Payment​ `



May 20, 2016: Mahindra Truxo 31 is another heavy load carrier from the company with a GVW of 31,000 kg. This Mahindra truck has a good payload capacity and is fit to carry big containers, newly manufactured vehicles, machine parts, market loads, and others. Available in 6,100 mm wheelbase, prices for Truxo 31 start from INR 21.8 lakh ex-showroom. Its engine specifications include an m-Power 7.2 Litre 6-Cylinder TCIC motor complying with BS-III norms, which churns out 202 bhp power and 920 Nm torque. Tiltable power steering, separate parking brakes and seat belts keep long trips safer and maneuvering the vehicle easier. The gradeability and top speed stands at 23% and 85 km/h, respectively. The cabin is available in single and double sleeper berth options and is equipped with driver information display, factory fitted fans, comfortable and adjustable seats.

Mahindra Truxo 31 Price List​

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Mahindra 8229/COWL
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 6100/COWL
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 7925/FSD
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 7925/CAB
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 7925/HSD
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 6100/FSD
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 6100/CAB
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual
Mahindra 6100/HSD
Diesel 199.2bhp @ 2200rpm,920Nm @ 1250rpm,Manual



Mahindra Truxo 31 User Reviews

Overall Rating
Performance 4/5

Performance Rating

Maintenance 4/5

Maintenance Rating

Design & Build 4/5

Design & Build Rating

User Reported Mileage 3.2 kmpl

Mahindra Truxo 31 EXPERT REVIEW


Mahindra has gained a lot of ground in the Indian CV market in last few years. It has become one of the fastest growing truck makers in the country. The range of commercial vehicles that Mahindra provides is famous for the life and mileage it offers. Mahindra Truxo 31 comes in Cowl, Cab, FSD and HSD body options. The base version of the truck is priced at INR 21.8 lakh. It is powered by a mighty 7200 cc engine that produces 199.2 bhp at 2200 rpm. The maximum torque ratings scale 920 Nm @ 1250 rpm.

The truck's gross vehicle weight stands at 31000 kg which, in simple terms, enhances its weight loading capacity. Truxo 31 comes with a maximum gradeability of 23 per cent and a 6+1 reverse gear box. The engine is tough enough to supply good power even at lower gears. Mahindra also offers fuel tanks in options of 417 and 250 litres apart from the 350 litre standard fuel tank.


Engine - m-POWER 7.2 lit, TCIC BS-III

GVW - 31000 kg

Wheelbase - 6100 mm, 7925 mm and 8229 mm.

Engine and Performance

The 7200 cc m-POWER engine from Mahindra complies with BS-III norms. It produces a maximum power of 199.2 bhp @ 2200 rpm and a maximum torque of 920 Nm @ 1250 rpm. The stats are good both on paper and road. The engine has no lags and the torque generated is enough to push the truck around even in small gears. The truck can reach a maximum of 85 km/hr but it is strongly recommended that the driver maintain speeds below 65 km/hr as the opposite could prove fatal.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

Mahindra offers the truck with cowl with chassis, and cabin with chassis options which technically means there is nothing much to talk about here. However, the chassis of the truck along with the cowl and cabin quality are good and have the potential to be turned into a good truck overall. The cabin versions come with manually tilt-able cabin options.

Handling and Suspension

Truxo 31 comes equipped with a tilt & telescopic power steering with twin steer axle. The steering works well with all the three wheelbases offered by Mahindra. The power steering on the largest wheelbase feels a bit fatigued but gets comfortable once you get a hang of it. The suspension settings feel good too, but when fully built, things might change by a bit or two. The truck does not offer anything more in terms of suspension.

Braking and Safety

Mahindra does not offer ABS with the cowl option but the cabin variant of Truxo 31 comes with optional ABS. A factory fitted vehicle tracking system equipped on the trucks helps in finding the exact location of the truck. Full S-Cam, 10 bar system brakes feel strong but could have been improved given the GVW of truck. The stopping power somehow lacks the punch. The ABS version of the truck on the contrary offers much better stopping time.

Design and Comfort

The cabin version of the Truxo 31 is ergonomically designed and offers ample comfort features. Mahindra offers AC as an add on option with cabin variant. The face of the cabin has modern touches to it while the interiors are not that exciting. The double sleeper version of the truck offers good space for two but overall the cabin settings may do nothing to prevent driver fatigue.

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