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5228T Latest Update

The BharatBenz 5228T is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle which is designed to serve as a flatbed trailer, side wall trailer, gas tanker, tipper, and bulker. It is available in gross combination weight (GCW) options of 50-tonne and 52-tonne. This three-axle trailer has more than 3 m tridem axle spacing for automatically distributing the load. 


Further, its body maintains 304 mm ground clearance to make it suitable for off-road haulage even in rugged terrains. The 5228T tractor-trailer body is built with a robust 288 mm long, 70 mm wide, and 9 mm thick chassis frame to bear heavy cargo loads. 


Thanks to its MT36 610 rear axle and IF 7.0 front axle, the trailer keeps the required distance between the wheels to support its overall weight. With hydraulic-assisted tilt and telescopic power steering, the 5228T allows the operators to drive to adjust the steering wheel to suit their driving postures. It comes at an ex-showroom price starting from Rs 32.65 lakh. 

BharatBenz 5228T Performance

The BharatBenz 5228T is powered by a 7200cc OM926 6-cylinder inline diesel engine that delivers 282 hp (210 kW) at 2200 rpm and 1100 Nm at around 1200-1600 rpm. Its BS6 engine is mated to the G131 mechanical synchromesh gearbox and single dry plate clutch for smooth gear shifting. 


Additionally, the 5228T model offers a maximum geared speed of 80 kmph which helps in reducing turnaround time. With a pneumatically operated hand control valve parking brake, it has a dual-line pneumatic brake that uses compressed air to slow down the cargo vehicle. 


The 5228T has a parabolic type leaf spring with 2 hydraulic shock absorbers in the front and a semi-elliptical leaf spring in the rear to evenly distribute the vehicle’s weight between the axles. Featuring a 455-litre fuel tank, it can effectively manage long-haul transportation without any stress to refill the tank frequently.  

BharatBenz 5228T Specifications

The 5228T trailer model measures a wheelbase of 3600 mm for maintaining its stability during cargo haulage. Its overall body measures 6063 mm in length, 2490 mm in width, and 2975 mm in height for carrying a variety of goods like cement, sand, gas, chemicals, and industrial goods. The vehicle specifies a 13.1 m turning circle diameter (TCD) for better navigation through congested spaces.


For a 50-tonne GCW, the body maintains 24.3 percent gradeability and 23.3 percent gradeability for a 52-tonne GCW. The 5228T trailer has a 1485 mm front overhang – the distance between the vehicle's front bumper and front axle. Its rear overhang – the distance between the centre of the rearmost wheels and the vehicle’s rearmost point – is 978 mm, providing decent cargo space. 

BharatBenz 5228T Features

The BharatBenz 5228T trailer features a sleeper cabin which is aerodynamically designed to offer low air drag for fuel-efficient performance. It incorporates improved cruise control which reflects the intelligent gradient monitoring also. With a gear shift advisor, it provides an up and down indication of the gear shifts to facilitate optimal cargo mobility.  


Additionally, the trailer tractor is equipped with anti-roll bars on both axles to stabilise the vehicle on application with a high centre of gravity. The anti-roll bars as standard in front give drivers confidence while negotiating sharp turns even at high speeds. The BharatBenz 5228T is outfitted with 295 mm wide radial and tubeless tyres on 20-inch (front) and 22.5-inch (rear) diameter wheels to improve road traction. 

BharatBenz 5228T Rivals

Using Truckonnect telematics, the BharatBenz 5228T trailer renders real-time fleet monitoring to accelerate logistical business with improved fleet productivity. The competitors of this trailer in the Indian commercial vehicle market are the Tata Signa 5530.S 4x2, Mahindra Blazo X 55, and Ashok Leyland 5525-4x2

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5228T Mileage (Variant)

BharatBenz 5228T 3600/CBCEXPIRED55000 kg

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BharatBenz 5228T - Expert Review


The BharatBenz 5228T is a three-axle trailer which falls under the heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) segment. It is well suited for transporting steel, industrial goods, chemicals, gaseous materials, and construction raw materials. This model is designed to serve as a flatbed trailer, sidewall trailer, gas and chemical tanker, tipper, and bulker.


The heavy-duty model is available in two gross combination weight (GCW) options – 50 tonnes with mechanical suspension on all axles and 52 tonnes with air suspension on the first axle. It is built with hub-reduction axles, allowing for a gear reduction at the wheel hub, increasing the torque.  


Additionally, the 5228T trailer incorporates engine technology with a high-boost turbocharger to ensure the perfect air-fuel mixtures, contributing to less fuel consumption. It has a power reduction (PR) compressor which is operated on the engine duty cycle for fuel-efficient operations. 


The BharatBenz 5228T tractor trailer has a rigid construction on a 9 mm thick BSK46 chassis frame which is made of high-strength steel to ensure high durability. Its body gets 6063 mm in overall length, 2490 mm in overall width, and 2975 mm in overall height for carrying voluminous cargo materials. 


The heavy-duty trailer maintains 304 mm ground clearance for off-road haulage operations even in rugged road conditions. It is offered in a wheelbase of 3600 mm with more than 3m tridem axle spacing for stable freight movement. The model is outfitted with radial and tubeless tyres with 295 mm width on front 20-inch and rear 22.5-inch diameter wheels for improved road traction. 


With a front overhang (distance between the front axles and the front point of the vehicle) of 1485 mm, the 5228T trailer improves manoeuvrability. The vehicle's rear overhang (space between the centre of its rearmost wheels and the rearmost point of the vehicle) is 978 mm for providing optimum cargo body space. 


The BharatBenz 5228T has a sleeper cabin designed with advanced aerodynamics to offer low air drag for efficient haulage. Its cabin features a berth behind seats for sleeping, soft cruise control for monitoring gradients, and a gear shift advisor for indicating smooth gear shifts to improve fuel economy. 

With hydraulic power-assisted tilt and telescopic steering, the model allows the operator to drive by adjusting the steering wheel to suit their driving posture. Its cabin features an engine overrun buzzer system to detect engine overspeeding caused due to sudden downshifting of gears and offers an acoustic alarm to alert the driver.


The BharatBenz 5228T is powered by a 7200cc OM926 6-cylinder diesel engine which is capable of producing a maximum power of 282 hp (210 kW) at 2200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1100 Nm at around 1200-1600 rpm. Its 430 mm diameter single dry plate clutch helps to transmit torque from its BS6 engine to the transmission.


Further, the engine of this 5228T trailer is paired with a 9-speed G131 synchromesh gearbox to improve transmission efficiency. The vehicle is equipped with parabolic-type leaf springs and 2 hydraulic shock absorbers in front and semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension in the rear for jerk-free cargo transportation. 


Additionally, it performs with 24.3 percent gradeability for its 50-tonne GCW body variant and 23.3 percent gradeability for its 52-tonne GCW body variant for effortless heavy-duty haulage even on slopes and inclines. This 4x2 drive configuration trailer has a decent turning circle diameter (TCD) of 13.1 metres to navigate tight spaces easily. Its 455-litre diesel fuel tank enables reliable long-haul operations without frequent visits to the fuel station. 


Daytime running lamps (DRLs) for improved visibility during the day, a diffuser tailpipe to disperse exhaust gases, and a seatbelt reminder to alert drivers are some of the safety features that are integrated with the 5228T trailer. Additionally, the vehicle gives an optional driver-state monitoring system to alert operators from falling asleep or losing concentration. 

In addition to dual-line pneumatic brakes, the trailer is incorporated with a hand-control valve-operated pneumatic parking brake for safe parking, even in confined situations. With standard anti-roll bars at the front and optional ones at the rear, it increases the vehicle’s stability, especially while manoeuvring on sharp turns at high speed. 


The 5228T trailer is connected with Truckonnect telematics for fuel monitoring and fleet analytics to enhance fleet performance. The heavy-duty trailer is suitable for long lead applications to ensure business profitability.

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Pros & Cons of BharatBenz 5228T

Things We Like

  • Exceptional load capacity enabled by a super powerful and responsive engine making a whopping 1100 Nm of torque.
  • Super comfortable and luxurious fully suspended cabin with Tilt and telescopic Power Steering, a 6 way adjustable Driver’s Seat that also comes with optional Air suspension.
  • A range of modern technologies and features on the truck include telematics, cruise control and a fully digital instrument cluster.
  • Air brakes, ABS, parking brakes and exhaust brakes are all standard and enhance the safety of driving the truck.

Things We Don't Like

  • Comes with a 4x2 axle configuration.
  • No standard air conditioning.

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  • Reliable and highly capable

    The BharatBenz 5228T is one of the finest trucks in the 52-tonnes segment. It is a modern and innovative tractor trailer...

    By pratlin selvi
    On: Oct 13, 2022
  • Powerful tractor but costly price

    5228 is very good tractor from bharatbenz. the cabin is best in India for long drive, comfortalb and safe. Better than t...

    By sathyajith
    On: Jun 16, 2022
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