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August 10, 2016: BharatBenz 1217 is a tipper from the company with starting ex-showroom price of INR 13.8 lakh. The two variants have the same wheelbase (3,760 mm) and engine specifications (4D34i 3.9 Litre 4-Cylinder BS-III). The engine churns out a maximum power of 167 bhp and 520 Nm torque. The high gradeability of 33% makes it fit for high steeps and tougher terrains while carrying load full to its capacity. Also, with GVW of 13,000 kg and payload of 8,080 kg, the truck can easily carry stones, blue metal ores, gravel, sand and other mining products. Power steering makes it easier to navigate on rough roads and sharp turns. The cabin features include sleeper berth, three-way adjustable seats, driver information display and an overall ergonomic design.

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BharatBenz 1217 3760/CABEXPIRED
BharatBenz 1217 3760/6.5 CuM/FBV/Box BodyEXPIRED

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BharatBenz 1217 - Expert Review

Bharatbenz 1217 - Expert Review


Meant to deliver high class performance in harsh conditions, tippers are construction industry favorites. Made by all the manufacturers, there only a few which stand out in every aspect namely style, performance, safety, comfort and profit. One such option is offered by Bharatbenz as 1217. This new generation tipper has redefined the milestones of truck manufacturing.

Perfect to be used at construction sites, mining areas and metal extraction points, 1217 produces best in class performance, effective gradeability and comfort while on the road. The different body type options also offers needed flexibility to the owners according to their work.


Engine - 4D34i 3.9 Litre 4-Cylinder BSIII

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) - 13,000 kg

Wheelbase and Turning Radius - 3,760 mm and 7,400 mm

Power Steering - Yes

Engine and Performance

Generating 167 bhp power @ 2,500 rpm and 520 Nm torque @ 1,500 is very productive for a tipper and 1217’s 4D34i 3.9 Litre 3,907 cc 4-Cylinder BSIII engine is perfect machine for that. The truck faces no issues whatsoever on any surface or with full load, with these much impressive numbers.

The top speed of 81 km/h is too one of the fastest for tippers in its class and so as its 33% gradeability. Helping the truck to get this much top speed and gradeability is its heavy duty and reliable 6-Speed Mechanical Synchromesh gearbox transmission system. Also, the transmission of power is made smoother by Dry Single Plate Hydraulic Control with Air Booster 362 mm diameter clutch.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

The wheelbase of 4,000 mm and turning radius of 7,400 mm make it the best vehicle to move around the turns and curves on the construction sites and mining areas. Coming to the dimensions, the CAB and 6.5 CuM box tipper options are 6,035 mm and 6,265 mm long, 2,135 mm and 2,250 mm wide and 2,455 mm and 2,875 mm in height, respectively.

The Gross Vehicle Weight of 13,000 kg is distributed as 3,930 kg kerb weight and 9,070 kg payload. With the full load to its capacity, these variants sits at 245 mm above the ground, which is good enough to dodge rocky terrains and speed breakers.

Handling and Suspension

The hydraulic assisted power steering requires very less effort from drivers while maneuvering the truck around and hence drivers are less fatigued, which in turn provide more profit for transporters.

Coming to the suspension, there are Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers at front and only springs at rear. Both the suspensions are, however, supported by anti-roll bar. The Reverse Elliot front and Full Floating Hypoid Gears rear axle also ensures better drive balance enroute to destination.

Braking and Safety

The combination of Pneumatic Foot Operated Dual Line service brakes and Pneumatically Operated Spring parking brakes are good enough to buy the time for driver to stop the truck at safe distance.

Its Ladder Type Channel Section with Cross Members frame is very durable and with rigid frame structure, it keeps the passengers safe most of the times. Also, the seat belts and high strength material plays their part too.

Design and Comfort

Coming to the design part, BharatBenz has done a lot of goods and has set benchmarks for many others. The new generation design concept with easy to climb cabin, wider grille, headlamps and overall aerodynamic design are the parts of 1217’s aesthetic aura.

Its day cabin too has lots of space with features like comfortable seats, sleeper birth provision, 3-way adjustable driver seat, less noise and tilt movement. The Driver Information Display also provides assistance on the trip.

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  • I highly recommend buying this truck

    i love this truck very much low maintanance cost and easy to drive the vehicle good mileage good experience with this tr...

    By kiran
    On: Feb 03, 2017
  • I highly recommend buying this truck

    This truck is very good design and good engine. Awesome mileage....

    By pradeep
    On: Feb 02, 2017
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