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2516 HL Latest Update

Jan 4, 2019: The AMW 2516 HL has been up in the market for quite some time now and has had a mixed journey to date. However, back in 2015, the heavy-duty truck did suffer a downslide even though other truck manufacturers encashed on the growing demands.

This vehicle has a 5.9-litre 6-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that can make 152 bhp of power at 2,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 590 Nm at just 1,500 rpm. However, it has a gradeability of just 22%, which is lower than some of its siblings and competitors. Yes, the high payload capacity of 18,700 kilograms makes it a lot desirable.

It is shorter in length than the bigger 2518 HL but has a longer wheelbase. Moreover, it also has a tonne of extra payload capacity than its big brother. However, it lacks in other features like a tiltable cabin and airconditioning.

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2516 HL Mileage (Variant)

Amw 2516 HL 5020/COWLEXPIRED25000 kg

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Amw 2516 HL - Expert Review

AMW 2516 HL Truck - Expert Review


AMW (Asia Motor Works) has many trucks designed specifically for the uneven Indian roads and 2516 HL COWL is one good example of it. The truck is known to offer the flexibility to be used as the transporter wishes to have it.

With AMW’s new heavy duty COWL, 2516 has full width flat floor to enhance spacing and sheet metal parts to reduce the repair cost. With robust and reliable frame providing the needed safety, its more than 23 feet long load body easily carries the weight up to 25,000 kg. The performance is also on the brighter side with the famous Cummins 5.9 Litre engine. Application wise, it could be used in carrying anything from general goods to construction material, manufactured machine parts to raw material and more.


Engine: 6 BTA 5.9 Litre Turbocharged Aftercooled 6-Cylinder In-line Diesel

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 25,000 kg

Turning Radius & Wheelbase: 9,250 mm & 5,020 mm

Power Steering: Yes

Engine and Performance

AMW 2516 HL is powered by Cummins 6 BTA 5.9 Litre 5,883 cc Turbocharged Aftercooled 6-Cylinder In-Line diesel power house, that could generated maximum power of 155 hp @ 2500 rpm and a peak torque of 590 Nm @ 1500 rpm. This much power and torque is more than enough to take this truck swiftly on any road with its full load capacity.

Coming to the performance, it could hit the top speed of 77 km/h and gradeability of 22% while coupled with Single Dry Plate Coil Type 380 mm diameter clutch with Servo Operating System and the best durable 6-speed Synchromesh gearbox having single rod gear shift for the ease of purpose.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

2516 HL is overall 9,140 mm long and 2,450 mm wide with decent ground clearance of 280 mm. This much long truck is, however, a bit hard to move around, but with decent wheelbase and turning radius of 9,250 mm & 5,020 mm respectively, take the load off.

The load body length of 23.3 feet (7,101 mm) could take up the weight up to 25,000 kg including kerb weight of 6,300 kg and hence offering payload capacity of 18,700 kg. Well, it surely is a lot of space to transport any kind of stuff. Also, its 400 Litre fuel tank capacity makes it suitable for long trips across the country.

Handling and Suspension

The Integral Power Steering with fixed steering wheel of diameter 470 mm and Double UJ allow driver to handle the truck well on roads and its Forged I Beam Reverse Elliot Type front axle with Full Floating rear axle with Hypoid Bevel Gears forward rear axle take some load too.

It’s important to equip a truck with good machinery with great suspension. Therefore, the truck comes with Semi Elliptical Leaf Spring front suspension with Heavy Duty Double Acting Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs rear suspension with Bell Crank Springs to ensure a bump-free drive.

Braking and Safety

It is true that Indian roads are less safe to drive compared to many other countries. So it’s necessary to put effective braking system and high strength material to avoid the mishaps. AMW 2516 HL has Dual Circuit Full Air service brakes, Spring Actuated rear wheel parking brakes and Butterfly Type engine exhaust brake – good enough to stop the truck even at top speed. This becomes even better with its 10 R 20 -16 PR front & rear tyres providing the necessary grip.

The High Strength HSLA Steel Ladder Type Bolted Cross Member frame with 4 mm thick inner channel section and reinforced side member with dimension (L x B x H) 256 x 75 x 7 mm decrease the injury chances significantly during an accident.

Design and Comfort

AMW 2516 HL has Four Post COWL structure which allows transporters to have the different workability options as per their need and requirements. As far as the cabin design is concerned, it could be used to build day or sleeper cabin depending again on the choice. Apart from these features, 2516 HL actually lags behind in offering other amenities like Driver Information Display, Telemetics, Arm Rest, Sound System and Navigation. However, it does have standard seats, which can be counted as regular feature, but nothing extra.

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2516 HL has video of its detailed review, specs, features explained & more. Watch our Latest video of 2516 HL to know price, safety features, type of application & more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Amw 2516 HL

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  • Loading
  • Specifications
  • Cabin
  • Mileage

What is the price of Amw 2516 HL in New Delhi?

The Truck prices are varied from states and cities as per the local taxes and levies. The Amw 2516 HL price is in New Delhi.

What is the loading capacity of Amw 2516 HL?

The payload is essentially the maximum loading capacity of Truck. The Amw 2516 HL payload is 18700 Kgs

What is the fuel tank capacity of Amw 2516 HL?

The fuel capacity of Amw 2516 HL is 400 Ltr. Get more detailed specifications of Amw 2516 HL at Trucksdekho.

What is GVW of Amw 2516 HL?

GVW of a Truck inclusive of kerb weight and payload of the vehicle. The GVW of Amw 2516 HL is 25000 kg

What is the engine capacity of Amw 2516 HL?

The engine capacity of the Truck is the maximum power & maximum torque. The maximum power of 2516 HL is 152 hp , maximum torque is 590Nm & engine capacity is 5883 cc.

What is the Wheelbase of Amw 2516 HL?

The wheelbase of Amw 2516 HL is 5020 mm

What is the Gradeability of Amw 2516 HL?

The gradeability of a Truck is the ability to climb slopes. Trucks with good gradeability can be used for carrying loads in hilly areas. Amw 2516 HL offers gradeability of 22 %

What is the HP of Amw 2516 HL?

The power of Amw 2516 HL is 152 hp .

How many wheels/Chakka are present in Amw 2516 HL?

The Amw 2516 HL Truck comes with total 10 wheels.

What is the body & chassis configuration of Amw 2516 HL?

Amw 2516 HL is available in Customizable option. The cabin type of 2516 HL is a Sleeper Cabin & chassis type is a Chassis with Cowl .

What is the fuel & transmission type of Amw 2516 HL?

The Amw 2516 HL is available in Diesel version with Manual transmission.

What is the mileage of Amw 2516 HL?

The Mileage of Amw 2516 HL is 18700 kmpl.

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