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Variant Comparison: Tata Intra V10 Vs V30  

Modified On Sep 11, 2020 03:36 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

This premium last-mile mini-truck has become popular among India's truck buyers. We explain this new platform and compare the two variants, find out which variant suits best to your business needs.  

India's last-mile transportation and logistics industry is highly vibrant with a lot of innovative, efficient and extremely productive trucks. The mini-trucks are often used to deliver goods to the consumer's door-steps have evolved into a full-scale segment known as the small commercial vehicle(SCV). Furthermore, given the cyclical nature of the truck industry, the SCV has not only emerged as one of the high volumes but also clocking consistent growth year-on-year largely due to increasing consumption and boom in the e-commerce industry.

Indian truck makers have been keenly focused to get a slice of this promising market by introducing path-breaking trucks. Thus, the competition heightened in the segment and the customers have many choices to select the best product for their business needs.  Tata Motors Ace- the revolutionary truck, pioneered this last-mile 4-wheel truck category more than 15 years ago. Ace mini-truck not only catapult SCVs in India but spur huge demand for these trucks and continue to sway truck buyers. To cater to the diverse needs, Tata Motors has expanded the Ace portfolio with multiple variants in tonnage, power, etc. 

To further strengthen its grip over the SCV segment, the market leader introduced another futuristic truck, the Intra, in mid-2019. Intra is based on the Ace platform but offers a lot in styling, performance, power and productivity. Within a short period, Intra has carved a niche for itself in the competitive market. Tata Motors has developed this truck ground-up with its deeper understanding of the market, extensive customer feedback and incorporating their expectations from a truck. Remember, most buyers in this category are owner-drivers who want not only a high-performance truck but also value features, comfort and safety. 

Tata Intra has redefined the one-tone and above mini-trucks category with its distinctive modern look. The Intra is available in retail sales in two variants- the V10 and V30. What is the key difference between the two? Which one to select? We help you find the answers.


As the name suggests, the V10 is an entry-level, smaller truck, while the V30 is a top-end high payload truck in the Intra line-up. Hence, both the trucks come with two different engines and power range. The Intra V10 gets a 2 Cylinder, 798 CC, direct injection that produces 44hp of power at a peak torque of 110 Nm. While V30 is fitted with a bigger variant power motor that is a direct injection, 4-cylinder, 1496 cc engine, which produces 70hp of power at a peak torque of 140 Nm.  

The V10 can carry a rated payload of 1000 kg and the V30 is capable of 1300 kg. Naturally, to carry the distinct payloads, the dimensions of the trucks separate them. V10 comes with a wheelbase of 2250 mm and the length is 4282 mm. The cargo load body size is 8.2 ft x 5.3 ft. For easier maneuver, the turning circle radius is 4.75 m and ground clearance of 175 mm. At the same time, the V30 wheelbase is 2450 mm and length of 4460 mm. The cargo load body is of 8.8 ft x 5.3ft size. The ground clearance is similar to both the variants while the turning circle radius 5.25 mm is slightly higher, gradeability is 43% and 37%, respectively. The V10 is priced between Rs 6.26- 6.46 lakh and V30 is Rs 6.92-7.22 lakh, ex-showroom prices in Delhi, remember the prices differ in each state and city.

Key Aggregates 

Apart from the newest and advanced powertrain, the Intra has got superior aggregates for greater performance and productivity. The electric power-assisted steering is standard in both the models. V10 gets leap-spring suspension with 6-leafs in the front and 7 in the rear, while V30 5-leafs in the front and 8-in the rear. V10 tyre is 165 R14 LT and V30 in 186 R 14 size.

The chassis frame of both the models has been manufactured using a hydroforming process & modern robotic production ensures a high standard of quality and sturdiness. Fewer welding joints on the chassis mean higher structural strength, more durability and lower noise vibration and harshness for a comfortable cabin. 

Another big highlight of the Intra platform is the contemporary cabin, elegant interior design and styling with plenty of features. Both the variants' cabin is identical with a new-gen, bigger and wider walk-through cabin with driver and co-driver seating. The dashboard-mounted gear lever & comfortable seats are easy to drive and help the driver rest inside the cabin during trips. Additionally, the electric power-assisted steering helps in effortlessly navigating through congestion or narrow lanes. The key controls, pedals and levers are adequately placed within easy reach for the driver for enjoyable driving. 

Performance Features 

Both the models come equipped with key performance features to help the customer make the most out of the trucks, enabling them to earn higher revenue. Intra V10 and V30 are offered with the gear shift advisor along with Eco Switch. The gear shift advisor allows the right gear selection during driving. This truck also gets ECO and NORMAL drive modes aimed at achieving higher mileage during different driving conditions. Moreover, Tata Motors makes sure the consumer spends less on maintenance costs, staying away from frequent servicing of the truck- thus, saving precision time and money along with equally durable aggregates. A peaceful ownership experience is ensured by a standard warranty of 2 years or 72,000 kms on both the truck and 24x7 emergency support and TATA Samarth & Sampoorna Seva package. 


It is evident, the Intra platforms promise a lot, a snazzy, smart, fashionable truck, underpin the value for money offering. Tata Motors up the ante with this trendy truck to its Indian customers. Both models have different powertrain and payload options to address two sets of customer needs, yet they share a lot of common characteristics.

V10 is a smaller model useful for short to medium distance cargo duties effortlessly carrying up to 1000 kg of loads, while V30 is a bigger sibling capable of bigger loads (1300kg) and can even go for long-distance trips. If you wish to upgrade the existing Ace or buy a bigger truck to carry more than 1-ton cargo, the Intra is the best choice with trendy V10 and V30 variants.

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  • Tata Intra V10
    Tata Intra V10
    ₹6.55 - ₹6.76 Lakh*
    • Power 44 hp
    • GVW 2120
    • Mileage 17
    • Engine 798
    • Fuel Tank 30
    • Payload 1000
    View All Offers
  • Tata Intra V30
    Tata Intra V30
    ₹7.30 - ₹7.62 Lakh*
    • Power 69 hp
    • GVW 2565
    • Mileage 14
    • Engine 1496
    • Fuel Tank 35
    • Payload 1300
    View All Offers

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