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​Truck Drivers More Careful Than Car Drivers, Reveals Study

Published On Nov 16, 2016By Mukul Yudhveer Singh

A study conducted by NGO ArriveSafe has found that truck drivers are more careful about using dippers, instead of high beams, in comparison to car drivers. It is known for a fact that high beams leave the drivers coming from the opposite side in a blind spot, which can prove fatal.

The study was conducted on the carriageway stretches of national and state highways that pass through Punjab and Haryana. A total of 3,200 vehicles including passenger and commercial vehicles were surveyed in the study.

Harman Singh, an ArriveSafe member, said, "Every day road accidents snuff out 400 lives giving India the dubious distinction of having the highest road crash fatalities in the world. We have seen 'use dipper at night' at the back on nearly every truck but most do not follow it. The visibility is substantially reduced at night and is further reduced due to fog. Correct use of dipper (low beam) is crucial to drive safe at night."

Out of 1950 passenger vehicle drivers, only 26.15 percent made use of dippers correctly, while the rest 73.83 percent either continued using high beam or lowered the headlights for a few seconds. On the other hand, 77.72 percent of the 1,250 commercial vehicle drivers dimmed their vehicles’ headlights. Only 15.9 percent of the CV drivers continued using high beam, while the rest 5.36 percent dimmed the headlights for few seconds.

The study has come as a stunner because approximately 40 percent of the fatal accidents on Indian roads occur between 6pm to 6am. It is also to be noted here that India holds the record for highest crash fatalities in the world.

While driving under the influence of alcohol and lack of rest are counted as major contributors resulting in road accidents, the recent ArriveSafe study has pointed towards an aspect that the authorities must start looking into.

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