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Top 5 Factors to Help You Select the Best Tyres for Your Truck

Published On Apr 14, 2016By Prashant Talreja

often a topic of discussion among truck fleet owners on what type of tyres are going to last long and provide necessary safety to their goods and drivers. Although company-fitted tyres do come with warranty and standard protection from wear and tear but changing them over the time and selecting a new set could be tricky.

There are many factors that could be accountable for selecting the best set of tyres for your truck and here we’ve tried to decipher those parameters based on your need, industry trends and driving and road conditions.

The Journey Roads

While selecting a tyre, it’s very important to analyze what type of roads you’re going to drive on. For example, if you’re mostly on highways, then tubeless tyres having more vehicle-road contact area are preferable. On the other hand, terrains like hills or mining sites need tyres with better grips as roads are not too speed-friendly in those conditions.

Tyres Weather the Storm

After knowing on what roads you’ll drive, next comes the weather. It’s a known fact that rainy or snow season are accountable for many truck accidents. So, next time you are going out on a trip, do a rain check on your tyres first!


You might have seen many different designs on tyres, well they aren’t due to just some creative thinking but the result of a lot of research work. Different treads are designed for different tracks like for mud, damaged city roads, stone-rich construction sites and others. That is why it is important to make sure that you’re choosing correct treads for the application your truck is going to be used in.

Life Span

How long the truck tyres are going to last is a question that intrigues many truck owners. The durability of tyres not only depend on timely servicing, but also on the extensiveness of usage. There are many tyres which guarantee longevity upto certain kilometers, say 40,000 or 50,000. But the important thing to look for is how long the tyres can offer service without compromising with the drive quality. There is no point using a tyre for next 5,000 - 6,000 km if it has already lost its treads and grip, even if it is within the company specified service interval.

Speed Compatibility

The tyres of your truck should also be compatible with the speed limits you maintain. It is a normal practice to run at high speeds on highways and for that tyres should be able to cope with not only speed but also with heat, friction, and the load the truck carries. And, if you’re not sure that you’ll be on highways or not then go for the tyres that can cope with normal speeds on highway roads so that your purpose gets solved without paying too much.


Tyres are definitely one of the most important part of any vehicle, that help the driver stay safe on roads while aiding to the comfort of the ride. However, selecting a right tyre is crucial for your business and the above discussed parameters will help you a lot while choosing a set for your next journey.

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