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Tips to Drive Large Trucks Safely

Published On Jul 01, 2016By Prashant Talreja

There are thousands of trucks running on the roads today and serve as a base for logistic industry to fulfill the needs of end users. However, driving these large machine can be risky at times on both highways and city roads, if proper attention is not given. However, taking some basic things precautionary measures into the care while on a long trip could lower the risk of getting into a mishap significantly.

Here are some of them for large truck drivers divided into two major tips, that is; Knowing the Space Around and Planning the Trip.

Knowing the Space Around

While you’re out on the roads driving a huge haulage trucks, it’s must to know the space around you or have the space cushion. What we mean by space cushion is to know the proper distances on both driver and passenger side, load body deck, ground clearance after loading, front distance, rear distance and more.

What happens by knowing all these distances is that you get an idea about what speed you need to maintain, when to apply brakes, or how much meters to steer. Also, when entering into the tunnel, the load body deck height knowledge will set you free of getting stuck scenario.

Planning the Trip

The next tip when you’re about to start a long trip with a huge truck is to plan it perfectly so that you don’t find yourself facing useless issues. To do so, make a checklist that includes all the essentials for your trip like goods’ delivery paper, truck’s papers, basic maintenance check, and more.

The best way to do it is make a checklist, list all topics on it and then completing each one of them. It would also help you to get into the mindset before leaving for a long trip. Some of the points you can include in the checklist are as follows:

  • Knowing the route
  • To have details of traffic, and weather Prior
  • Vehicle Engine Check
  • Maintenance Check
  • License Check
  • Goods Condition Check

Apart from the above two, there can be more things that could pave way for a safe passage throughout your journey. Here below are some of those:

Say No to Overload

Overloading is one of the reasons truck drivers get into the unwanted situations and avoiding it can keep not only you safe but others around you as well.

Not Being Too Reliant on Tech

It’s good to have some gadgets and technology solutions available to you like cruise control and digital navigation and all but being reliant too much onto that could distract you. So, it’s advised to keep your sense intact while driving a truck.


At last it’s just your attention that can keep you safe on the roads from others while driving a haulage with tons of load. Although the above points will surely help you to stay safe and others on the road as well.

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