The all new Tata Signa 4623.S – The ultimate solution for your business.

The all new Tata Signa 4623.S – The ultimate solution for your business.

With an increased axle loading capacity and a more powerful drive train post IAL, the all new Tata Signa 4623.S is the ultimate solution for all your business requirements.

With its smartly designed cabin space, improved ergonomics and NVH levels, the SIGNA 4623.S is the enhanced version of TATA SIGNA 4018.S after Increased Axle Load implications. Sturdier and more powerful, TATA SIGNA 4623.S is provided with an upgraded BS4 Cummins Umbrella engine churning a power of 230 HP and peak torque of 810 NM.

This is a major boost to the strength and capabilities of an Indian fleet owner over the 180 HP, 700 NM Cummins Ajinkya engine, apt for pre IAL regime. A welcome step from the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Increased Axle Load will undoubtedly add more thrust to India’s growing infrastructure and transportation sector, giving it the necessary strength to cater to the state-of-the-art era of “Big Trucking.

As one among the new IAL offerings by Tata Motors Limited, TATA Signa 4623.S now offers an advanced cabin that is built to offer a superior in-cab experience with T&T steering, AC and Ventilation options along with premium interiors and wide sleeper berth box, enabling drivers to operate fatigue free over long hauls, which in turn offers significant improvement in productivity.

To add to this, the vehicle is provided with Semi-elliptical/Parabolic leaf spring suspensions with Anti-roll bar and Hydraulic double acting telescopic type shock absorbers at front & Semi-elliptical multi leaf spring suspensions at rear. A fuel economy switch for lead/gradient based mileage governance is provided that mixes drivers productivity with great fuel efficiency to bring in much better returns to the fleet owners.

TATA SIGNA 4623.S is engineered & built to offer the fleet owners with an advanced power train and new features like Trip Mileage Indicator and Gear Shift Advisor on proven Tata Motors aggregates, for an excellent trucking experience. With an inbuilt telematics system, by TATA FLEETMAN, the new SIGNA 4623.S empowers fleet operator with a more connected experience to better manage their transport business through optimum driver, vehicle and fuel management.

The model initially, pre IAL, offered a rear axle capacity of 10.2 ton. But this offering has been upgraded to a capacity of 11.5 ton, post IAL, helping the driver to transport more consignments in the same trip, thus improving the operating cost economics for the transporter. With a maximum gradeability of 23% in the first gear, 12300 mm turning circle diameter and 3200 mm wheelbase, TATA Signa 4623.S crosses every terrain with ease, giving the driver the confidence to connect India and hence, connect aspirations.

The range of vehicles that will be offered under the post IAL scheme by TATA Motors include TATA LPT 1913, LPT 1918 TC Cre, LPT 1918 5L TurboTronn, LPT 3518 TC, LPT 2818 TC, LPT 4223 TC, LPT/SIGNA 4823, LPT/SIGNA 4923, SIGNA 4623.S, and SIGNA 5523.S. With these offerings, TATA Motors empowers the driver to “Load Kar, Befikar.” Upgrading your fleet to these brand new offerings will ensure higher returns, greater safety and remarkable performance. So go forward with the Go IAL initiative from TATA Motors and connect aspirations.

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