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Tata Prima Tipper Range: Full Details

Modified On Feb 15, 2021 11:50 AMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The market leader has an impressive tipper portfolio of its premium Prima range. 

In the heavy commercial vehicles segment along with the long-haul haulage trucks and the tractor-trailers, the tipper segment is one of the most vital ones. Trucks are often called ‘wheels of India,’ as they are used for transporting goods across the length and breadth of the county and help the economy run smoothly. Trucks also help in building nations, too, as they are deployed in the construction of roads, ports, highways, and humungous airports, energy and coal plants, etc.

Tipper finds application in deep and light mining and surface transport such as coal, ores and construction. These applications are highly demanding, arduous and operate in extremely difficult duty-cycles. Therefore, tippers are always used in most demanding operating condition and they have to be essentially well-build with superior aggregates to perform in such challenging conditions.   

Market leader Tata Motors has a range of tippers on offers for every kind of needs, whether the mass-market surface, construction, or even mining of any kind. The premium Prima range of tippers are design and developed, keeping in mind the customer with fundamental characteristics of superior fuel efficiency, incredible reliability and highest service interval, thus ensuring the tipper stays on the field doing onerous duties. 

The core elements the customer looks in a tipper are comfortable cabin, high power engine, superior aggregates such as gearbox, suspension, axles and clutch. What is also essential in the tipper application is vehicle gradeability, considering the vehicles used in severe operating conditions. Tata Motors Prima range of tippers offers everything that attributes of a modern tipper with different engine sizes and load bodies.      

Let’s look at the five key Tipper from the Prima range.

Lx 2525.K

The LX 2525.K is a blend of power and economy for mining and construction applications. This tipper comes with reliable Cummins ISBe 6.7 engine Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with a promise of superior fuel efficiency and greater performance, delivering 950 Nm of torque at 1200-1700 rpm. The clutch is 430 mm dia with a larger frictional area and a high clutch life, combined with Tata G1150 9-speed gearbox for segment-leading gradeability and mileage. The Tata Prima LX 2525.K comes with the Tata RA 109 rear-axle to support high load-bearing capacity.

PRIMA 2530.K

Tata Prima 2530.K brings the power and superior economy together for any mining and construction application. Built specifically for off-road mining applications, the 2530.K is deemed as a reliable tipper capable of handling every task in heavy-duty operations. Its high level of robustness is attributed to its tougher chassis, particularly designed tyres and robust suspension. It is powered by a Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI engine, which has a maximum power of 300 HP. The 2530 tipper gets trustworthy powertrain ensures that possible loss of power or dissipation from the engine to the wheels is mitigated and maintained at a minimum, thus increasing efficiency. It has a maximum gradeability of 61% crawler and comes with a load body size of 18 Cum box body.

Lx 2825.K HRT

The Lx 2825.K HRT is a truly a global tipper comes with a goal of highest productivity and greater profit. It is equipped with Cummins ISBe 6.7 engine with 245 HP of power at a maximum torque of 950 Nm @1200-1700 RPM for better gradeability and lesser gear shifts. The tipper possesses of higher gear ratios for better pull and a higher rear-axle ratio of 7.24 for higher torque at the wheel. Tata Motors provides box body of 16 CuM and scoop HARDOX body of 14 CuM options.

Lx 3125.K

The LX 3125.K is a blend of higher power and greater fuel economy, which is suitable for any application in the construction and surface transport requirements. The Lx3125 is powered by Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI engine with a maximum power of 250 HP and 950 Nm at 1200-1700 rpm. The key aggregates that come with this tipper are well established Tata G1150 9-speed gearbox, single plate push-type organic clutch, Tata RA 109 rear axle. The front suspension is parabolic leaf spring and the rear is heavy-duty 37T bogie suspension.  

Lx 3130.K

The Lx 3130.K is a tipper built for deep mining in coal, iron ore, lignite mines and for bulk limestone movement in off-road applications. The Lx 3130.K is a 4-axle, 31T GVW tipper with a 9-speed ZF 1115TD manual transmission gearbox. The tipper comes with a configuration of 8X4 with Cummins ISBe 6.7 engine, which has a maximum power of 300 HP and torque of 1100 Nm at 1200-1800 rpm. Some of the key elements are modern brakes, ABS and hub reduction axle specially designed for mining operations. The 19 Cum HARDox rock body is specially designed for overburden in coal, iron, and limestone applications. Tata Motors also offers Lx3130.K in 18 cum box tipper body as well.  The maximum gradeability of 66% crawler and It comes with a load body size of 18 Cum box body.

Tata Motors Prima range of tippers offers plenty of choices to customers looking at any kind of application. The company has worked closely with the customer in finding the right blend of power and efficiency needed from these trucks.  

  • Tata Prima 2830.K
    Tata Prima 2830.K
    ₹53.99 - ₹57.55 Lakh*
    • Power 301 hp
    • GVW 27600
    • Mileage 3.25-4.25
    • Engine 6700
    • Fuel Tank 300
    • Payload 17500
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