Tata Motors showcases Electronic Stability Control for Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors showcases Electronic Stability Control for Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
Oct 06, 2017 |

Truck maker claims its system will help eliminate more than 50 per cent of rollover crashes.

Tata Motors showcased its Signa and Prima range of trucks equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESCsmart) at Wabco’s test track in Chennai. Tata is also offering other safety features like Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and Hill Start Aid (HAS) for trucks and buses. These safety technologies have been developed by Tata Motors in collaboration with Wabco India.

Tata claims that ESC can help to eliminate more than 50 per cent of rollover crashes and reduce loss-of-control crashes by 25 per cent. ESC provides an additional functionality over ABS, which was made compulsory by the government for trucks over 12-tonne GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight).

ESC is a step ahead of the Anti-Lock Braking and Electric Braking systems. The system monitors the roll and directional movement of the vehicle and automatically intervenes when a high risk of instability is detected. Instability of the vehicle is taken care by systems like selective wheel braking, yaw control and roll stability control. This reduces the chances of accidents associated with rollover, skidding and jackknifing.

Automatic Traction Control, on the other hand, controls the amount of power being sent to the wheels preventing them from spinning on slippery surfaces like muck and icy roads. Hill Start Aid prevents the vehicle from rolling back and allowing stop and go movement on the gradient. Both systems also reduce the maintenance cost of the trucks by preventing tyre wear and brake and clutch liner wear.

At the event, A K Jindal, vice-president and head engineering (CVBU) of Tata Motors Ltd, said, “Safety is of paramount importance to us and the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESCsmart) further reiterates our commitment to strengthen the safety performance of our products and introduce future technologies, ahead of time. With this partnership, Tata Motors becomes the first OEM in India deploying ESCsmart safety technology on the Prima range. ESCsmart has been customised to incorporate more safety parameters for operation in India. We are delighted to work with class-leading global suppliers like WABCO to develop innovative and technology leading products for our Indian customers.”

Tata will be offering ESC on trucks like Prima – Tractors 4025.S, 4925 and Tippers 2523T, 3123T and 3723T and Signa LPS 4018 and LPS 4923 as well as LPT platforms of 25T, 31T, and 37T.

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