Tata Motors Hosts E-Commerce Expo 2019, Showcased Ready-to-Use Solutions

Tata Motors Hosts E-Commerce Expo 2019, Showcased Ready-to-Use Solutions
Jan 16, 2019 |

Tata Motors has showcased its range of fully built, ready-to-use vehicles that have been specially designed for the e-commerce industry. The company is participating in the first-ever end-to-end experiential expo for the e-commerce industry, which is being held at the Devi Lal Stadium in Gurgaon. Called the E-Commerce Expo 2019, the said event has seen 13 Tata Motors vehicles being displayed, spreading across the SCV, ILCV and MHCV segments.

Tata Motors has brought a total of 13 vehicles to the E-Commerce Expo. Each of these vehicles has been specifically designed and engineered to suit the needs of the e-commerce industry, including hub-to-hub-to-spoke transportation applications. Since e-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, Tata appears to be working hard to somehow find an application and potential markets in this industry, so that it can maintain its commercial vehicle market share, which is seeing a negative trend since the past year.

Tata Motors claims to have done some exhaustive research before finalizing the changes made to each of the 13 vehicles. For this, the automaker has engaged with the leading e-commerce payers in the country in order to understand their exacting requirements. This has helped the company to come up with products that offer a wide range of applications, from last mile distribution to end-to-end delivery.

For last mile distribution, Tata Motors has formulated a lineup that includes the Ace Delivery Van for small-sized e-commerce goods, Ace Zip Panel van for large packages, and Super Ace Mint XPS for voluminous goods. According to the manufacturer, all these models come with state-of-the-art technology, reliable performance, and offer best-in-class mileage. All these Ace platform-based variants come with customized payloads and deck lengths that can carry a wide range of loads, from white goods to heavier loads like fruits, vegetables, auto parts, etc. Meanwhile, the Super Ace Mint Insulated Container is used for transportation of perishable items that require controlled temperature.

Tata also showcased its range of light and intermediate commercial vehicles that can be used for hub-to-spoke transportation. The models showcased were from the company’s latest Ultra range of trucks, including the 24 FT MS Container On Ultra 1518/53, 20 FT MS Container on Ultra 1014/45, 20 FT MS Reefer On Ultra 1014/45, 3 Side Openable - MS Container On Ultra 1518/53, 22 FT MS Container on LPT 1412/48 and 10 FT MS Container on SFC 407/33. These trucks are powered by Turbotron engine, which is claimed to be engineered for performance, reliability, and operating economics. They also get advanced technological features like OTP lock, CCTV cameras, Load sensors, Telematics system, etc, all of which can help in streamlining E-commerce industry operations.

For high capacity hub-to-hub transportation, Tata Motors has showcased its range of MHCV vehicles, which have been customized to better suit the requirements of the e-commerce industry. Models showcased in this category include 24 Ft refrigerated container on LPT 1613/52, 32 Ft Refrigerated Container on LPT 2518/68, 31 Ft MS Container on SIGNA 2818/68 AMT, and 32 Ft MS Container on LPT 1618/68 Turbotronn.

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