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Tata Motors haulage truck portfolio explored

Published On Jun 09, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

The market leader has an expansive and formidable range of haulage trucks in the industry. These long-haul trucks are the major volumes driver comprises all the vital tonnage segments starting from 19T GVW to 49T GVW. We explore the critical segment of the Indian trucking in which the firm has 17 variants on offer.

India's trucking industry is highly vibrant like any other major truck market globally. One of the fastest-growing large economies in the world, coupled with increasing consumption and fast-paced improving infrastructure makes India one of the promising truck markets globally. 

The truck market has several categories catering to the different needs of the customers right from SCVs to the HCVs in the last-mile, tipper, haulage, and tractor-trailer segments. However, the massive bulk cargo moved by the colossal haulage trucks carrying heavy cargo across this huge country's length and breadth. 

The haulage truck, also knows as rigid trucks are the significant segment in the overall trucking volumes of India, and Tata Motors by virtues of the oldest, trusted, and most diversified range dominates the segment. The firm's haulage trucks are a common sight across India, and the company has maintained its leadership in the domestic market despite intense push back by rivals. 

Tata Motors caters to the vast haulage truck customers with is proven truck platforms across all the critical tonnage segments. Over the last three years, this segment has undergone some fundamental changes- the biggest is the increased axle load norms followed by the new BS6 emission norms. 


Responding to the changing regulatory regime and market trends, Tata Motors has revamped its entire truck range, making them more modern and contemporary. Today, we take a look at the vital haulage/rigid truck segment.

Being the market leader Tata Motors caters to every segment in the haulage category with multiple variants covering all customer segments and applications. Since the new axle load norms came into effect, the haulage segment has seen the most impact, and the historical tonnage categories have changed completely. 

Tata Motors' haulage range now categories into 19T, 28T, 35T, 42T, 48T, and 49T, thus offering a product to every critical application in 17 different variants. All the BS6 trucks come with rugged aggregates, a promise of productivity, durability, and reliability. 

Typically, the rigid truck customers in India buy cowl from the OEMs and build the cabin, body privately based on their own requirements. Such trucks aren’t necessarily the safest or best, but this is mostly based on the cost rather than any other element. However, over the last few years, customers are looking at safety-both the driver and the cargo- as an important aspect, and hence the proliferation of factory fitted cabin has picked-up. Yet, a large customer still prefers cowl. Therefore, to cater to both the customers, Tata Motors is offering cowl and Signa cabin on each variant.

Let's get to it 

19T GVW- '6 wheels'

This is an entry-level truck into the medium and heavy haulage segment with 18.5T of GVW. Tata Motors is offering three variants- the Ultra 1918.T, the traditional LPT 1918 in Cowl and LPT 1918 with Turbotron engine in the cowl. Customers of this truck prefer to build their bodies as per their applications and cargo needs. The critical aspects of this category are 180HP of the engine and 700 Nm of torque enough for mid-to long-distance trips with a full load of cargo.   


28T GVW- '10-wheels'

The 28T GVW category is one of the most important in the long-haul trucks in India; this multi-axles truck is the most preferred one for carrying bulk cargo. Tata Motors has been a leader in this segment for decades, and to effectively take on the competition, the firm is offering two engine options along with Signa cabin and cowl options. 

Tata Motors has the LPT 2818 Cowl and Signa 2818.T in the 180 HP of the engine with 850 Nm of torque. Then to offer a truck for customers looking a more prominent size engine for slightly higher volumes cargo applications, there are the LPT 2821 Cowl and Signa2821.T with 210HP engine, both the trucks come in Cowl and Signa cabin options. 

35T GVW '12-Wheels'

This 35T GVW category too gets two engines along with cowl and Signa cabin in both 180 and 210 HP engine sizes. The LPT 3518 Cowl and Signa 3518 and LPT 3521.T and Signa 3521 variants. Overall along with the new axle-load norms and demand for a more efficient truck that is faster and more productive, the need for a higher power engine is standards. OEMs across the Industry have introduced trucks with a more powerful engine. Tata Motors too increased its engine size and yet, kept the standards 180HP engine from the earlier generation for those customers who prefer such engine while tuned to the requirements of the new tonnages. 

42T GVW '14-Wheels'   

The 42T GVW truck is the erstwhile 37T, which become highly popular among fleet operators over the last 5-7 years. This segment grew exponentially in this time by becoming the highest-selling rigid truck category in India. In this category, Tata Motors is offering a 250HP engine with 950 Nm of torque in both LPT Cowl and Signa cabin. The two models in this category are the LPT 4225 Cowl Signa 4225.T.



48T GVW '16-wheels'

The massive 16-wheels truck is another truck targeted at niche applications in the rigid segment. Tata Motors has introduced LPT 4825 Cowl and Signa 4825.T for both the customers who want a factory-fitted cabin or those who prefer to build the cabin and body privately. 

49T GVW '16-Wheels'

This is undoubtedly the biggest rigid truck in India with GVW of 49T, Tata Motors LPT 4925 Cowl, and Signa 4925 comes with two lift axles and 250 HP of an engine with an enormous 950 Nm of torque. 

Tata Motors reliable 17 variant haulage/rigid trucks come with the company's commitment of durability and productivity; these trucks now get all the new aggregates, fitted with a new engine with stringent engines and tuned to the new cargo loads tonnages. While we covered the categories broadly, there are some sub-variants in few categories based on the features offered on each one of them. 

The CV market leader is taken a considerable leap in updating its massive range of trucks, and the customers now have the most comprehensive range of trucks to choose the most suitable for their transport needs. 

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