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Tata Motors All-New Heavy Trucks Explored

Modified On Dec 13, 2021 03:46 PMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

In a product offensive, the market leader recently introduced as many as 7 new haulage, tractors and Construct trucks across the Signa and Prime platform that promise lower acquisition price and higher fuel efficiency to redefine the long-haul transportation sector by enhancing the fleet. We take a detailed look at each one of them.

India is gradually moving past the pandemic, the wheels of the economy are getting back to business. This means companies are operating at their peak, and they need raw material to produce goods and then ship finished goods to consumers. This results in higher logistics and transportations activities, and thus more demand for trucks. In India, over 70 percent of surface transportation happens through trucks, and it is fair to say, the economy is to a large extend stimulated by the efficient truck fleet.

As the demand for trucks is on the rise, Tata Motors- the leader in the domestic truck market has just announced a massive product blitz by unveiling trucks across key heavy duty segments with an aim to redefine the long-haul cargo shipping of India. The company introduced 7-new haulage, tractor and tipper at a competitive price and also offers an advantage of superior-total-cost-of-ownership along with higher fuel mileage for greater revenue earning potential. 

If you’re looking at expanding the fleet, we bring all the new trucks with key highlights to help you understand them better and make an informed choice. Read to know more about these giant trucks. Meanwhile, you can check out India’s top medium and heavy trucks from top-brands here.

Signa 5530.S 4X2

The Signa 5530. S is a 55T GFC tractor in the 4x2 axle configuration for some of the key applications like bulker, shipping cement, steel, industrial and Agri products. Tata Motors already retails the Signa 5525.S in the same configuration that has become popular among customers, and now brings this new variant with an aim to enhance overall performance by superior mileage, better revenues and profitability.  

Signa 4625.S ESC

Another key tractor in the heavy-duty, long-haul segment, the all-new Signa 4625.S with electronic stability control safety technology, first as a standard OEM fitment to enhance the directional stability in oversteer and understeer conditions. As the nature of truck transportation in India, the unpredictable road and traffic conditions across highways, there is a need for advanced driver assistance systems in heavy trucks.

The ESC prevents roll-over by selective actuation of service and engine brakes, thus potentially saving lives and also accidental damages. Tata Motors is positioning the Signa 4625.S ESC for vital hazardous applications and rated cargo shipments like steel and other bulky cargo.

Signa 4623.S

The Signa 4623.S is a 46T GCW tractor suitable for applications such as port and captive use, steel, tanker, bullets, Agri and Industrial cargo. Tata Motors is offering this tractor with customization as per the needs of customers business to ensure the most precise vehicle to higher fleet utilisation and productivity. The Signa 4623.S comes with a meticulously chosen drivetrain that promises the lowest cost of operation, and the comfortable and safer Signa cabin ensures the driver is fatigue-free to keep running the tractor on long routes.

Signa 4021.S

The Signa 4021.S is yet another lower tonnage tractor with the 5L turbotronn engine that produces 204hp of power at massive 850 Nm of torque to take on today’s heavy/demanding cargo shipments by offering higher mileage and lower operating cost. This tractor comes with multi-mode driving switches for greater fuel efficiency and a gear shift advisor that help drivers with better driving habits. For higher safety, the tractor gets hill start assist, engine brake.

The factory-built Signa cabin is comfortable and safe with features like a 7-inch infotainment system with speakers, a new steering wheel with switches, enhanced utility space inside the cabin with a front headbox. This is to ensure the driver feels at home away from home for longer trips.

Signa 4221.T

The Signa 4221.T is Tata Motors new 42T GVW truck that is useful for applications like a tanker, POL, industrial cargo, white goods, Agri produce, FMCG, Cold Chain Reefer, cement bag, courier and parcel and milk/petroleum tanker, etc. This 5-axle gets Tata Motors Turbotronn 5L, 204hp engine that produces a whopping 850Nm of torque. Some of the standout feature added to the truck includes hill start assist, Anti Fuel theft, multi-mode Fuel Economy Switch, etc.

Signa 3118.T

The Singa 3118.T is an innovative 3-axle 31T GVW truck targeted at multiple applications. This truck is designed with a modern 12.5T dual tyre lift axle on multiple wheelbases for flexibility to use the truck in multiple cargo shipping scenarios.

Tata Motors says the Signa 3118.T offers a 3T higher rated payload as compared to the conventional 10-tyre, 28T GVW truck with the same operating cost. Overall, benefiting significantly in operational efficiency and nearly 45 percent higher profit earning potential. The truck gets a familiar 180hp of power and 850 Nm of higher torque to take on all kinds of applications with ease.   

Prima 2830. K RMC

Taking a renewed look at the growing construction segment where operators are looking at fuel-efficient and higher powreed trucks, The Prima 2830. K is a modern and powerful Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) truck on the familiar 28T GVW, 10-tyre configuration. Tata Motors has the widest RMC already available in its India portfolio, with the Prima 2830. K, the company is introducing rear engine power take-off technology. This new RMC on the Prima platform promises over 11 percent lower operating costs per cubic meter of concrete load.

The Prima 2830. K RMC gets the giant 300hp engine that produces excellent 1100 Nm of torque, and also gets the first in the industry a 9 cubic meter fully built RMC transit mixer.

It is quite evident that Tata Motors has shifted its focus towards offering more compelling, modern, tech-laden trucks that are suitable for key applications. By bringing the most fuel-efficient, lower operational cost truck, it aims to make the Indian fleet more competitive as well as efficient and productive.

Explore all the new heavy, medium, intermediate and lights trucks introduced by Tata Motors only on TrucksDekho before you head to the the nearest Tata Motors CV dealership. 

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  • Tata Signa 3118.T
    Tata Signa 3118.T
    ₹37.52 - ₹38.04 Lakh*
    • Power 186 hp
    • GVW 31000
    • Mileage 4.25
    • Engine 5635
    • Fuel Tank 365
    • Payload 18500
    View All Offers
  • Tata Signa 5530.S 4x2
    Tata Signa 5530.S 4x2
    From ₹37.45 Lakh*
    • Power 300 hp
    • GVW 55000
    • Mileage 2.25-3.25
    • Engine 6692
    • Fuel Tank 365
    • Payload 40000
    View All Offers
  • Tata Signa 4623.S
    Tata Signa 4623.S
    From ₹29.22 Lakh*
    • Power 230 hp
    • GVW 45500
    • Mileage 3
    • Engine 5600
    • Fuel Tank 365
    • Payload 26000
    View All Offers
  • Tata Signa 4625.S ESC
    Tata Signa 4625.S ESC
    From ₹31.53 Lakh*
    • Power 250 hp
    • GVW 45500
    • Mileage 4
    • Engine 6692
    • Fuel Tank 365
    • Payload 32000
    View All Offers
  • Tata Signa 4221.T
    Tata Signa 4221.T
    From ₹45.25 Lakh*
    • Power 204 hp
    • GVW 42000
    • Mileage 4
    • Engine 5005
    • Fuel Tank 300
    • Payload 26000
    View All Offers
  • Tata Signa 4021.S
    Tata Signa 4021.S
    From ₹31.94 Lakh*
    • Power 197 hp
    • GVW 39500
    • Mileage 3.5
    • Engine 5005
    • Fuel Tank 365
    • Payload 16500
    View All Offers
  • Tata Prima 2830.K REPTO
    Tata Prima 2830.K REPTO
    ₹52.85 - ₹53.69 Lakh*
    • Power 300 hp
    • GVW 27600
    • Mileage 2.25-3.25
    • Engine 6692
    • Fuel Tank 300
    • Fuel Type Diesel
    View All Offers

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