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Tata Motors Ace completes 15 years, cross 22 lakh sales mark 

Published On Oct 09, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Tata Ace-the king of last-mile cargo delivery, also known as ‘Chotta Hatti’ completes 15 years of commercial sales and is still going strong. If you’re hoping to expand your logistics/transport business and looking for a reliable mini-truck, it is a great time to buy Tata Ace. A lot of offers await you as the company celebrates the success of yet another year of this popular truck. 

How many of us recall the launch of the humble mini-truck way back in 2005 that changed the face of last-mile transportation in India? Perhaps not many! Nobody envisioned at that time, but the ascend of Tata Ace-the innovative small truck truly set-itself apart. Ace took the market by storm from the day it launched, and never really looked back ever since. 

Back then, the three-wheeler was the ultimate last-mile delivery vehicle, and the four-wheeler mini-trucks were non-existence. Ace virtually created a market for itself, propelled a shift in consumer preference; by that time, the market wasn’t expecting a strong replacement for the 3W. 

Yet, Ace became a huge success within no time for Tata Motors, which since then, has introduced several products on this platform to address the variety of customer applications. At one point, there were more than 13-different trucks variants based on the Ace platform covering the entire spectrum of the last-mile cargo delivery and even passenger carrier segments. 

Apart from an ideal last-mile truck changing the transportation forever, Tata Ace has provided meaningful employment to millions of Indians. Made the last-mile delivery effortless and offered an affordable truck to numerous customers who otherwise wouldn’t have aspired to own a four-wheeler. Remember, owning a four-wheeler has a status compared to a three-wheeler, thus Ace is offering so many truck buyers a highly visible social upgrade and propering lives.  

Moreover, Ace mini-truck popularity spurred all-new small truck market segments with the launch of many products. The industry witnessed the emergence of a vibrant small commercial vehicle in India. There are indeed few trucks that have defined the Indian commercial vehicles, as Tata Ace has done! 

 New Ace Gold 

Circa 2020, a decade and a half later, there are over 22 million proud Ace mini-truck owners in India. Yet, this truck remains the most popular in India's sub-1-ton truck, despite competitive products aggressively eating into its market share. 

Earlier this year, Tata Motors introduced the BS6 Ace Gold in diesel, CNG & also petrol powertrains with stringent BS6 emission compliant engines. This new and revamped Ace is an attempt of the company to sharpen the Ace as a product further, to take on the competition effectively and offer a more refined product to its customers. Tata Ace continues to hold on over 60 percent market share in the sub-1-ton category with key competitors such as Mahindra Jeeto and Maruti Suzuki Super Carry racing behind. 


With the availability of diesel, CNG & Petrol engine, Ace now caters almost all its fuel preference and applications. The Ace Gold gets the reliable 2-cylinder, 700CC naturally aspirated direct-injection engine. It produces 20hp of power at peak 45 Nm of torque. It carries a higher 750 kg of payloads. While the petrol model introduced for the first time is fitted with Tata's 275 gasoline, MPFI, 4 -stroke water-cooled engine. It produces 30hp of power at 55 Nm of torque. The petrol variant carries the same 750 kg of payloads. The CNG variants get the water-cooled multipoint gas injection 694 cc CNG engine, with 26hp of power and 50 Nm of torque. The payload on this variant is slightly lower than the diesel and petrol sibling, which is 640 kg.

Apart from the three engine options, you get an Ace truck with a comfortable cabin, modern feature for effortless driving, big enough cargo body with sufficient cargo loading space. What's more? Ace remains one of the most pocket-friendly trucks to operate and maintain, thus allowing you to earn more revenue, spend less on the truck and earn a higher income.  


Exciting offers

 To celebrate this 15 years journey of this mini-truck, Tata Motors is delighting its customers with attractive offers on select models on the 15th anniversary. So, if you’ve been waiting to buy a new truck for some time, this is the right time. If you have the Ace diesel variant on your radar, you get to win an LED TV package with every diesel Ace Gold purchase. 

The company is also offering a highly generous low interest to make your buying experience easy and help you shell out smaller monthly EMIs. Further, a discounted gold annual maintenance contract for 2-years or 50,000 km, whichever is earlier.

So don’t wait! Head to the nearest Tata Motors commercial vehicle dealership in your city or town to accelerate your business as COVID-19 unlock takes effect and businesses are gradually getting back on track.  

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  • Mahindra Jeeto
    Mahindra Jeeto
    ₹4.38 - ₹5.08 Lakh*
    • Power 17.3 kW
    • GVW 1450
    • Mileage 20-25
    • Engine 1000
    • Fuel Tank 20
    • Payload 715
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  • Maruti Suzuki Super Carry
    Maruti Suzuki Super Carry
    From ₹4.14 Lakh*
    • Power 72 hp
    • GVW 1600
    • Mileage 18
    • Engine 1196
    • Fuel Tank 30
    • Payload 740
    View All Offers
  • Tata Ace gold
    Tata Ace gold
    ₹3.99 - ₹6.69 Lakh*
    • Power 24 hp
    • GVW 1510
    • Mileage 15
    • Engine 694
    • Fuel Tank 26
    • Payload 710
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