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Tata Ace: The mini-truck that changed the way India did Business

Published On Mar 01, 2018By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Introduced in 2005, the Tata Ace – fondly nicknamed 'Chhota Haathi' on the streets for its incredible strength despite its small size - successfully pioneered the concept of the ‘mini-truck’ in India. Built to be the final word in last mile transport solutions, the Ace is known for its ability to enhance customer experience while maximizing revenues. It is known for its versatile performance under varied conditions, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. The series comprises of 4 equally successful models - Ace, Zip, Mega and Mint.

The Tata Motors family is currently celebrating the sale of 2 million Aces – in a period of just 12 years. That's an Ace sold every 3 minutes - and a wonderful testimony to the incredible value added by the Ace to the small transport/cargo sector.

Models and Popular Applications:

Tata Ace mini-trucks have over the years found popular use in a variety of applications – both in their stock and modified forms. The 4 primary models are the Ace, Mega, Zip and Super Mint. The Zip is small and ‘zippy’ and is popularly used in cities to negotiate crowded city roads and by lanes. Then comes the Ace, which finds application in the transport of flowers and wholesale fruits and vegetables. The Mega being larger is usually used to transport furniture, plywood and such. And the Super Ace Mint, that has the longest loading deck in its class, is deployed in transporting voluminous goods as well as in cold chain transportation for items requiring deep and reliable cooling, both within the city and outside.

The XL Series: A step beyond!

Last year, 3 new trucks were added to the Ace family, that were bigger, leaner and stronger versions of their namesakes. This was the XL series; a line-up which saw fabulous traction right from its launch. The XL range of vehicles have 15% bigger cargo decks and higher load capacities, and are an ideal step up to those needing heavier duty workhorses for their expanding businesses. Customers have embraced the Ace XL with its class leading loading deck of 8.2 ft., the Zip XL with its new 6.3 ft. cargo area, and the Mega XL, with its an 8.2 ft. body but a whopping 1 tonne cargo capacity perfect for transporting heavy loads over long distances.

Over the past 12 years, every 3rd minute, Tata Ace trucks have given birth to new businesses, generated employment and inspired entrepreneurship opportunities right from cities to villages; transforming lives across the nation. It can be said that the Ace series was a landmark in the growth of an entirely new segment of small cargo-based business in the country. And today, the Tata Ace is the number 1 choice of mini-truck when it comes to individual entrepreneurship and short-haul cargo requirements.

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