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Tata Ace Gold vs Mahindra Jeeto Plus vs Maruti Super Carry: Spec comparison

Published On Sep 17, 2020By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Top contenders in the sub-one-ton cargo segment, the Ace Gold, Jeeto Plus and Super Carry, caters to the rapidly growing small commercial vehicles segment in a highly contested market. We offer you a peek into the specification details of these popular trucks. 

If you are out in the market looking for a robust sub-one ton cargo truck for your logistics business or captive use. Most likely, you won't miss the top three contenders, namely Tata Ace, Mahindra Jeeto Plus and Maruti Suzuki Super Carry. All three mini-trucks developed, keeping in mind the needs of a small business or transport operators. They are extremely modern, contemporary-looking and packed with performance features. What is also vital for the discerning customers in the segment is the fuel mileage, affordable acquisition cost and far lower maintenance cost to earn better revenue and higher profit. 

Top Segment 

India's mini-truck market is fast-growing over the last few years with growing consumption and demand for mobility in rural areas. A shift has taken place in the market as more and more traditional three-wheeler buyers now prefer to buy a four-wheeler for its obvious benefits  such as higher payload, more cargo and a status attached to owning a four wheeler.   

Tata Ace is undoubtedly the king of this segment, as this revolutionary truck virtually created this sub one tone segment in India. Even after a decade and a half, Ace is still loved by millions of Indian truck owners due to its easy to handle and practical use. Tata Ace retains leadership in the segment despite intense competition over the years, as the truck is synonymous with the Indian last-mile delivery segment. Yet rivals have emerged from this popular truck's shadow, offering some choice to the consumer by differentiating.

One such product is the Mahindra Jeeto- another important and successful product in the segment that has carved a niche for itself. Jeeto Plus has successfully penetrated  the urban and hinterland market alike with by its key performance characters backed by the strong Mahindra brand. Likewise, this segment's enormous potential enticed Indian's top carmaker, Maruti Suzuki, with the introduction of its first mini-truck Super Carry. Despite two strong products in the category, Carry has  thrived by attracting a lot of loyal customers. If you want to buy a truck in this category, then read to understand all these three trucks' keen details. 


Ace Gold diesel powertrain comes with a 2-cylinder, 700 CC, naturally aspirated direction injection engine, which produces 19hp of power at 45 Nm of torque. The Jeeto Plus diesel powertrain comprises a single-cylinder direct-injection water-cooled, 16hp, 670 CC engine, which produces 42 Nm of torque. Super Carry diesel has been discontinued and this truck is now available in multi-point fuel injection G12B 1196 CC petrol engine producing 72 of power at 98 Nm of torque.

The Ace and Jeeto Plus have almost similar size engines while Super Carry offers a more powerful engine. Ace Gold and Jeeto Plus are equipped with 4-speed gearbox and Super Carry gets a 5-speed gearbox. Remember, besides the diesel engine, Ace Gold is available in petrol and CNG variants, Jeeto Plus and Super Carry come in the CNG engine options. 


Apart from the fuel-efficient engine, the customer wants a truck that can carry the highest rated payload as this is directly linked to the potential of earning higher revenue per trip. Manufacturers also recognize and understand the customer needs, and hence offer highly competitive payloads. With the new revamped Ace Gold, Tata Motors has increased the load-carrying capacities of this popular truck to 750 kg of the payload as this customer needs to load more cargo. While Jeeto Plus offers 715 kg of payload on its diesel variant and Super Carry payload figure is 740 kg. It is apparent that all the truck offers nearly similar payload options with a minor difference. 

Cargo Body

To carry more cargo every single trip needs a strong, rugged, durable and larger size cargo load body. The Tata Ace Gold cargo body is (LxWxH) 2200 X 1490 x 300 mm in size and Jeeto Plus is 2257x1493x300, almost identical to the market leader. We haven't been able to figure out the Super Carry body size and will update it shortly, but it looks like Super Carry offer littel extra space than its rivals. The fuel tanks size is 30L for Ace Gold, 10.5L for Jeeto Plus and 30L for Super Carry. The gradeability -the ability to climb the flyover or steep terrain is quite crucial for these trucks, especially when they carry a full cargo; here, Ace Gold score high of 27.5% against Super Carry's 21%. 

Aggregates & Dimension

For an uninterrupted and durable performance, the quality of aggregates is vital for the truck. No customer wants a truck which isn't reliable or needs frequent workshop visits, this led to unproductive time and lower business. Hence, OEMs acknowledge customer expectations from the truck and know what it means to win the trust and confidence. Ace Gold gets the front suspension with parabolic leaf spring and semi-elliptical leaf spring, Jeeto Plus has an independent front suspension and the rear semi-trailing arm.

Super Carry's Macpherson strut with coil spring at the front and leaf spring at the rear suspension; this clearly indicates each truck has got a lot of difference in suspension offering. In brakes, Ace Gold has disc at the front and drum at the rear, Jeeto Plus get drum-type only at both the brakes, whereas Super Carry has front ventilated disc and drum-type in the rear. 

In the overall vehicle size, there is a lot of similarities, Ace Gold wheelbase is 2100 mm, while Jeeto Plus has a slightly higher 2500 mm and Super Carry 2110 mm, while in height is Ace is bigger 1842 mm than Jeeto's 1750 mm and smaller than Super Carry's 1883 mm. The length of 3800 mm of Ace Gold and Super Carry, whereas Jeeto Plus gets 3876 mm. The tyre size of Ace Gold 145 R12LT 8PR radial, Jeeto Plus 145 R12LT 8PR and Super Carry 155 R13LT 8PR. 

While it is evident that each truck maker is offering what is best to the customers in the overall truck package, understanding well as to what the customer wants from his truck, yet the most crucial decision making factor without any guess is the price of the truck! Here again, each truck is competitively priced, the market leader Ace Gold starts from Rs. 4.36 lakh, Jeeto is the much lower price at Rs 3.73 lakh, and Super Carry starts at Rs 4.14 lakh. Remember, the prices are approximated in nature ex-showroom, New Delhi, and they differ in every state and city. 


Well, needless to say, each truck has a distinct advantage, Ace Gold is the market leader as the truck attract buyers promising affordable price and proven track record as a versatile truck. Jeeto Plus is another truck with key performance characteristics with the strong Mahindra brand along with full-customer support. Super Carry, though, is the late entrant in the segment but has everything going to take on the established rivals. 

Our attempt to offer a ringside view on the sub-one ton truck market consists of top products, their specs and prices. Before making the final decision visit the nearest dealership in your city or town to explore the trucks, check the price, and test drive.

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  • Mahindra Jeeto
    Mahindra Jeeto
    ₹4.38 - ₹5.08 Lakh*
    • Power 16 hp
    • GVW 1345
    • Mileage 32.86
    • Engine 670
    • Fuel Tank 10.5
    • Payload 600
    View All Offers
  • Maruti Suzuki Super Carry
    Maruti Suzuki Super Carry
    From ₹4.14 Lakh*
    • Power 72 hp
    • GVW 1600
    • Mileage 18
    • Engine 1196
    • Fuel Tank 30
    • Payload 740
    View All Offers
  • Tata Ace gold
    Tata Ace gold
    ₹4.21 - ₹6.69 Lakh*
    • Power 24 hp
    • GVW 1510
    • Mileage Dec-15
    • Engine 694
    • Fuel Tank 26
    • Payload 710
    View All Offers

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