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Tata 407g SFC vs Eicher Pro 2049 CNG: Specs Comparison

Modified On Feb 03, 2022 09:33 AMBy Trucksdekho Editorial Team

In the 5T light truck CNG segment, there are two strong products. The legendary Tata 407g and Eicher Pro 2049. Which one should be your first choice? We find out in our specs comparison. 

When it comes to buying a light truck, customers often want a fuel-efficient, affordable and yet high-performance truck. The increasing truck prices by the new addition of new technologies and higher running costs due to rising diesel prices make it hard for small fleets to survive. So while the truck prices won’t see any drop but what if you would bring down the operating costs significantly?

This can be done by looking at a diesel-alternative truck to offset the sustained increase in fuel prices. And a CNG truck is the right choice with nearly the same performance and payload at a much lower fuel cost which means potentially a higher profit every single trip. 

So, if you’re in the market for a light truck in the 5T GVW category, then two strong trucks await your attention. The first is Tata Motors famous 407g SFC and the second is equally proven Eicher Pro 2049 CNG, both of these trucks offer you advantages in ownership and performance. Now before you decide which one to bring to your fleet, read our specs comparison that should make your decision a lot easier!  

Proven Trucks

The 5T GVW light truck category is vital in the overall cargo carrier segment fulfilling the last-mile delivery to business as well as at regional hubs. Hence, a powerful, compact, efficient truck is what the customer always prefers. Tata Motors 407 light truck platform is famous as customers trust this highly appealing truck for over three decades. After the BS6 emission in 2020, Tata Motors brings back the CNG variant of this popular truck with the introduction of 407g SFC- promising the same performance characteristics that made the truck legendary. 

Identifying a huge demand in the segment and growing customer interest in CNG trucks, Eicher also offers a strong product in this category. The Eicher Pro 2049 CNG is the light truck from the Eicher 2000 series that comes with a reliable engine and robust aggregates t0 accelerate the efficiency of your fleet by enabling faster delivery at an economical operating cost. Undoubtedly, both the CNG trucks have a proven track record that must instil your confidence before you choose any one brand. These smaller and compact trucks find applications in a variety of regular cargo transport applications such as courier and logistics, FMCG, fruits and vegetables, poultry, white goods, and beverages both in urban and semi-urban applications.

Power and Performance

Both the trucks come with guaranteed power and performance attributes, and this is ensured by tried and tested powertrain and aggregates. The Tata 407g SFC gets the highly regarded 4-cylinders, 3.8L CNG engine embedded with SGI technology. It produces a higher 83hp of power at a peak torque of 285Nm. And for smoother driving experience, the in-house G400, 5-speed, the manual synchromesh gearbox helps in better mileage too. The Pro 2049 CNG gets Eicher’s E483, 4-cylinder, 2-valve CNG engine that produces 95hp of power at a peak torque of 245 Nm and is tuned to a 5-speed gearbox. So, clearly, there is a difference in the power and torque figures of both the trucks. You can look at what suits your needs. 

Key Features & Technologies

Making the 407g even compelling, Tata Motors has enhanced the appeal by introducing innovative features in the truck. The 407g gets the in-house telematics for efficient fleet utilization. Inside the cabin is a music system with a fast USB charger, fast and slow filling nozzles. In terms of safety, there is the auto shut off valve, high-pressure filter, refuelling interlock device, Swagelok fittings for better safety and higher aggregate life. The cabin is comfortable for the driver and two co-passengers. For easier driving, this truck comes with standard power steering and also reverse park assist system.

Likewise, the Pro 2049 CNG gets some of the standard technologies that are offered with this truck including fuel coaching or an intelligent driver information system that help the right selection of gears and rpm for superior mileage. Then also M-Boosters plus that entails different driving modes as per the load and terrain the truck undertakes at any given point.

Cabin and Cargo Body

Two key elements of any truck that weigh heavily on the buying decisions are the cabin that is comfortable and convenient and a bigger size cargo body to carry more payload that helps earn a better return. Here both the trucks score well, the 407g gets the unique semi-forward nose, day type cabin, and you can buy the truck in cabin and chassis, full side deck, and high side deck variants. Also, the cargo deck is 10-ft long with a wheelbase of 3305mm.

Whereas the Pro 2049 CNG gets the 1.8 meters appealing and stylish Eicher’s familiar cabin, which is a 10-degree cooler, walkthrough type allowing the lowest noise inside and comfortable seating with generous space. According to Eicher, what makes the cabin stronger and sturdier with a dual-panel cabin, anti-roll bar, and crashworthiness. Then For easier driving, you get standard power steering, the manual comes as an optional.

Both the trucks clearly make the entry-level light truck category quite exciting to the buyers, the 407g SFC and Pro 2049 CNG are highly capable trucks that tick the right boxes, and if you’re waiting to buy one, the time is just, as they diesel prices aren’t going to go down anytime soon! 

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