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Tata 1212 LPT vs Eicher Pro 3012: Specs Comparison

Published On Apr 22, 2021By Trucksdekho Editorial Team

Are you looking out for an intermediate truck for your transport needs? We compare two key products in the 12T category that are popular in the segment. Check out which one suits your needs. 


The intermediate cargo truck segment is among the fast-growing in the overall truck volumes. The accelerated sales has been attributed to the boom in e-commerce, increasing consumption of white goods and electrics along with FMCG products across urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Fleet operators deploy ICV trucks to cater to such logistics shipment needs that consists heavy and bulky shipments. This has resulted in fierce competition in the segment as truck makers are eyeing more and more volume by attracting discerning buyers. While the ICV category is quite wide starting from 12-16T GVW trucks, yet demand for the medium segment like the 12T GVW truck has been more. 

All the key truck makers have been retailing promising trucks in the category that are now truly modern and global. The ICV trucks now come with more power, features and multiple cargo bodies to address the growing needs of customers' transport requirements in key applications. If you’re looking at such ICV, then we compare two major products in the category that leads the pack. Tata Motors and Eicher both are forces to reckon with in the ICV category with multiple products offering that aim to lift the customer’s logistics business potentials.  

We put the Tata 1212 LPT against the Eicher Pro 3012 to compare what defines each truck, looking at their features, cargo bodies and performance elements. Let's find out more of these two trucks that will help you pick the right one. 

Proven Trucks

Both the trucks are highly popular and well-established in the category as customers trust their reliability and durability. Tata 1212 LPT is based on the famous LPT platform that has been around for years, this truck has been performing cargo duties across all-terrain offering a value for money proposition to the truck buyers. Likewise, Pro 3012 is an extremely robust truck that has been among the first choice of customers in the category. Highly versatile and capable of taking on heavy or voluminous cargo, the Pro 3012 is a key product that Eicher offers to ICV customers. 

The Eicher Pro 3012 starts from a price of ₹ 14.00 lakh while Tata 1212 LPT price ranges between ₹ 20.49 - ₹ 22.03 lakh, both the prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi. Keep in mind the prices are subject to each state and city along with the final truck configuration that you choose to buy. 

Key Features

When it comes to the key features that are offered on trucks to enhance overall performance, driver comfort and productivity, and also help you run it consistently to earn higher revenues each trip, both the truck makers left no stone unturned to attract new buyers by making them highly compelling overall package. The 1212 LPT gets an all-steel cabin that is safe, strong and comfortable. Inside the cabin are adjustable seats, rich seat fabric to better comfort and less fatigue. For easier driving, the steering is tilt and telescopic with a four-spoke soft steering wheel. Then a factory-fitted music system for speakers and USP port for charging.  Then another highlight is the modern instrument cluster equipped with all the key features including gear shift advisor, driver message screen, average fuel economy, etc. Also display indications such as trip indication for multiple trips, DEF gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, distance to empty, malfunction indicator lamp, screen navigation etc. 

On the other hand, the Pro 3012 comes with some of the key technologies that lift the overall performance of the truck like fuel coaching, M-Booster+cruise control, etc. The cabin is 2.1-meter cockpit-style that has got suspended seats, soft parabolic suspensions and a factory-fitted music system. Eicher also offers its connected solutions on this truck for 24x7 touch with an app that also helps manage trips, fuel consumption and overall vehicle uptime. 


What really determines the trucks overall performance is the reliable powertrain, and both these trucks score high points in this area. The Eicher Pro 3012 gets the well-established E494, 4V, TCI engine that produces 160hp of power at a peak torque of 500 Nm, this combination is adequate to take on all cargo duties. To further each the driving, the engine is tuned to the all-new 7-speed gearbox with 2-overdrive gears. 

Tata 1212 LPT is equipped with a new generation 3.3L, 4-cylinder, 3300 in-line water-cooled direct-injection diesel engine that comes with an intercooler. This engine produces 123hp of power at 390 Nm of torque and tuned to a Tata Motors 5-speed GBS 40 gearbox with 5-forward and 1-reserve gear. Clearly, the Pro 3012 gets a much more powerful engine than the 1212 LPT in terms of power and torque. 


The Pro 3012 is available in two standard wheelbases 4550 mm and 5550 mm, the tyre size is 8.25x20. while 1212 LPT has three-wheelbases 3600 mm, 4200 mm and 4830 mm in 17ft, 20ft and 22 ft in cabin and chassis, fixed side deck, high side deck and container bodies with all six tyres in 8.25 R20 size. 

Both the trucks are quite similar in several key areas and different in some. While 1212 LPT is packed with segment-leading features, Pro 3012 comes with the latest technologies that make it an impressive truck. 1212 LPT is a proven platform, however, the Pro 3012 comes with a more powerful engine that would be suitable for some of the tough applications within the ICV. Now you can make a bet that is best for your business, what is clear though, both trucks offer some of the most essential profit characteristics to scale your business by running most productive and efficient fleet. 

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  • Tata 1212 LPT
    Tata 1212 LPT
    ₹ 20.49 - ₹ 22.03 Lakh*
    • Number of Tyre 6
    • Power 123 hp
    • GVW 11900
    • Wheelbase 3600
    • Engine 3300
    • Fuel Tank 160
    • Transmission Manual
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