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T1 Prima Truck Racing – Recap of Season 1 and 2

Published On Mar 19, 2016By Tushar Vijay

Started two years back, T1 Prima Truck Racing has come far to prove its eminence and fame in the lineage of super races. Prescribed by big names and served by eminent ideas, this event goes on to prove its far-reaching marque of uniqueness in the world of truck racing.

As it gains the popular image of a trend-setting heavy-duty race ever experienced on the Indian turfs, it puts the event on a pod of rerun, to be unfolded and evoked on how it drove through all those initial phases, to come out so big and so prevalent with the idea of racing. So, before we look around to freeze those live moments from the Season 3 of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, let’s grab some highlights from the past two installments that wrote the preface of the contest.

Season 1: It all started with the introductory curtain raiser of the event on 23rd March 2014 at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, India. The event came up rising with 12 Prima trucks divided into six teams, namely, Castrol Vecton, Cummins, TATA Technologies Motor Sports, Dealer Daredevils, Dealer Warriors and Allied Partners. The modified race trucks sported a substantial power of 370 bhp @ 2100 rpm and a top speed of 110 kmph, which are quite moving numbers for a race combat like this.

The week long contest witnessed a crowd of 20000 enthusiasts and an international notoriety of drivers participating from British Truck Racing Championship and the European Truck Racing Championship. All that pouring action concluded with Stuart Oliver winning the championship, bagging the title for both races on the single race day. In his winning speech he said that he was completely thrilled to see such a high-spirited crowd cheering each time he drove past the grand stand. He went on adding that he sees a lot of potential of this sport in India based on his first such experience.

Season 2: All that edge-of-the-seat entertainment and high speed action that was there in the inaugural event, leaped into a bigger picture in the second season. As it claimed a certain hike in an advanced run-machine delivering 10% more speed (up-to 130 km/hr), 10% improved acceleration and 10% lighter weight, along with a new aerodynamic design. The championship started March 15, 2015 bringing in a strategic truck driver training program for Indian drivers to help the program reach a higher perspective of quality and commitment in its future releases. It was designed to offer reasonable opportunity to prospective racers to train and participate in the grand trucking event – with an underlying idea to produce as much indigenous talent to commit to the future of truck racing in India. With Cummins, WABCO, JK Tyres, Castrol and Tata Technologies contributing to the list of main sponsors, it was a huge commercial success too, bringing in a lot of financial favors to the budding sport.

With this level of penetration and scale of transition it is quite evident that Tata Motors’ T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship is meant to breed high in its range and definition with each approaching season. Featuring ever bigger contesting virtues, it is only going to promise you a higher side of it in its future commitments and the almost-around Season 3 seems no exception.

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